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When online casinos first appeared in the 1990’s, they enabled users to enjoy many games that were only available in land based casinos. However, one addition which didn’t come from these casinos that you’ll find at many online sites is the scratch card. These have traditionally been sold by high street retailers and offer the excitement of revealing matching amounts and hopefully resulting in a nice payout at the end. Scratch cards and online casinos have, however, become something of a perfect fit and the majority of online casinos now host a range of different games.

In this article I’ll start by looking at exactly how online scratch cards work and look at some of the prizes you might find available at the games. I then explore some of the different types of scratch cards you’ll find online. I finish with a look at one particular online casino with an impressive range of different games.

How Real Money Scratch Cards Work Online

Scratch Cards are some of the most straightforward games you can find at an online casino and in the majority of cases you’ll simply select a stake you want to play for. The games will usually have a wide range of staking options, so will cater for players at all levels. Having set your stake you’ll be ready to scratch! Some games might require you to move the mouse back and forth to scratch a particular area, some might feature a coin which you’ll also guide back and forth, while others might simply require you to click a particular area to see the amount or the image revealed.

Many online scratch cards will require you to match either three symbols or three amounts to land a win. If you land three symbols you’ll refer to a pay table to see how much you’ll win, while the amounts are self-explanatory. These winning amounts will vary from game to game, but by shopping around you’ll certainly find a game to suit, especially seeing as you’ll find a wide choice of games at many real money sites. The majority of the games will offer 4 or even 5 figure wins.

Types of Scratch Cards

As well as the standard ‘match 3’ scratch cards you’ll find many variations. One good example is the Double Deluxe Skratcherz game from Betsoft, where you’ll start by scratching the top panel to reveal six different numbers. You’ll then move to the bottom panel where you’ll reveal a further 12 numbers – if any of these numbers match the original six, you’ll win the stated cash prize.

One of the best aspects of online scratch cards is that the sites can go much further with their games than you would find if playing the games from a retailer. A win might offer a free scratch card, you might have the option to gamble your win or you might even be able to enter a bonus feature – the possibilities are actually limitless and it’s a sure bet that the games are only going to become bigger and better as technology moves on.

Scratch Cards at the Unibet Online Casino

When it comes to real money scratch cards, one of the premium sites is the Unibet online casino. Here you’ll find a range of 12 different games with a wide variety of different formats.

VIP Black is a particular standout scratch card at Unibet where you’ll start by choosing whether to play with 10 or 20 stars and then choosing a price per star. You’ll now reveal your 5 winning numbers and then move down to scratch each individual star. Each star will show a number and the prize if you can match the number. Some of the numbers will also show either a ruby or a diamond symbol and if you can uncover three of these you’ll enter the appropriate bonus round. The Ruby bonus game sees Rubies spin and reveal instant cash prizes which will only stop when you hit ‘collect’, while the diamond bonus game sees you reveal 7 of 14 diamonds with a star prize of over 1,000x your initial stake!

A fun scratch card at the Unibet casino is Alfredo, where you’ll start by selecting 1, 2 or 3 ovens, Alfredo himself being a chef. When clicking start, three different dishes will appear above each oven, with a cash amount displayed above – if the three symbols are matching, the oven will open to reveal the dish, Alfredo throws his arms into the air in delight and you’ll win the cash amount!

Real Money Scratch Cards Overview

Scratch Cards have a certain charm when it comes to casino gaming. The games are quick and fun and it’s hard to top that level of excitement you’ll feel when matching two large amounts and hoping the third will appear too. The games online can offer much more variety than your standard scratch cards and they have the added advantage that you won’t have to go out in the rain to pick them up. Try one today at!

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