Casinos Accepting UK Debit Cards

How to Use Your UK Debit Card to Deposit at Online Casinos

Debit cards are one of the most popular ways of making a deposit to an online casino in the UK, with the majority of sites accepting a large number of different card types. Debit cards are linked directly to your bank account, so offer one of the most straightforward deposit methods, as there are no third party companies involved. In this article I examine all aspects of depositing with a debit card. I start with a look at the range of debit cards you’ll actually be able to use, before explaining exactly how you’ll make the deposit. I finish by looking at the advantages there are in making a debit card deposit over some alternative methods.

Casinos Accepting UK Debit Cards - Types of Debit Cards

The majority of sites which accept UK debit cards will list a range of payment options. These options are based upon the symbols on the cards, such as Visa, as opposed to the name of the bank or the financial institution who actually issued the card. Visa in one of the more popular payment types accepted, in the shape of Visa Debit or Visa Electron cards. Other debit cards regularly listed include Maestro, Delta, Switch and Laser. Check the banking/financial page of an online casino to see exactly which debit card payment methods they will accept – unfortunately, online casinos in the US will not accept a UK debit card as a deposit method.

Casinos Accepting UK Debit Cards – The Deposit Process

Before depositing, you’ll have to sign up at the online casino if you haven’t done so already. Some online casinos will also require you to download the casino software, although the majority of sites will now offer most of the games for play within the browser.

To make the deposit, you’ll head to the banking page and click on the appropriate debit card symbol. You’ll be required to fill in a form with your card details. Firstly you’ll need to supply the casino with the long, usually 16 digit number across the front of the card, followed by the expiry date and possibly the issue date if that is on the card. The CVV number, which is 3 digits long and found on the back of the card might also be required. The final piece of information needed is the amount you want to deposit and after hitting ‘submit’ your casino account will be funded almost immediately.

Unlike some other payment types, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be charged for depositing using a debit card. Having made a deposit using a card, you’ll be able to withdraw funds back to the same card.

Casinos Accepting UK Debit Cards - Advantages of Using a Debit Card

There are a number of advantages in using a debit card to make a deposit.

The first of these is the ease of the transaction. Other deposit methods might require you to sign up at a third party site, transfer money to the site and then make another transfer to the casino. A debit card deposit cuts out the middle man and makes for a very straightforward method.

Secondly, the speed of the transaction is a major advantage. The funds are in your casino account the moment you hit submit, so there’ll be no waiting around for the casino to verify a payment – meaning you hit the roulette tables or play your favorite slot immediately.

The lack of fees is a nice advantage too, this applying to both deposits and withdrawals. Some deposit methods might actually charge a fee for the money going both ways, meaning your casino balance is down before you’ve even played a game, but there is no such worry when using a debit card.

You’ll also find that making a deposit using a debit card will help you to stay within a budget. Unlike a credit card, you’ll only be able to spend the amount of money you actually have in the account. This might make you less prone to going over the top and depositing more than you might want to.

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