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7 Dwarves as You Have Never Seen Them Before!

Snow Wild and the 7 Features Slot ReviewThis new slot caught my eye as I’d just reviewed ‘Fairest of Them All’ by Ash Gaming (PlayTech). While both slots are enjoyable, Snow Wild and the 7 Features is certainly the most ‘rock’ of the two. It is an entertaining reimagining of the classic Snow-White story. Only this time, the 7 small guys are all crazy, and Snow White herself has a more modern look, with a corset and tattoos. Overall, this game is fast, loud and very enjoyable!

Central to the game-play are 7 different bonuses, which are reached via a wheel game. This kicks in frequently. Each bonus is themed around a character, all are fast. Sometimes you’ll win big, though most bonuses are smaller to mid-size wins. If you hit Snow White, you’ll get 3 bonuses in a row.

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Apple Anyone? How the Snow Wild Slot Works

The reels of this game are tilted and look as if you are looking up at them on a raised stage. This makes more sense once you start to spin. The guitar effects kick in, giving the feel of a show. There are 5 reels, with the regular 3 symbols on each. Regular wins will come via 20 win-lines. The spin button is big and ideally placed for a thumb when playing this slot on a mobile phone. To the left of the reels you will see a daily and avalanche jackpot amount (assuming you are playing at Unibet).

You will not be able to change the number of lines, though the stake is flexible. The smallest bet is 40c and the biggest EUR 12.

Winning Combos in the Base Game

You’ll find out who is the fairest of them all when the wild mirror symbols line up. These are the top paying symbol, worth 500 coins for the full 5. They also substitute for the other symbols to create yet more wins. Only the special wheel symbols are not substituted.

A blue cloth purse which contains diamonds comes next. This is worth 300 coins for the full 5 of a kind. An overflowing mug of beer (180) and apple with a bite from it (120) complete the line up of unique symbols.

Playing cards are used as the fillers. Red Tiger have given these a different design to those used by most of the slot software providers.

Snow Wild Slot Reels

Wheel Bonuses

This game is all about the wheel, which does come into play frequently compared to other slots. You’ll need wheel symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 to trigger it. They hit with a loud guitar sound, and if you get 2 of them, the dwarves appear at the side of the reels to watch and see if the 3rd one hits.

You don’t need to spin the wheel, this happens automatically. It appears in the middle of the reels, showing 7 dwarves plus Snow Wild at the top. If it stops on the lady, you get 3 magic kisses. This means that the wheel spins 3 more times, and you get 3 of the bonuses in a row. When it lands on a character, he will become the host of one of 7 different bonus games.

 Each bonus game is based on an individual character, here is the list:

Boozy: This guy looks like a cross between a pirate and Lemmy from Motorhead. He holds a beer in his hand and will open taps of beer above the reels. These spray over the reels, creating extra wilds which look like froth.

Goldy: A biker with spikes on his jacket, sunglasses and a thick black beard will smash the side of the reels with his fist. This sounds harsh, though the effect is positive. You’ll see a bucket full of gold coins swinging above the reels. Each smash makes coins fall out, and you get them added to your win total.

Dozy: You might recognise the similarity with one of the original characters from Snow White! This is an odd bonus game, he snores the reels too and fro. This rearranges the symbols into a good winning combination. With a few wilds, this can create some bigger wins.

Sneaky: This guy would look quite sweet if it were not for the red bandana and skull t-shirt. In this bonus the reels come under attack from a saw. Sneaky literally cuts out symbols he does not line and replaces them with (hopefully) big wins.

Tickly: This dwarf looks different to the others. Instead of rock gear, he wears a blue suit. He also holds a tissue and keeps sneezing into it. There are some positives, each sneeze will cause the reels to respin, giving you a chance to accumulate some wins.

Flash: This name and the top-hat will show you exactly which guitar player the character is based on. He comes to life when chosen for the bonus, playing guitar riffs. These cause lightning to come from the top of the reels, zapping symbols. Whichever are left fall to the bottom, getting replaced from above. You can hit some big wins when he selectively zaps low paying ones.

Crazy: last on this list is a crazed looking older guy. Here the symbols get swapped out, in quick fashion, until you get a winning combination that this nutty dwarf is happy with.

That’s a lot of bonuses! They do come along often enough to keep the game moving. It is possible for any one of them to give you a decent win, though the variance in win amounts is high.

Snow Wild Slot Pay Table

Design of the Snow Wild and the 7 Features Slot

If this game is a taste of what Red Tiger can produce, then I will look forward to seeing many more titles from them. The animations, especially of the characters in the bonus game, are all excellent. Guitars around the reels set the scene nicely. There is rock / blues type music while you spin. You will also see electric waves appear down the reels each time you spin.

Symbols are smart, though not overly intensive. There are animations (look out for Snow Wild in her mirror). The wheel symbols are over-sized, and the sound effects make them impossible to miss. I love the way the dwarves all appear to look on when you get 2. If you miss the 3rd, they beat a hasty retreat.

It is the bonus game which really brings this slot to life. It may be a cliché, though I’ll have to recommend that you check them all out.

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