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The Best Casinos Accepting Skrill Deposits in this Detailed Guide

Skrill is a third party payment processing company that was founded in London in more than 15 years ago, originally under the name of ‘Moneybookers’. Skrill works as an e-wallet, where you’ll load funds onto your account and then be free to deposit to one or a number of online casinos using the site, making for a particularly straightforward deposit option. Unfortunately, due to local legislation, Skrill is not an option for casino players in the US and Canada. You can find more on popular US Casino Payment Methods in this linked article.

In this article I start by detailing the sign up process at Skrill, before explaining exactly how you’ll make a deposit to a casino site. I then explore the fees associated with using this deposit method, before looking at the particular advantages of using Skrill as a deposit method.

First of all, the table below shows the best Skrill casinos for 2024:

Signing Up at Skrill

After heading to the Skrill site, you’ll notice straight away that this is a company that is focused on gambling transactions, many of the listed brands being the biggest names in the gambling industry. Click on the ‘Open a Free Account’ link and you’ll fill out your registration details – you’ll be sent an e-mail to verify your account and having clicked this, your account is now ready to go. You’ll notice that when using Skrill, you’ll not be given an account number, simply using your e-mail address in making transactions.

With your account now set up, your next step is to actually fund your account. The methods open to you will vary from country to country, although popular methods such as debit or credit methods are generally available everywhere. Other funding methods include a bank wire, an eCheck or a prepaid card.  Having funded your account, you’ll now be in a position to make a deposit to your favorite online casino.

You’ll also have the opportunity of purchasing a Skrill card which you’ll be able to use both online and offline. This card has an annual fee attached and like the account itself, you’ll only be able to spend the available funds loaded to your account using the card.

Casino Deposits Using Skrill

A large number of non US casinos will accept Skrill as a deposit option, most sites listing these options at the bottom of the home page or on their banking/financial pages. You’ll have to register with the online casino first (if you are not an existing member already) and then hit the Skrill link. You’ll simply be asked to enter the e-mail address associated with your Skrill account and the password you set up, as well as the amount you’d like to move into your casino account. You’ll now submit the deposit (some sites may require the entry of a Captcha code) and you’ll find the funds in your casino account in a matter of seconds.

Fees when using Skrill

When loading your Skrill account with funds you won’t generally attract a fee, although you may be charged a small fee when using a credit card. When moving funds from your Skrill account to an online casino you’ll be subject to a 2% charge on your entire deposit amount, this amount capped at €10. Moving the money back from a casino to your Skrill account is free however, although when withdrawing from your Skrill account back to your bank you’ll be charged a set fee of €2.95.

Advantages of Using Skrill for Casino Deposits

There are a number of advantages to using Skrill as a deposit method, the most important of which is perhaps the secure financial transactions using this method. Being an e-wallet, Skrill acts as a barrier between the casino site and your bank, as you’ll only be supplying your Skrill details to the site and not your banking details. Another advantage is the speed of the transaction, as you’ll be up and playing immediately, with no hanging around waiting for payments to be processed. Skrill can be a particularly good deposit method for users of a number of casino sites, as it’s easy to move money backwards and forwards between sites, Skrill being an ideal option to use as your ‘gambling wallet’. This can bring an added advantage in the fact that joining a number of casino sites enables you to benefit from more of those particularly large initial deposit bonuses.

Best Skrill Casino 2024

I have had a Skrill account since the early days when they were called MoneyBookers. This has helped me take advantage of a ton of short term bonuses and promos over the years, and I always make sure I keep a chunk of my bankroll in there waiting. There is one Skrill Casino that stands out for me - Unibet Casino. What I like about this is the constant promos and specials (many of which do not involve extra deposits) and the selection of the best games and slots from several software sources. They also offer free play to new players as well as a fast clearing welcome match. 

For easy Skrill deposits, top-rated promos and an amazing game selection, its Unibet all the way! Check out for yourself now!

Skrill Casinos – Mini FAQ

Why Use Skrill When I Can Deposit with my Debit / Credit Card?

There are two reasons that players choose Skrill above the quick and easy credit card option. First, security. By using Skrill (or any electronic wallet), you avoid needing to give your bank details to any casino. In fact, you don’t even need to give your Skrill details (other than the e-mail address used for your account). Since the deposit process involves logging in separately to approve the payment.

Second, Skrill will keep casino payments / bankroll separate from your bank and so you never see casino transactions on your bank statement. I like to keep a ‘float’ in Skrill, which can be used to take full advantage of any short-term casino promos or bonuses too.

Is Skrill Legal?

Yes, though with the caveat that this depends on where you are located. The wallet is regulated, and does comply with international ‘Know Your Customer’ rules. In the US, the UIGEA rules prevent financial companies knowingly transacting with casinos – and you can’t use Skrill from there. This system is legal in Canada, though they pulled out of that country (overspill effect from the UIGEA again).

If online gambling is legal in your location, depositing and withdrawing with Skrill will be too.

Spending Money from Your Skrill AccountHow Can I Spend the Money on My Skrill Account?

Here is a ‘nice problem to have’… you win big, and cash out your online casino windfall back into your Skrill wallet. What are your options from here as far as spending the money go?

The easiest solution is to cash out back to your bank account. This is a quick and easy process, and the money should be with you in a couple of days.

You could also consider getting a Skrill MasterCard. This is a debit card, as you can only spend what is in your account. There are extra fees for taking money from ATMs, though purchases in stores or online are the same as for any card.

How Do the Fees Charged by Skrill Compare to Other Electronic Wallets?

While not quite the super-low rates that this system once had, the fees are smaller than for their leading rival PayPal. What you will find is that fees are charged when you send money – and not when you receive it. This means that when you win, that windfall will not come with a cut when you withdraw it into your account.

These fees are the biggest downside of using any wallet service. It is up to you whether you find the extra security and convenience worth it… if not, then you can always use a debit card!

How Will Using Skrill Affect My Casino Bonuses?

There are some smaller offshore casinos that restrict your bonuses (or increase the play-through) when you deposit with Skrill. This is not standard at the well-known and trusted bigger brands which I highlight here. All 3 of the casinos in the table below give their full bonus offer to Skrill users – and will welcome you back with plenty of promotions and specials.

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