Casino Table Games with Jackpots

Which Online Casino Table Games have Progressive Jackpots?

Casino Table Games with JackpotsIf you head to any online casino, you’ll usually find a whole host of Jackpot games, the vast majority of these oversized wins available when playing slots. However, with such a large variety of games found online, not all jackpot hunters will want to play slots in isolation. Fortunately, there are a number of online games where you can indeed win a progressive Jackpot without seeing a series of reels spinning!

In this article I describe the ways that online casinos offer Jackpots in their real money table games. I start by detailing exactly how a Jackpot is formed when playing at an online casino. I then detail three particular jackpot games which will certainly catch your eye, one won at a customized roulette wheel, another at the poker tables and the final one which can come your way when facing the dealer at blackjack.

How Casino Jackpots are Formed

Every Jackpot you find online will start with a seed amount, this being the lowest possible amount you can win if you are lucky enough to hit the Jackpot. This might be $100 at some of the smaller jackpots or $500,000 at some of the bigger ones, indeed there are jackpots online which start at seven figures and only go north from there! Every time you play the Jackpot game, a small proportion of your stake will contribute to the Jackpot. For example, you might stake $1 at a game and 5% of that dollar will go towards the Jackpot fund, increasing it by 5c. This might not sound a lot, but these numbers quickly add up, especially when you consider that some jackpots are pooled across a number of games AND across a number of online casinos. The moment the jackpot is won, the jackpot amount will reset to the seed amount and start again on its relentless rise upwards.

Recommended Table Games with Jackpots

Marvel Roulette (Now Removed)

Roulette is not traditionally a jackpot game, but this PlayTech designed game has let the Avengers, Wolverine and Spiderman shake it up enough to offer a progressive Jackpot. There are actually four jackpots on offer, these pooled with the popular Marvel slots. The highest paying Jackpot is the ‘Ultimate Power’ which is seeded at €100,000 but has an average paying of nearly half a million euros. The game features a roulette wheel with a difference, because as well as the standard slots, you’ll find the ‘Marvel Bonus’ slot next to the single zero. Betting and hitting this extra slot will take you to the bonus feature featuring a slot machine, the aim being to hit three Marvel super heroes in a row. The jackpot feature is randomly awarded after any particular spin of the wheel and you’ll find yourself on a screen with 20 tiles. You’ll select each in turn and they will reveal one of the four progressive jackpots – whichever jackpot you hit 3 times first is yours! You can find Marvel Roulette at PlayTech casinos, my go-to is the fully featured

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a game where you’ll regularly find a progressive Jackpot attached, this the case across many casino sites and software developers. When playing a standard hand of Caribbean Stud poker, you’ll have the option of adding the jackpot side bet, which plays completely independently to the hand itself. The jackpot will usually be won by hitting a Royal Flush with your five cards, while hitting a straight flush will pay out a proportion of the Jackpot payout – usually 10%. You’ll also receive smaller wins if you hit 4 of a kind, a full house or a flush- whether the dealer qualifies or not..

I love the progressive jackpots at Unibet casino -


You’ll also find progressive Jackpots available across a number of blackjack games. These work in the same way as the jackpots when playing Caribbean Stud Poker, in the fact that they are independent of the main game. The jackpots will usually be paid out when hitting the same Ace four times in a row – this possible at blackjack due to the fact that the games contain multiple decks. Some jackpot games will have lesser jackpots available in addition to the large payout, these coming your way if hitting just two or three of the same Ace in a row.

Where to Find the Best Casino Table Game Jackpots?

This depends on which jackpots you are most interesting in winning! This is a unique game which you can play in traditional green felt format or in a high-tech neon-blue format. The side bet for the progressive jackpot also includes other payouts for good hands which are not up to the royal flush that would trigger the big win. Check out the 888 Casino for yourself now at

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