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iSlots from Rival Gaming that Can Send You on a (Profitable?) Cosmic Quest

Cosmic Quest Slots - Detailed ReviewsYou’ll be greeted by a slightly goofy intro video – taken from the cockpit of a spaceship. This shows a gas giant type planet. In front of it are spacewalking astronauts, including a cartoon dog!

This should set the tone for some fun slot gaming ahead.

There are two Cosmic Quest slots. They are made by slot software provider Rival Gaming. These are part of a range of premium online slots, known as iSlots. What the varied iSlot titles have in common are progressive elements. The more you play, the more bonus games and features you will unlock.

In these two slots, those bonus games involve space battles. These are entertaining enough to check out the slots for alone. When you realize that you can also win big money from them, things get even better.

This slot covers two titles:

  • Cosmic Quest: Mission Control
  • Cosmic Quest: Mystery Planets

They are designed to be played in order – though there is nothing stopping you from switching. Once you hear the distinctive music, enjoy the solid game-play and hit those asteroid blasting bonus games, you are sure to be coming back for more.

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Cosmic Quest Mission Control

This was the original Cosmic Quest slot. It caught the imagination of players – and has become a cult hit, even though the 2nd instalment has more going on…

When you see the grid of reels, things look crowded. There are wires and line markers around the edges. A big 3D effect logo on top and reels that look like you are playing with a space background. On those reels are some strange characters. Three astronauts appear (a man, woman and dog!), along with a sci-fi laser gun, space base, satellite and bright red space station. Regular wins come from lining up 3 or more of these over any of the 20 win-lines in play.

Cosmic Quest Slots Mission Control Reels

Special Features on Cosmic Quest Mission Control

You’ll find two special features. The first is a bonus round of 10 free spins. You get this by hitting 3 or more of the scatter monkey symbols anywhere in view.

During this free spins game, rocket symbols get a boost. During the main game, these are wild symbols. This means they substitute for any other symbol, with the exception of the pink pilot. In the free spins, any rockets go to the bottom of the reel, and you’ll see a countdown animation. The rocket then blasts off, leaving 3 wilds on that reel. If you are lucky, you can get 2 or more rockets on the same spin – giving you a big win!

The 2nd bonus is a lot of fun. You trigger this with 3 of the pink pilot symbols. The game has the feel of a 1980’s arcade title. There are two parts. You first need to blow the doors off from a hanger area. Once you do this you’ll go to the main part, where you blast asteroids which fly towards you. The length of each game is set at random. You get 3 ‘lives’ per bonus game.

There is a progressive element to this game. Each time you hit it, you’ll move on to a new level. This means bigger prizes for zapping each asteroid – and a different ship.

Rival Gaming did a great job with Mission Control. The question is, can they beat it with the next in the series – Mystery Planets?

Cosmic Quest 2 – Mystery Planets

Instead of those crazy space walkers, the intro video to this game shows planets zooming past. The overall look will be familiar. There is that same background soundtrack, logo and wires to either side of the reels. The 20 win-line setup is in use once again.

This time, the view behind the reels has a pinkish tint. This is a space view with some nebular action! On the reels there are planets of different sizes and colours, and some crazy looking robots. Overall, the graphics and animations are more up to date than on the original game. Rival Gaming has done a good job of keeping the character of the original intact though.

Cosmic Quest Review Mystery Planets Reels

Special Features on Mystery Planets

During the free spins game, which can be triggered with 3+ of the fuel tank symbols, all of your wins get doubled. Rockets again have that animation, where there is a countdown followed by an entirely wild reel. Yellow rockets are used instead of red this time.

Again, there is a progressive element, though this time it involves navigating through tunnels, and not simply blasting away at asteroids. Each time you trigger this game, it will get somewhat more difficult. You’ll also pick up skills in navigating, making this slot more profitable as you go.

Wrapping Up: Are the Cosmic Quest Slots Out of this World?

These are the first slots I look for when hitting a Rival Gaming Casino. They are a lot more than just gimmicks, with a solid base game and free spins included. The charm comes from the characters on the reels (people / dogs on the first game, and robots on the 2nd). I also like the way that the two games are kept consistent in terms of sounds, frame of the reels and game-play.

If I had to pick one, it would be Mystery Planets. Part of this could be that it was the first one (and was hugely popular too!). There is something fun about that asteroid blasting bonus game which manages to keep me coming back for more!

Do check out both games. If you get good at navigating the tunnels, the newer Mystery Planets version could well be a profitable choice.

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