US Online Casino Withdrawal Methods

How to Withdraw From US Online Casinos

How to Withdraw from US Online CasinosIt would be fair to say that financial transactions to and from casino sites from the US aren’t as straightforward as they were in the days before the introduction of the UIGEA, but online sites are doing a fine job of giving players as many options as possible. To fund an account, you’ll find a number of options, the most popular of which is by a Visa credit card, although unfortunately you won’t be able to withdraw using the same method.You'll find plenty of articles covering how to get your funds on board - the best starting point is my main Casino Deposit Methods article. 

In this guide I start by looking at all of the available withdrawal options you’ll find at a US friendly casino, detailing any fees which might be associated with each and the amount of time you might expect to wait to receive your funds. I finish by summarizing the withdrawal process and some advice about ensuring your withdrawals are safe and secure.

US Casino Withdrawal Methods

Check by Mail – This might seem something of a throwback to an earlier time, but this is the most reliable and straightforward withdrawal method you can use and as such is still the most popular. The check will be delivered via your usual mail service or sometimes by a courier (the site will normally state if a courier will deliver the check). The one downside to withdrawing by check is that the whole process can take a while, as the casino site will have to go through the process of making up the check, then the delivery process can take a few days and finally the check will have to go through the clearing process when it hits your bank. A check can be the cheapest of all withdrawal methods, many sites actually offering one free withdrawal per month.

Money Transfer/Wire Transfer – If you want your winnings from that successful slot or blackjack session quicker you could make use of a money transfer company such as Western Union or MoneyGram.  The online casino will send the funds to one of these companies and you’ll be able to pick these up at your local outlet. You’ll need to contact the customer services team of the casino for full details of how you’ll make the withdrawal using this method. Although this offers a much faster way of withdrawing than a check (usually taking somewhere between 12 and 36 hours) you’ll find some quite large fees attached to using this method.

Bank Wire – This is a method that isn’t particularly common at US based casinos, but can be an option, especially for high rollers. This can offer one of the fastest withdrawal methods you’ll find online. Check individual sites to see whether this is an option and for the fees that might be attached.

Prepaid Cards – A Prepaid card works like a debit card upon which the funds from your casino account will be loaded onto. These cards can generally be used at stores or ATM’s and is becoming an increasingly popular withdrawal method (as well as a deposit method).

The above withdrawal methods are the most popular but individual sites may offer alternative withdrawal methods. These might include particular e-wallet companies, transferring from one casino account to another (some casinos with linked sportsbooks might offer this option) or even through BitCoin.

How to Withdraw from US Casinos – Summary

Checks and Money Transfers are by far the most popular withdrawal methods in the industry today. If you’re in a hurry for your cash, I would certainly recommend the money transfer as your preferred choice of the two, as you’ll have your cash in no time, although you will attract a fee using this method. If in no hurry, simply ask for a check withdrawal – yes it can be time consuming, but will usually be free and doesn’t require a trip to actually receive your cash.

You’ll usually find that some of the larger, more reputable casino sites are the most reliable and perhaps quicker when it comes to making withdrawals, as they will have a larger team dealing with the transactions and indeed have more experience in the withdrawal process. It is never a bad idea to check out the withdrawal options at a potential casino site before signing up and depositing, as you’ll not want to find yourself in a situation where you might have trouble withdrawing down the line.

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