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Getting Your Money into the US-Friendly Online Casino

Depositing at CasinoMany online casinos have giant slot selections. Many other online casinos are US friendly. None manage to combine that huge list of games, welcome US players and have easy deposit options in quite the same way as

A big advantage of playing slots here is that the promos are all slots, all the time. Instead of having to wait out blackjack or video poker offers for the next slot bonus to come along – you’ll have many offers to choose from. This includes $25 for playing both desktop and mobile slots, $10 ‘Facebook Freebie’ offers and big matched bonuses too.

This page covers all the different ways of getting your money into and out from You will also find an overview of their deposit bonuses (which are boosted for Bitcoin deposits). At the end of the page I have a section for readers who are not yet familiar with this brand. Here I cover the setup and different slot software types you will find at this casino. Deposit Methods Guide - Bottom Banner

Overview of Deposit Methods at

This is a US casino, which means that the banks are unlikely to ‘play nice’ when it comes to making deposits. The good news is that credit cards still work, though can get blocked sometimes. You’ll never lose out when your credit card gets blocked – the transaction simply does not happen.

The deposit methods covered below are credit cards, prepaid cards, Bitcoin and money transfers.

Credit Card Deposits at Slots.lvCredit Card Deposits at

It might surprise you to know that Visa and MasterCard credit card deposits are still the single most common US casino deposit method. Yes, these transactions can get declined. What you need to know is that this is not a given. Many deposits sail through without any delays, letting you head straight to the excellent slots selection.

The process is the same as using a credit card for any online purchase. You will be buying overseas, so your card will need to work internationally to have any chance of success.

To make your credit card deposit, you head to the cashier (top right of the homepage – you can’t miss it!). Then choose Visa or MasterCard. Next you type in the details. This is the long number, security number, expiration date and your name as it is shown on the card. You also add the amount you want to deposit here.

Next you hit the submit button and let the casino do the work. They will be using different financial gateways into the US banking system to get the payment settled. Sometimes, this will fail, and you’ll see a message saying that the transaction was declined. If this is the case, don’t give up – there are still several ways to get your money on board!

You will not be able to use credit cards to Withdraw (those banking restrictions again). See the ‘Withdrawals’ section below for more on this. Deposits Using Prepaid Credit Cards

If your card is not Visa or MasterCard, or does get declined by your bank – then a quick and easy alternative is to use a prepaid card. These take many forms, so there is an important rule before you head out to buy one:

  • You *Must* speak to the cashier staff at and find out which brands are working!

If you don’t do this, you can end up with a card which will not allow international payments, or gets declined for online casinos. Not good.

There are several brands which work, find out which – then head to your local gas station of convenience store and buy one.

Bitcoin Casino Deposits at Slots.lvBitcoin Casino Deposits at

If you still think of Bitcoin as something for geeks or currency speculators – well, you are getting behind the times.

These days, using Bitcoin for casino deposits is simple. No more difficult than using PayPal for the first time all those years ago!

Best of all, you do not need to keep money in Bitcoin for long – which reduces any exposure to the volatility of this virtual currency.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  • First, get a Bitcoin wallet, for smaller (< $10,000) transactions an online one will be fine. I recommend or for these. Signing up is a 5-minute task.
  • Next, you need to buy some Bitcoin. You can buy partial coins (micro Bitcoins or mBTC). This is done via an exchange. It is easy, you need to sign up, and the exchange will match your bank payment with a seller of BTC. They take a (very small) fee, though for your money you get a trusted / secure exchange that works in both directions.
  • You are now ready to deposit. Assuming you already have an account at, you head to the cashier. Choose Bitcoin deposits, and follow their instructions. You tell them how much you are depositing, and will get a ‘receiver Id’. This is the address which you send the Bitcoin to from your own wallet.

Best of all, once you have a wallet and exchange account in place, you’ll never have any troubles with casino or sportsbook deposits or withdrawals again!

You will find a video which explains how this process works over at – remember, Bitcoin deposits get better bonuses too!

Money Transfers at

This method of depositing at online casinos is also known as ‘person to person’ transfers. The reason for this name is that you’d be using a work-around… wiring money to an individual person instead of a casino!

Companies like Western Union and MoneyGram will not send money to a casino. What many players do is use them to send money indirectly. You’ll need to speak with the cashier staff at your casino first. They will give you the details of the person you are sending the money to – and make sure that the wire gets sent to the right casino player account.

You then go to your local office, cash in hand, and send the money over.

Some people are uncomfortable with this process. I can understand this perspective. It has been used for a long time, and is a ‘mature’ payment option these days. Personally, I would only do it at casinos with a long and trusted track record. certainly qualify on those terms.

Note that there are small fees attached to your wires, this is how those companies make money. You can use this same process in reverse, though should expect to pay the fees that way too.

Withdrawing Slots.lvWithdrawing from

With any online casino, it pays to think about how you will get your money back out again in two ways. First, what if you win a big jackpot? Will you be able to get that lump sum? Or will you need to take it in monthly increments? Second, what if you need the cash in a hurry? Are there quick options for withdrawals?

Bitcoin solves both sides. This is the fastest withdrawal method, and the most flexible in terms of the amount of money you can withdraw. The one catch is that you will need to have made a deposit using BTC before you can withdraw.

Alternative withdrawal methods include a paper check. While this sounds old-fashioned, it is the most popular way to get your money out. These are sent by courier, and are free once per month (admin fees apply after the first one). Banks take a little while to clear them, though they are accepted by the US banks.

Finally, you could use a money transfer service. This has the advantage of being quick (usually just a few days). On the other hand, it is relatively expensive – you’ll need to cover the fees.

Deposit Bonus Deals at in 2024

The welcome bonus is not only one of the biggest at any major US casino brand – it is set up in a player-friendly way too.

Instead of needing to deposit a giant amount first time, let you make several deposits to claim your bonus. This gives players a chance to test the waters before committing, and gives you the chance to get lucky with that smaller first deposit before you go ‘all-in’. There are table games, though fans of real money online slots will see their bonuses clear very quickly!

There are two versions of the initial deposit bonus. One for Bitcoin (which is bigger) and one for other deposit methods. I do recommend keeping a close eye on their website. On top of these deposit offers, there are plenty of short term deals, which often include free spins, free chips and even no-deposit real money play. See for the latest now! Deposit Methods Guide - Bottom Banner

Bitcoin First Deposit Bonus: 300% up to $1500, then 8x 150% bonuses

Yep, 300% is rare these days. You can take advantage of the drive towards getting players signed up for Bitcoin in style. This means that for a $100 Bitcoin deposit, you’ll have $400 to hit the slots with.

The bonus code for your first deposit = SLBITCOIN300

For the next 8 deposits, you can use the bonus code SLBITCOIN150 instead.

That makes a grand total of up to $7500 in deposit bonuses for Bitcoin users… before you even get to the loyalty programs and one-off bonuses!

First Deposit Bonus at for Credit Cards, Money Transfers and Prepaid Card Payments

This is still a very generous bonus for a long-running casino brand to offer all new players. Once again there is a split between the first deposit, and then the next 8.

You’ll get a 200% match (play with $300 for every $100 deposited) up to $1000 max on your first ever deposit. To claim this use bonus code HELLOSLOTS200.

For up to 8 more deposits, you’ll get a 100% match up to $500. For these deposit bonuses, use bonus code HELLOSLOTS100.

Ongoing Bonuses and Promotions at

The way that this casino look after players has a reputation of being first class. There are special promos for playing on both mobile and desktop ($25 chip, with terms for play-through). You will also get a $10 chip for interacting on Facebook.

Both these small promos look small compared to the rewards available via the ‘MySlots Rewards’ system. This is a loyalty scheme. It operates via 8 tiers, which you will climb by playing more. As you climb, the rewards go from just plain ‘good’ to pretty darn amazing.

I recommend you check this one out (and grab your $22 no-deposit bonus!) find it via the promotions tab at Deposit Methods Guide - Bottom Banner

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