Last Vegas Slot Review: MicroGaming

The Zombie Apocalypse on the Las Vegas Strip

MicroGaming Lost Vegas ReviewThere is something strange about a zombie apocalypse Vegas which is hard to put your finger on. On one hand, you can help yourself to all the big denomination chips left lying around. On the other hand, they are now worthless!

MicroGaming have created an excellent slot based on this scenario. You get to choose whether to play as the survivors or the zombies. Both modes involve broken casinos, with dead slots flickering and smashed tables.

This slot is not all graphics and atmosphere. There are some entertaining features. Look out for the free spins, where reels can become infected. You will also get random prizes in the base game. There are blackouts, which happen after losing spins – and also a Zombie fist of cash for instant wins.

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2 Modes, 5 Reels and All-Ways Wins: How the Lost Vegas Slot Works

Whichever mode you choose to play in, the grid of reels is the regular 5x3 setup. This is an all-ways slot, with 243 winning combinations crossing over from the left. Bets are in increments of 30c. As with all MicroGaming online slots, you can push your bets very high! You’ll find an auto-play option too.

You can switch between Zombie and Survivor mode using a button above the reels. This is located to the right of the slot title. When you press this button, the background will switch over. For survivors this is the inside of a casino, for zombies it is the street outside the abandoned casinos.

Lost Vegas Slot Reels

Regular Winning Combinations

Before I get to the entertaining features, there are plenty of ways to grab regular line wins. Remember, with all-ways slots, your biggest wins will come from those times you hit multiple wins on the same spin.

Lost Vegas wilds have the single biggest prize. These are logos and will replace any regular (though not bonus) symbols to create extra wins. If you line up 5 on any of the 243 win-lines, you will get 10x your bet.

The next best symbols will depend on which mode you are playing. For the zombies, the bigger wins come from some excellent symbols. These are topped by a zombie Elvis, then a mob type zombie guy in a hat, a nurse, showgirl zombie and a couple.

For the survivors, all the high paying symbols are individuals. 3 guys and two ladies hold weapons – these include a golf club as well as the expected guns. Playing card symbols are used to break up the rich graphics for both games.

Blackout Bonus and Zombie Fist of Cash

There are two different bonus games which can occur at random in the base game. These can happen after any non-winning spin.

Blackout bonuses are preceded by crackling sounds and a screen going dark. This can happen in both zombie and survivor modes. When it does occur, the high paying symbols in view will each award a cash prize. In addition, just a single scatter symbol can now trigger the free spins.

The zombie fist of cash reminds me of the incredible hulk. Here a huge fist comes out of the screen, delivering a cash prize.

Free Spins Lost Vegas Slot

Free Spins Bonus Games (One for Each Mode)

In keeping with the two modes / themes, the free spins are split. Both of these bonus games are triggered by hitting 3 or more of the special scatter symbols.

If you are rooting for the zombies, then the free spins involves an ‘infected reels’ feature. Unlike on other slots, there is no count down of free spins. Instead the zombies are stacked on the reels (which enables some big wins). Each time you get an entire reel showing the same zombie, it becomes infected. A red outline is drawn around that reel, though it spins and still shows different symbols as usual. Your free spins will continue until all 5 of the reels are infected. You can play a maximum of 50 free spins.

You also get up to 50 free spins for the survivors. This game gets more profitable the longer that you play. The reason is that every time playing card (lower paying) symbols hit the reels, they are removed. The more you spin, the bigger the proportion of wilds and high paying symbols gets. When all the playing card symbols are gone, your bonus will end.

Detailed, Atmospheric Design

Slow music, driven by a piano, sets up the slightly eerie atmosphere nicely with this game. When you hit a win, there is a jarring (though welcome) guitar chord. While the graphics are different in the two modes, they are both impressive.

Survivor mode sees a broken craps table in the foreground, with flickering slots on the right-hand side and playing cards beneath the reels on the floor. The symbols show worried looking people, with some entertaining make-shift weapons.

My preference is for the zombies. Here the background is green, neon flickers in a scene that could be Fremont Street. You are outside, in a desolate post-apocalypse world. The zombies look great. Elvis stands out, as does the undead showgirl.

The impressive visuals continue with the bonus games and the zombie fist. This is a playable enough slot, though the excellent graphics really do help take it to a new level.

Should You Choose Zombies, or Survivors?

This game is great in both modes, though for me the zombies win in terms of graphics, animations and sound effects. Lost Vegas is an excellent reimaging of a Vegas themed slot. It makes a genuinely impressive change up from the usual gambling symbols found on these games. With up to 50 free spins possible in either mode, and plenty of opportunities for blackout / fist bonuses, this game has the potential for big wins too.

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