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IGT Wheel of Fortune Slots Guide: Jackpots, Game Types and Videos!

Wheel of Fortune Slots GuideLet’s take a short trip down memory lane. In the 80’s casino slots were all 3-reels, and all very basic. You’d find themed games, for example the early Zeus and Cleopatra titles. Bonus games, and special multiplier symbols had yet to become common…

Then IGT created a themed slot with a spinning wheel bonus game – the original Wheel of Fortune slot.

Not only was this the first salvo in a slots arms race which ultimately led to today’s amazing games – it genuinely created that wow-factor on the casino floor.

This guide to Wheel of Fortune slots brings you right up to date. It covers 12 different types of WoF game, from the golden oldies to the latest 3D specials. Here is what you’ll find:

  • Wheel of Fortune Slot Reviews: 12 games covered, with mini-reviews of each
  • Progressive Jackpots: Which WoF games have progressives, and what are the rules for them
  • Videos: My picks of the 1000’s of live videos featuring these games*

Quick Note: The slot channels I feature are not connected with Sit and Go Planet. These are simply personal favourites!

Some Wheel of Fortune slots are available at online casinos – though the focus for this page is on the live versions.

Planet Mark's Ultimate Guide to Wheel of Fortune Slots

The Wheel of Fortune Slots Covered Here

A lot to get through, this is a list of the WoF slots included in this article:

  • Wheel of Fortune Original
  • Wheel of Fortune 3x4x5x
  • Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond
  • Wheel of Fortune Triple Diamond
  • Wheel of Fortune Gold Spin
  • Wheel of Fortune 3D Double Diamond
  • Wheel of Fortune Power Wedges
  • Wheel of fortune New Orleans
  • Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin
  • Wheel of Fortune Ultra 5-Reels
  • Wheel of Fortune Winning Wedges
  • Wheel of Fortune on Tour

The Original Wheel of Fortune Slot

I’m nostalgic about this title. Based on the fact that it is still around (in fact still very popular), it looks like I am not the only one.

This game strips the action down to the bare bones. It is a dollar slot, with 3 reels. To spin the bonus wheel and win up to $2,000, you simply need to hit the ‘Spin’ icon on the win line of reel 3. This original started off the shouted ‘Wheel of Fortune’ when that bonus occurs. There are no more gimmicks, you get one spin, and the amount you hit (plus applause from the crowd) is yours to keep.

You’ll find traditional symbols on the reels. These include 7’s (red ones pay best), and bars in their usual 3-2-1 format. Smaller prizes come from mixed 7’s or bars. The biggest line prize is yours for hitting the 3 WoF logo symbols on the win-line.

The oldest originals did not have the linked Powerplay jackpot – though more recent editions of this slot do have that. You’ll need to bet the maximum coins (either 2 or 3) to be in with a shot at winning this big prize.

Here is a guest video, made for Diana Evoni's slot channel. It shows $100 spins, including hand-pays. I know this is too high stakes for most of us, though I still look forward to the day my bankroll is big enough to play this version!

Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond

Wild symbols are on almost every slot these days. When Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond was introduced, the idea was new. This is similar to the original WoF slot in game-play. It includes special Double Diamond symbols – which have two roles.

First, they are wilds, substituting for the regular symbols (not the wheel spin ones). If you hit a winning combination which includes a Double Diamond wild, that prize is doubled. Hit 2 of them along with other symbols on the win-line, and you’ll get 4x the prize listed for the extra symbol.

Second, they have a big line win attached. The exact amount will depend on the model of the slot, though think in the 10,000 coins range and you’ll be close enough.

You still get the wheel spin game, and still get the single win-line and traditional symbols. There are sub-version of this game, including 'Haywire' and 'Burning 7's'. 

Here is a video of the WoF Double Diamond in action. This is from the one and only Brian Christopher. It shows an electronic version of the game, with 4 sets of reels playing at the same time. Most Double Diamond slots have mechanical reels.

Wheel of Fortune 3x4x5x

Also known as WoF Multiplier, this slot starts off with bets at quarters. It was the first game in this famous IGT series to include multiple win-lines. You’ll find 5 in total, and a boost to the biggest wins on line 5 to make sure you are incentivised to play the maximum number.

In addition to the 5 lines, there are 3 special multiplier symbols – one on each reel. These win you prizes when they land alone, though are much better in combination with other symbols. If you get 3x, 4x and 5x on a win-line, you’ll win a substantial line prize. If you get these with other symbols, they multiply that win (working together for huge multipliers too).

To trigger the wheel bonus in this game, you need to hit 3 of the special spin symbols on one of the win-lines. Again, you have a shot at winning up to 2,000 credits when the wheel spins.

3x4x5x does include the Powerplay jackpot. This is a linked jackpot, shared between many casinos. You need to line up the special WoF symbols on a win-line to win this one.

Check out this video from a chanel I was not familiar with until putting this guide together. This is from 'Taylor ate my lunch'. it shows 2x4x5x in action, including some multiplied wins and some wheel spins. Check out those distinctive sounds!

Wheel of Fortune Gold Spin

This WoF slot takes the 3-reel format to a new level. This is a video slot, though the graphics are produced to look like the traditional slots. These fall apart (in spectacular animations) when you trigger the main bonus game.

As well as the mechanical wheel, there is an electronic one – the gold wheel. This is the one you want to spin – as you can win one of 5 progressive jackpots from it. There are also segments which let you spin the main bonus wheel, with a multiplier of up to 10x on any win.

If you want to be in with a shot at the huge progressive jackpot, you’ll need to boost your stake. This will depend on the casino, though $5 per spin is typical. Your stake level determines which of the 5 gold wheels you get to spin. The smallest stakes give you credit amounts, plus a shot at the 4 smaller progressives. If you bet max (which can be $10) you get bigger wedges for the main progressive.

This is a beautifully produced WoF game and has become a popular version very quickly. Again there are sub-versions, including one with butterflies on the 7's.

Something different for the video this time. This is the promotional video from IGT. It runs quickly through the main features, though is not as 'organic' as the ones from the personal slot channels, it still gives a great overview of what to expect.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin

Even on crowded casino floors, Triple Extreme Spin is hard to miss. There are 3 massive wheels above the slot, which can have either 2 seats or 3, depending on the model.

There are 5 reels on this one. You can trigger a mini bonus game on those reels, as well as hitting regular line wins. If you get 3 or more scattered mini-wheels, they each spin, stopping either on a cash amount or one of the minor jackpots. The main jackpot is won on the reels, by lining up 5 of the special logo symbols.

When you trigger the wheel bonus, there is a picks round. This involves choosing between 3 and 5 envelopes, which pick pointers for the different wheels. If you get more than the minimum 3 bonus symbols, you’ll get the extra picks.

On the wheels are a mix of cash amounts (red and blue wheels) and win-multipliers on the yellow reel. With a good spin, you could be looking at a large pay out!

While this is very much an updated game compared to the original 3-reel slots, it keeps a lot of traditions. They include the sounds, and shouts of Wheel of Fortune! When you get the bonus. You will also see video clips of a glamorous game-show hostess congratulating you on bonus wins. I will admit that gets a bit annoying if you have a poor result on the wheels!

Here is a video of Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin – you will see both the wheel bonus and mini-spins. Advisory; SD Slots Guy is one of my all-time favourite channels, though he does get a little sweary at times!

Wheel of Fortune Ultra 5 Reels

Think of a graphics update for the Triple Extreme Spin, and you have nailed it. This WoF game also has 3 huge reels and multiple seats. It also shares the mini-wheels scatter symbols with the older version.

There are big differences in how it looks. The reels look curved, with a high-tech purple sheen to them. Fruits spin on those reels, alongside the familiar symbols.

How you pick the pointers for the main wheel game has also changed. Instead of tapping the screen top open envelopes – you get to spin a 3-reel slot. This gives you pointers for each of the reels. Once again, with a few pointers, and a decent multiplier, you’ll be shouting ‘Wheel of Fortune!’ out loud…

I should mention that the progressive jackpot (the huge, linked one) is in play too.

Check out this video from Spinning in Vegas, note how advanced the reel graphics look compared to the previous version. This video was filmed at the Luxor on the Strip, and includes a bonus round.

Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond True 3D

Ultra 5 Reels may look high-tech, though it comes nowhere close to the 3D graphics of Double Diamond True 3D. This is immersive, you can’t really tell from the video, though those things floating by and spangles coming out towards you look amazing. IGT has really nailed the 3D slots area, if you have played the latest Zuma 3D slot, you’ll know what I mean.

This game features the gold wheel once again, and the huge jackpot too. There are 3 reels only, though think of this as 3 reels as you have never seen them before. Those double diamonds are wilds and will multiply your wins.

There are new segments on the bonus wheel, featuring a ‘power wedges’ sub-game. If you hit one of those, you could end up with several different pointers, and even a spin of the jackpot wheel.

This video shows Double Diamond True 3D in action. I recommend you check it out on the casino floor, where you can see how immersive those graphics are. This is from another of the big Youtube slots channels, Albert's Slots Channel. His videos are well worth checking out.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Diamond

Well, double diamond worked, so what is next? Wheel of Fortune Triple Diamond is a mechanical 3-reel game. It has reels backed in sparkling silver – a big change from the usual white.

Wilds which feature the triple diamond logo multiply your wins by 3. That is great if you get one, though the magic really kicks-in if you get 2 of them, along with another symbol. That gives you 9x the prize listed for the 3rd symbol on the pay table. If you get all 3, you get the top line prize. Even that is dwarfed by the wide-area progressive, you need 3 of the logo symbols on the win line to hit that.

Naturally, you’ll get the mechanical wheel above the reels for when that spin symbol hits on reel 3.

The video below comes from Guardian Angel Slots, and shows triple diamond in action for quarters.

Wheel of Fortune New Orleans

With just about every regular combination used, IGT went a little different for the New Orleans WoF slot. This does have a mechanical wheel, and recognisable sound effects. That is about as far as the relations to the main game go.

The setup is 3-4-5-4-3, with all-ways wins (called Multiway Xtra). You’ll find Madi Gras dancers on those reels, along with the regular symbols.

You can win the progressive via this game. I’d suggest this is not for the traditionalists out there. If you enjoy games with all-ways wins and a lot of action, this could be a good pick.

Here is a video from another of my favourite channels, Random SS Slots. This guy gives you a real overview of the games he reviews, rather than just the big wins. You can even see the full instructions and pay table. This one contains two of the DBG sessions (double, bonus or goose!).

Wheel of Fortune Winning Wedges

An unusual reel setup makes this game stand out. Instead of the usual 3 or 5 reels, this one has 4. Each reel has 4 rows of symbols on it. There are a lot of fruits on those reels – again a departure from the usual symbols.

Wild multiplier symbols mean that those 4 of a kind wins can be boosted. With 50 win-lines over the 4x4 grid, you’ll find those multipliers often connect more than one win.

The bonus game is also unique. Most WoF slots have a single ‘pointer’ at the top of the mechanical wheel. This one has special wedges showing diamonds. If you hit them, you can get up to 6 pointers in play. This means 6 wins, and 6 chances to hit the jackpot wheel sub-game.

I like this title, which keeps the solid game-play, while having more depth than many of the others.

A lot of trouble finding a good video for this game. This one is short, shakes and does not do the game justice! If anyone knows of a better video - please let me know!

Wheel of Fortune Power Wedges

Winning Wedges was popular enough for IGT to extend the idea – with the Power Wedges title.

In the wheel game you can win the chance to get more pointers. This not only gives you the opportunity for more cash wins (that is the most common outcome) – you can win jackpots too via a second (electronic) wheel.

There are free spins in this game. Which reminds me of the ‘New Orleans’ title in the overall feel.

Check out the WoF Power Wedges in action in the video below. A far better video this time from the popular 'Big Payback' channel.


Wheel of Fortune on Tour

I saved this one until last, not because it is the best WoF slot – but because you will need to go to an online casino to play it. This excludes American players, who won’t be able to find Wheel of Fortune games at the popular offshore casinos (though there are games which come very close – see below).

This slot has a lot of bonus features and has a big yellow bus as the central symbol. If you get 3 of these on the reels, you will see a US map, with a lot of curling dotted lines on it. This is a progressive bonus feature. Each time you trigger it, you’ll move through the map, with new bonuses (think free spins or wheel spins) as you go.

This feels more like a ‘tour’ slot with WoF added as an afterthought for me, though do try it out and see what you think!

The linked promo video from IGT shows some of the highlights, including that dotted bonus map.


Wrapping Up: The Ultimate Guide to Wheel of Fortune Slots

Some of us will stick with the traditional 3-reel games. Others love the big, brash and increasingly complex video slot titles. One thing is for sure, the Wheel of Fortune live slots range is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon! There are even more titles including a Jackpot Frenzy version, Winning Words and others with graphic design changes... I'll add to this list when they hit the casino floors.

When you hear the two-tone bip-beep bit-beep, and hear the shout ‘Wheel-of-Fortune!’, that surge of excitement never seems to go away.

If you enjoyed my WoF slots guide, please take a moment to share it (on your favourite forum or social media. I would genuinely appreciate it.

Bookmark Sit N Go Planet today, I have plenty more ‘ultimate guides’ in the pipeline!

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