Why Different Casinos have the Same Games?

Explaining the Relationship Between Casinos and Software Providers

Have you ever signed up to an online casino and found a number of games that seem very familiar? Or even found exactly the same range of games across two different online casinos? This is actually very common in the online casino world and in this article we explain why. I start by explaining the role of the software developers and how they work. I then move onto look at the casinos themselves and consider what they are looking to offer at their site. I then delve into Jackpots, explaining why you might be able to win exactly the same Jackpot across a number of different casinos. I finish with an overview of how the developers and the casino sites work together to offer the perfect casino experience.

casino operators v casino software houses

The Software Developers

Casino software development is big business and it is understandable why so many new companies are entering the industry with such great regularity. These companies are those which supply the games to the online casinos and from their point of view, the more casinos that actually use their software, the more successful they are. In fact, if you were to invent the perfect software supplier, they would supply every online casino on the planet! Each software developer will usually offer a wide range of games to cover every aspect of a casino, including slots, table games, video poker and many others, although you will find some smaller companies which specialize with a narrower range of games. Examples of some of the bigger software suppliers include MicroGaming, Net Entertainment, PlayTech and RealTime Gaming.

The Online Casino Operators

An online casino company wants to offer the best games they possibly can to their customers. They will do this by signing deals with the best software developers. Some online sites will simply offer the software from one particular company and go no further – they have all the bases covered and a nice range of games. However, other sites such as Ladbrokes and Unibet might go a little further and offer games from a number of software developers, perhaps choosing the best of the games range from each. Obviously each casino will have their own individual contracts with the software suppliers, so the games offered might differ even between sites supplied by the same developer. You might also find that some particular casino sites actually have more than one casino – Intertops being a fine example, with two separate casinos, each supplied by a different company (RealTime Gaming and WGS). Some casinos might have particular sections of the site developed by individual suppliers, with table games coming from one company and slots from another for example. This situation makes it possible for some of the smaller developers to get involved. Yggdrasil Gaming is a good example of a supplier of a smallish range of high quality slots who can sign individual deals with online casinos, without the need to supply an entire range of games. Some sites will also develop their own in house games, the 888 casino one particular site that stands out in this regard.

You’ll now have an understanding of why you will indeed find the same games across a number of casinos.

same games at different casinos - jackpots picPooled Jackpots

You’ll often find that the same jackpot can also be won across a number of different casinos. These are pooled jackpots, the jackpot amounts formed by taking a small percentage from the stake every time the game is played and adding it to the jackpot pool. The software developers love these big win amounts as they are a great bargaining tool to get more casinos to use their software, the casino sites love them as they are able to offer some jaw dropping sums of money at their site to entice players and these players love them as they can change their life in an instant – a great win-win-win situation all around.

Some of these pooled jackpots are actually offered over a range of games too. A fine example of this takes place at the Marvel range developed by MicroGaming where you’ll find a number of slots (and one roulette game) all linked together to offer a very impressive range of four jackpots.

Why Different Casinos have the Same Games? – Overview

The online casino world might be a little confusing at times, especially when you enter a new site and find a rash of familiar games. However, for the consumer the situation is ideal as it means a great amount of choice. Perhaps you are happy playing at a casino supplied by one developer as you have an affinity for their games, or maybe you want to have the option of playing the best games out there, all in one place. The choice really is yours - the one certainty being that the games are only going to get better.

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