World Leaders Slot from Arrows Edge - Putin, Merkel and Lizzy Online!

A Crazy World of International Diplomacy in an Online Slot!

Ever seen a slot where the Queen of England, Vladimir Putin and the President of the US peek out at you from behind the reels (admittedly at different times!)? World Leaders from Arrows Edge might just be the craziest theme I have come across in an online slot yet.

Innovative game-play is also involved. Special wilds, associated with the different countries, change around every 25 spins. Each wild has unique qualities and can give your wins a real boost. Much of the real running of our world happens via special telephones. These are the basis of a special bonus game. You get to click on phones, connecting with world leaders (and collecting cash prizes).

In addition to these great features, you can win one of 3 jackpots. The ‘Super Slots’, ‘Cash Grab’ and ‘Mystery’ jackpots are all triggered at random from this game.

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Spin for a New Wild: Every 25 Spins

Before you spin for the first time on World Leaders from Arrows Edge, you need to spin a globe to pick a wild. There are 3 wilds to choose from, all look unique and behave in different ways. Every time you complete 25 spins, the blue globe will pop up again, and you choose another wild. You can get the same one twice in a row.

Here are the 3 choices:

  • UK Wild: The Queen does appear as a winning symbol, and her wild shows a crown. When this appears anywhere on the reels, you get an extra wild symbol at random somewhere else.
  • Russian Wild: The classic bear is used for this wild. It walks to the left (not sure whether a political comment is intended!). When it hits, you get a series of respins, at no extra charge, with this wild moving left by 1 spot each time.
  • American Wild: This wild shows an eagle (well, a golden statue of one). This expands, both vertically and horizontally. The best place for it to hit is the middle of reels 2, 3, or 4. Here you get 4 extra wilds, one above, one below and one each on the left and right.

Each of these wilds is associated with an avatar of the leader. They start on a podium in front and to the right of the reels, then disappear – occasionally popping their heads out from behind the reels. While Putin and the Queen are easily recognisable, I’m unsure of which president they are trying to show here!

World Leaders Slot from Arrows Edge

Telephone Picks Bonus Game on the World Leaders Slot

Red telephone symbols will trigger the 2nd screen bonus game. While I like the idea, the game is super-simple. You need 3+ phones, and then go to a screen which shows a leader behind a desk, speaking on a red phone. There are 12 phones in front of him – in two rows.

Above them are 4 portraits of world leaders. These are different to the ones used for the wild symbols, with the exception of Putin, who appears twice.

All you need to do is click on the phones. These connect you to one of the leaders, who will react. You get a cash prize as displayed under each picture. You keep on clicking until you call one of them 3 times – at which point the bonus game ends.

World Leader Red Telephones BonusArrows Edge World Leaders Slot: Setup and Bets

Unusually, AE went for 18 win-lines for this game. You can’t adjust this number, which cross a 5 reel 3-row standard grid. This does make the bet sizing a little odd. For example, instead of $1 you can bet $1.08 as the closest… There is an auto-play. One tip is to set this to 25 spins, to match the number before you get to select a new special wild symbol.

Other settings include the ability to switch the music and effects on and off separately. The music sounds like a TV show theme – and did get a little annoying after a while!

Regular Slot Line Wins

Queen Liz is the best paying symbol. She is worth 1,000 coins for 5 of a kind. Next comes the cheeky looking Putin look-alike, worth 500 coins and the unnamed US president also at 500. There is only one leader I am unsure of, he could be Indonesian? The two other mid-level wins come from an Osama Bin Laden look-alike, and a meaner looking Kim Jong Il look alike.

Some effort has gone into designing unique playing card filler symbols. These have the symbols ace through jack in formats like gold coins, shields, cogs and newspapers.

Design and Animations of the World Leaders Online Slot

Everything about this design is taking the ‘mick’. The leaders are all parodies of the real ones, and even the wilds are designed as puns against the nation they represent. The main animations are based on whichever special wild you have in play. There are full-sized avatars which move around the reels.

You will also get animations and special sound effects with these different wilds. All the leaders on the reels will react when they get involved in a win – making for a lively overall effect. The graphics for the phone game are basic. There is something surreal about having Bin Laden give you a thumbs-up when involved in a win.

Sound effects match the game well. For example, the bear wild will roar each time it moves to the left. As I mentioned above, that soundtrack does get jarring after a while.

Summary: Can You Win Big with the Elite? World Leaders Slot Summary

Arrows Edge obviously set out to do something different with World Leaders, and I think they achieved their goals. This is not the latest design, though in a cartoon-way it does work. The different wilds switching every 25 spins do keep the base game fresh. While the phone game is just a fancy picks round, this can also give your bankroll a boost. Add to this the excitement of 3 different jackpots, and you have a slot which ticks all the right (diplomatic) boxes.

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