So Many Monsters Slot Review: MicroGaming

Multiplying Monster Mayhem on this Entertaining Online Slot

So Many Monsters Slot ReviewThe monsters on the reels of this entertaining MicroGaming online slot look like they might be fierce – when they grow up. Plodding scary movie type music completes the picture. This is a fun, light slot featuring brightly coloured beasts that will make you smile, it is not a scary place to play!

Monsters will multiply, right there on the reels, when you line them up. Instead of just 3, 4 or 5 of a kind from left to right – you can win up to 25 of a kind prizes. This same game play has been used in two more slots. So Much Candy and So Much Sushi take the idea and dress it up differently. You’ll find this page focused on the So Many Monsters slot. At the end of the article, you’ll get a couple of notes on those related games.

There is a twist to the game play when you hit the free spins. You can pick just one of the monsters to represent you. Which one you pick determines how many free spins you get.

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Multiplying Monsters: The Unique Game-Play Twist

When you see the reels, there are single monsters – 5 different ones. These sit among the regular playing card (filler) symbols that most online slots use, and so logo (wild) symbols.

If your spin results in no win, or just a few playing cards for a small prize, the monsters stay single. Things get a lot more interesting when you line up 3 or more monsters.

You will hear a series of popping sounds. Each monster symbol now splits and resplits. Showing you up to 5 smaller monsters. These are all animated together, bouncing along with the theme tune. That makes it possible to get up to 25 of a kind on a single win-line!

Wild symbols come into play, though these count as just a single monster. A single wild can connect more than one win-line. There are 25 lines in total on this slot. As you can imagine, the prizes get better the more monsters you see. The top line prize is for 25 of the red frog-like creature. This is worth a generous 640x your total bet for 25, all the way down to 2.8x for just 6.

So Many Monsters Slot MicroGaming - Reels View

Back to Basics: How the So Many Monsters Slot Works

Even with this unique game play twist, the setup behind it is familiar. You’ll find 5 reels, and 3 rows on each. You can’t change the number of win-lines. This is fixed at 25. What you do need to decide on is your bet amount. This ranges from 25c, up to $25+ per spin.

If you click auto-spin, you’ll see a choice of numbers ‘until stop’ and ‘custom’. Until stop keeps going until you get the free spins feature – or run out of cash.

Meet the Cast: The 5 Monsters and Other Symbols

I already mentioned the red frog as the highest paying symbol. This critter has fangs like a vampire and some strange backwards facing horns. You’ll be happy to see it multiply, with the top prize being 640x. Next comes a monster that looks like a walking piece of cheese. This cheese is covered in eyes. This one is worth a maximum of 560x, for 25 of a kind.

A green baby dragon with a single huge eye dominating the top of its head comes next. The maximum prize for this monster is 480x your spin bet. Next comes a purple cross between a bat and an owl at 400x, then a crazed looking blue rat at 320x.

The playing card symbols aces down to tens, do not split. The best you can do with these filler symbols is hit an old-fashioned 5 of a kind!

Unattached Eyes and Pick Your Monster Free Spins Games

Having a disembodied eye blinking at you is a little disconcerting. Having 5 blink from the reels in a single spin is, however, a cause for celebration. Not only will 3+ of these eyes anywhere in view trigger a free spins bonus game, they have scatter prizes too. 5 in view gets you a cool 75x your total bet.

Before you start any free spins, you go to a screen where you see the monsters lined up. During this bonus, you only get a single monster on the reels. Your job is to choose which one. To make this decision more interesting, the more valuable the monster, the lower the number of free spins you get.

You can pick the highest paying monster, that red frog creature, and get 8 free spins. You could go to the other extreme. Choosing the demented blue rat gets you 16 free spins (though the prizes are lower).

Over time, your choice will not affect your returns. In the short run, the trade off is between bigger individual wins and more spins.

If you get 3+ of the eye symbols during your free spins, you get the same pick again added to your total.

MicroGaming So Many Monsters Pays

Simple Design with Scary Baby Monsters

This is not the most detailed or complex of slots – though it does have some positives. Each of the monsters looks like the design team had a lot of fun with. The one-eyed dragon, sitting down, looks like the perfect mix of fierce and cute. I also like the zombie lump of cheese with multiple eyes!

When they multiply, this slot takes on an air of cartoon-like fun. This is exaggerated by the crazy soundtrack.

How Many Monsters Can You Handle?

I recommend taking this one for a spin. After all, how many slot players get to say that they hit a 25 of a kind win today?

So Many Monsters has a great mix of game play and fun graphics. The baby monsters are not overdone. They do add an entertaining quality; this game might not have worked at all if it had been a dark and atmospheric game.

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