Planet 7 Casino Deposit Methods

How to Deposit and Withdraw fro the Planet 7 Casino

How to Deposit and Withdraw for the Planet 7 CasinoPlanet7 has a solid reputation for deposits and effective withdrawals. This guide  takes you through the key aspects of getting your money on board, the bonus codes you’ll need when you deposit and finishes with the best way of getting your money out again.

You’ll find a full selection of RealTime Gaming slots and table games at Planet7 – which welcomes players from the US as well as those around the world. I do recommend keeping an eye on the latest promotions at this casino – these change all the time so it is easy to miss some great value. You’ll find these at

How to Deposit at Planet7 Casino from the US

Visa: The easiest way to get your money on board from the US is with your Visa credit card. These have an excellent track record of going through first time. As long as your Visa is able to make international purchases, then you will be able to get your money on board within minutes.

Prepaid Visa: If you do not have a Visa card of your own, or if your card does get declined, then you still have the option of a pre-paid Visa card. These are available from convenience stores – and sometimes from gas stations. Once again the key factor is the ability to make international purchases. I recommend that you get in touch with the customer services at Planet 7 (who are very helpful) and find out which are the best brands at the current time.

Money Transfer: The other option which is common at US casinos is to use money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. These services will not transact directly with casinos. Instead you will arrange to transfer the cash to an individual recipient, who collects on the casino’s behalf. If you are interested in this method, I recommend you contact customer services (with your account name) and ask for the next steps. If it can’t be arranged at the current time, you can always ask about the pre-paid Visa cards as a backup.

Bank Wire: This is more of a withdrawal method than for deposits, though if you do want to transfer a larger amount (and do not mind the wait while the wire goes through) then you should request this from support.

Extra Deposit Options for non-US Players

Neteller: If you are outside the US then Neteller is a popular alternative. This is an eWallet service, like a 3rd party system that sits between your bank and the casino. You can load it up from your bank, and then deposit and withdraw from the Neteller system. There are (small) fees, though the extra security and convenience more than makes up for this.

How to Withdraw from Planet 7

If you are outside of the US then Neteller is by far the quickest and easiest withdrawal option.

US Players are really limited to 2 choices – bank wires and checks. Wires come with bigger cost, and are really only recommended for those times you are lucky enough to win big! Checks are the most common method, while this takes a few days to process, banks do accept them with no problems.

Bonus Codes for when you Deposit

You’ll get a lot of bonuses at Planet 7 – in fact this is one of the key reasons that this RTG casino is so popular. The main one to remember is 1PLANET – which is a 100% match on your first deposit up to $777 max. The next one (worth up to $1000 is 2PLANET… and so on all the way to 8PLANET).

There are also special bonuses which are exclusive to slot games or table games – and once you become a regular you’ll benefit from free chips and smaller weekday bonuses on top of the main offers.

There is a lot to like about Planet 7 casino – and the easy deposit and withdrawal methods are a big factor.

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Planet 7 Casino Deposit Methods

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