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Encounter Entertaining Evil Forces in this Fantastic All-Ways Horror Themed Slot

Dark Vortex Slot Review - YggdrasilDare you enter the Dark Vortex, a game played out in ancient dungeons. As a slot player, you might head there in search of treasure, but you’ll encounter an array of weird and not so wonderful creatures on your travels. A haunting red devil woman is the highest paying symbol and is joined by an array of other creatures – a purple beast, a green ghoul, a nightmarish creature with far too many eyes, and a dog-like creature whose teeth extend around his body. A series of spell books, of matching colours to the creature perhaps unlock their secrets.

Reasons to Play Dark Vortex Slots?

Dark Vortex has quite a unique gameplay system, where a vortex appears within the reels and gives you many more winning opportunities. Combined with the fantastic animations and quirky dark humour – Yggdrasil’s Dark Vortex is a must-play game. Here are the highlights:

  • A 5x3 reel set up featuring the colourful array of animated demons, ghouls and more.
  • Land a pair of golden vortex symbols on adjacent reels and find yourself with many more winning opportunities.
  • Expand the vortex with more adjacent symbols while pink and blue orbs can give you a boost.
  • Enter the free spins feature when the vortex encompasses all five reels.

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Vortex Feature with Boosted Winning Chances

The bonus symbol in this Yggdrasil designed slot is represented by a rotating metal golden eye which can appear on any five reels. The Vortex works its magic when you land two or more symbols on adjacent reels (watch as adjacent reels slow down after landing a single vortex to add tension to the game). These reels will then enter the ‘vortex’ with a swirl, revealing five symbols on each of these reels (as opposed to the usual three). The next 3 spins will feature this reel set up, each spin offering hundreds of more ways to win. If during the 3 spins, another vortex symbols lands adjacent, the vortex will expand, with an extra 2 spins awarded.

During the vortex feature a pink orb on the reels will expand the stack size, while a blue orb will increase the number of free spins (in the feature below).

Reels View - Dark Vortex Slot

The Dark Vortex: Free Spins Bonus Feature with 3,125 Ways to Win

To enter the free spins feature you’ll need the vortex to encompass all five reels. You’ll now enter the free spins feature which begins with the player making two picks. Five cards will appear each showing a different number – these are shuffled and placed face down and you’ll choose one, and this will happen twice. The first time, you’ll be picking the number of stacked wilds on the reels, the second time, the number of free spins you’ll be awarded.

Throughout this feature each of the five reels will show five symbols, giving you an incredible 3,125 ways to win each time. With those stacked wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4, you’ll be sure to enjoy some amazing win opportunities.

The Base Game Which Pays All-Ways and Both Ways

Dark Vortex plays out on five and features the all-ways winning system. Instead of win-lines, you’ll get paid when landing matching symbols on consecutive reels, regardless of the position on the reels. This game pays from both the usual left to right, as well as from right to left too, giving you even more winning chances.

The red devil woman is the highest payer at 60 coins, while the other creatures pay between 40 and 30 coins. The spell books pay between 12 and 7 coins.

Orbs Dark Vortex Slot

Chilling Design of Dark Vortex Slots

Dark Vortex plays out in the dungeons of some long forgotten ancient dwelling. The reels are housed within a stone frame filled with ghoulish carvings, while candles stand in skulls. Check out the impressive animation any time you win with any of the creatures on the reels (they’re not the most attractive bunch). The soundtrack really adds to the game – gently haunting during standard play, and resounding and action-filled when the vortex comes into play.

Will Dark Vortex Bring Out the Slot Demon in You?

Dark Vortex is an enticing and original slot from Yggdrasil. The array of strange creatures on the reels gives the game a real character, while the gameplay is original from the start. The all-ways winning system in combination with paying both ways will always benefit the player, while the vortex feature is completely original. When the vortex takes over with a swirl, you’ll have more win opportunities and added boost too – when it takes over the whole game you’ll enjoy free spins too. Dark Vortex is a must play game, although you might not want to play it alone!

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