Quickest Casino Withdrawals

Which Online Casinos Let You Withdraw the Quickest?

Which Casino Withdrawal Method is Quickest?If you want to withdraw your money from an online casino in a hurry – then you’ll need to consider your options before you make your first deposit.

This page has you covered. Here you will find the following:

  • The best deposit options for making sure your withdrawals are fast
  • How some casinos are much faster than the others in paying your money (along with some examples)
  • Practical steps you can take to speed things up in terms of ‘Know Your Customer’ processes
  • How to find out whether hitting that ‘withdraw’ button will kill your bonus deals
  • How to collect your money after a big windfall (for example a jackpot, or tournament win).

To set the expectation level correctly, even the fastest withdrawal from a casino is likely to take around 3 days. It makes sense to plan for this. If you have a situation where you critically need this money before then – you are better off not depositing it at an online casino!

Overview: Average Casino Withdrawal Times

Note that for most payment methods, the majority of the time is for the casino to double-check / perform thei admin tasks / process… once triggered, many of the payment methods are instant.

  • Bitcoin: 2 to 4 days
  • Paper Check: 7 to 10 days, plus time to clear into your bank
  • Money Transfer: 4 to 7 days
  • Electronic Wallets: 2 to 5 days
  • Local Bank Transfer: 2 to 5 days
  • Debit Card Refunds (where possible): 2 to 5 days

The biggest determining factor is not the method itself, it is how organized the casinos are. Casinos have an incentive to delay withdrawals. Not only for cash-flow reasons, they have a shot at keeping your money. Many players withdraw, only to get the itch to go back and play again a day or two later…

By choosing an online casino that respects player withdrawals, you’ll be able to avoid putting yourself in that spot!

Quickest Casino Withdrawals for US PlayersQuickest Casino Withdrawals for US Players?

One brand stands out when it comes to reputation and payment processing. In fact – Bovada Casino have built their brand largely on their reputation (though having 100’s of games from 3 different software providers also helps!). In my experience, your withdrawals will usually be at the lower end of the ranges above.

Bovada also gives you a free withdrawal via paper check every month. Many casinos charge a processing / admin fee for this. If you are smart about your deposit method (choosing Bitcoin is quickest of all), then you simply will not find a casino with faster withdrawals than this.

You can get up to 9 welcome bonuses at the moment – see www.bovada.lv for more now!

Quickest Withdrawal Speeds for International Casino Brands?

Outside of the USA, the banking restrictions fall away – making life a lot easier when it comes to both casino deposits and for withdrawals. You still need to choose a casino with a great reputation for fast payment processing. At the same time other factors (range of games, free spins, bonus offers) are relatively more important.

My pick for both easy payments and generous bonuses is Unibet Casino. This mega-brand has 650 slots, and plenty of table games (inc. live casino games). They pick the best titles from all the major software houses.

Withdrawals are fast and no-fuss.

You’ll also get up to 250 free spins when you first deposit.

See my Unibet Casino Review for more info, or better yet, check the latest promos for yourself at www.unibet.com

Unibet Casino Fast Withdrawal Speeds

Withdrawing Using Different Payment Options

As you will have seen from the numbers at the top of this page, your deposit method is the single biggest factor in how quickly you can cash out. This section lists the different deposit methods, explains the basics of using them, and then highlights the withdrawal process.

Bitcoin for Quick Casino Withdrawals#1 – Bitcoin

I’m predicting this will become the #1 payment method for US real money casinos by the end of 2018. It is easy to use (you get a wallet, buy Bitcoins via and exchange – then deposit / withdraw as often as you like). It is also beyond the reach of any one country / government.

The process for withdrawing from casinos using Bitcoin (or Litecoin) is easy. You go to your own wallet, generate a ‘receiver id’, and copy / paste this to the casino cashier. The payment itself is almost instant, so any delay will be due to the casinos administration efforts.

Once in your Bitcoin wallet, you can switch back to dollars via the same exchange you bought the Bitcoin from.

For US based players, setting up a Bitcoin wallet will make for easy deposits and quick withdrawals at all of the major offshore casinos – this is well worth the effort!

#2 – Credit Card Payments / Paper Check Withdrawals

If you have deposited with a credit card (including prepaid ones), then the default withdrawal method is a paper check. This is not a quick option – though it is very reliable. US banks accept these checks.

Many casinos will charge an admin fee for these checks. Bovada do not, at least for one check cash out each month. It is worthwhile checking this before you make that initial deposit. You can also check whether there is a minimum withdrawal amount. Some casinos make this $200+, which effectively ‘traps’ smaller bankrolls on the site.

#3 – Money Transfer Withdrawals / Person to Person Payments

Western Union and MoneyGram will not allow payments to online casinos. What many people do is use a work-around. Instead of ‘wiring’ money to a casino, they wire it to an individual who collects it on the casino’s behalf. This is an established process, though to many new players it seems risky – as long as you stick with a trusted offshore casino, it is perfectly safe. You will need to create a player account, and then speak to the cashier team about how to deposit this way.

Turned around and used for withdrawals, there are pros and cons.

The biggest ‘con’ is that the casino will normally charge you for this withdrawal option. This will be the fees they incur at a minimum, and sometimes an admin charge on top. The fees are big (as a percentage of the total) for smaller withdrawals, and get proportionally smaller as you withdraw more.

You’ll generally need to leave at least a few days for your online casino to get this organized. Once the money is sent you go to your closest branch office and collect the cash in person.

Faster Casino Withdrawals Require e-Wallets like Skrill#4 Electronic Wallet Casino Withdrawals – PayPal, Skrill and Neteller

Stepping outside of the US now, there are a lot more ways to get your money quickly back into your hands. Electronic wallets are popular thanks to the added security aspect (you do not need to give your bank details to the casinos). Casinos accepting PayPal are rare, and only used in certain countries by the biggest casino brands. Skrill and Neteller are more common, and have lower fees than PayPal too!

You will need to have made a deposit using a wallet before your casino will allow you to make a withdrawal with this. This protects them (and in turn you) against fraud / money laundering.

#5 – Local Bank Transfers / Bank Wires

A default for players depositing with debit or credit cards (or prepaid vouchers / cards) is a local bank transfer. This is a relatively fast way of cashing out of an online casino. Once approved by the casino, you can have the money with you in 3 days. Most casinos in the EU will default to this withdrawal option.

International wires are also possible as a withdrawal method. This is only economical for larger amounts, as the fees are relatively high.

Practical Ways to Speed Up Withdrawals – Understand the Casino ‘KYC’ Responsibilities

We have all been there… you happily click the ‘withdraw’ button, only to get a mail from your casino’s security department! This tells you (often in stern, official language!), that you need to verify your identity before you can cash out.

Yep, this is frustrating.

What you need to understand is that keeping the world of online casinos clean is a hard task. Money launderers would jump on the opportunity to ‘wash’ their profits through the casinos. Given a free reign, credit card thieves would have a field day.

If this were the case, it would be almost impossible to run online casinos at all.

Having understood this, I now welcome the checks. They make it possible for me to enjoy the games.

You can speed up the casino withdrawal process by anticipating these checks. Get some documents ready, and send them in early. You’ll need proof of address, and photo Id. Some casinos will want to see the physical credit card you deposited with. If this is the case you are welcome to black out all but the last 4 digits of the long number.

Will Withdrawing Void My Casino Bonus?

In general, casinos will stop any active bonuses when you click the withdraw button. This acts as a dis-incentive to withdrawing, and stop you taking your profit off the table and gambling with the house money while the bonus is still active.

Casino bonuses work on a ‘play-through’ basis. You need to gamble the amount of your deposit between 20x and 50x – depending on the game choice and casino. The money is then considered ‘cleared’ and is yours to keep. If you want to withdraw, it pays to consider how far away you are from reaching the play-through requirement.

You might also want to check whether bonus cash which you are using to play with will be removed when you cash out of your ‘real money’ account. This is a tricky area, which is explained in more detail in my Casino Bonus Deals article. The rule of thumb is that it is usually worthwhile clearing bigger bonuses before you withdraw.

How Do Casino Withdrawals Work for Jackpots?

Let’s say you land a big prize, $200,000 or more. This is not rare, bigger prizes than this are being won every week at online casinos.

If this happens to you, then you have a ‘nice problem’ – how to withdraw the cash.

Some casinos have small print which covers jackpots. For example, giving you $20k a month until it has gone. What you need to be more aware of are limits for certain deposit methods. A common limit is $3000 per paper check (for US casinos). This would mean a lot of checks, over a long period, until you get your money.

Which US Friendly Casino Has the Fastest Withdrawals?

Bovada (and associated brands!) have an excellent reputation when it comes to payments. They also have software from 3 different providers, plus a mobile casino! You can withdraw via Bitcoin, a free paper check (one per month) or money transfer here. This is the biggest of the offshore US friendly brands, and deserves to be in that position.

Bovada are also top rated for player promos (both in the casino and sportsbook!). Keep an eye on www.bovada.lv to make sure you do not miss out on the latest deals!

Which International Casino Will Process My Withdrawals Quickest?

I'm a big fan of the mega-brand Unibet when it comes to no-nonsense quick withdrawals. This casino has a huge list of options, and many of them are also used for withdrawals. You can use the main ewallet brands and local bank transfers for super-quick withdrawals.

Unibet has more than 650 games (and growing) and offer new players 250 free spins to start off strong! Check out the huge www.unibet.com/casino now!

Unibet Casino Fast Withdrawal Speeds

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