Slot Tournaments Online

How to Find, Play and Win Online Slots Tournaments

Slot Tournaments OnlineSlots are one of the major draws at online casinos, these feature rich, original games offering some of the most excitement you can find online. The majority of casino users will pick a slot and start playing for a fixed amount for every spin, but there is another option at many sites. The slots tournament! These are another way of enjoying slot play, where you’ll be playing against other users for a portion of a prize fund, as opposed to being paid out directly by the slot.

How Slot Tournaments Work

A slot tournament will see a number of players vying for a prize fund. There might be an entry free which will help make up the prize pool, or a particular casino may offer the prize fund without an entry fee, making it a free roll. Each player will be allocated a certain amount of coins as a starting bankroll and you’ll have a certain amount of time to complete your play at the tournament. Usually slot tournaments will take place at one individual slot or a range of slots.

At the end of your allotted time, you’ll compare your coin total against the other players in the tournament and hopefully finish high enough on the leaderboard to make your way into the money positions. The number of players who are paid in any tournament will vary, with some being winner takes all, while others will pay out a large number of players, the payouts reducing the lower you finish. You might find a real time leaderboard at a slots tournament, so you’ll know exactly how you are faring in comparison to other players. At the end of the tournament any winning amounts will be credited to your casino account automatically.

The majority of slots tournaments are scheduled for a certain time; however some sites will offer sit and go tournaments where a smaller tournament will start when a set number of players sign up. Sit n go tournaments are particularly popular at online poker and have made a successful transition to slots tournaments.

Many sites will offer leaderboards based on slot play, although these are usually not strictly tournaments, as players who stake the most coins at a slot over a given time frame (usually a month) will head these promotions.

Online Slots Tournaments

The Pros and Cons of Online Slots Tournaments

The major advantage of playing an online slot tournament is the fact that you’ll know exactly how much it is going to cost you before you start playing. Of course, this outlay is the worst case scenario, as there will be every chance of actually winning some money at the end of the tournament.

Some players find it very easy to get carried away when playing slots, continuing to play until they’ve landed ‘just one more feature’ or had ‘just a few more spins’. At a slot tournament the time you’ll spend playing is set, so you’ll have no choice but to stop.

Tournaments can also offer a less expensive way to enjoy the slot experience.  Slots are not always the cheapest option at an online casino, especially those games with a large number of win lines, so a losing run can deplete your funds quicker than you might like at times. Playing a tournament gives you the opportunity of playing for a set fee, which is usually on the smaller side – if not free!

Slot tournaments can also give you a good feel for online slots if you are not particularly experienced, giving you a good understanding of how they work, without it actually costing you too much.

The downside to a slots tournament is that if you have a particularly good run when playing, maybe hitting that big win or striking gold in a feature, you might find that you win less in the tournament than you might have won by simply playing the slot for real money.

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