How to Deposit at Offshore Gambling Sites?

Depositing at Online Sportsbooks, Casinos and Poker Sites Offshore is Easier Than You Think

Offshore Gambling Site Deposit MethodsWith most online gambling sites that welcome US players based offshore, many new gamblers need to find an easy way to make deposits.

This guide has you covered, whether you enjoy sports betting, casinos / slots or online poker.

Here is what you will find below:

  • Ways to Deposit: There are 4 main ways to get your money on board offshore gambling sites, and two main ways to make withdrawals. This section is a summary of them.
  • Which Offshore Gambling Sites are Legitimate? A guide to the best and longest-running brands where your cash will be safe.
  • Bitcoin / Crypto: A detailed look at depositing with Bitcoin. This includes ways to make these transactions quickly – for those who do not wish to gamble on the price fluctuations.
  • Credit Cards: The most common format for offshore gambling deposits. These transactions sometimes get blocked, so this section includes what to do when this happens.
  • Money Transfer Services: Those kiosks in the mall… well they are a reliable way to get your money onto offshore casinos / sportsbooks too.
  • Bank Wires: This method is better for the high-rollers, since the fees are high.
  • Prepaid Cards / Vouchers: When all else fails, go to the convenience store and get a prepaid Visa card.

Best Offshore Gambling Site for Easy Deposits + Fast Withdrawals

When it comes to fast and easy transactions, Bovada stands out from the crowd.

This site has a world-class sportsbook, big poker room and a casino that includes the latest slots and a live-dealer table games section. They also have a reputation going back more than 10 years. Until their rebrand in 2010, this site went under the familiar Bodog name – and is still part of the same family of sites.

Not only are they best for deposit options and fast withdrawals, they have some excellent introductory bonus offers too.

Here are the current deals:

  • Sports Betting: 50% bonus up to $500
  • Casino Games: 5 bonuses, totalling $3750 in extra money.
  • Poker: An easy to complete $500 bonus

Bovada are also well known for player promos, these change month-on-month – so make sure you keep an eye on their website at to make sure you don’t miss out!

Bovada Easy Deposits Fast Withdrawals

Summary of Gambling Site Deposit Methods with Pros / Cons

There are pros and cons to each of the deposit options. This section gives you a quick summary of each one. You’ll find details of how to use each down the page.

Bitcoin / Crypto


  • Cheapest deposit option
  • Fast and easy once set up
  • Crypto is switched to dollars on deposit


  • Setup: You need to register a wallet, and exchange your dollars
  • Price can be volatile, though you don’t need to hold crypto for long

Credit Cards

Gambling Deposit with Credit Cards


  • Simplest format, just like making any purchase online
  • Low risk, if the transaction gets declined, you won’t lose out
  • Many brands welcomed including Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diners


  • US banks will try to block these transactions
  • Cards need to work for international payments
  • Some sites charge fees for use


Money Transfer Services

Money Transfer for Gambling Offshore


  • Reliable method, you’ll wire to a person who collects on the site’s behalf
  • Good for larger amounts (fees go down in proportion to your spend)
  • Widely available, most malls have at least one service


  • Fees can be large for smaller amounts in proportion to your spend
  • You need to contact your site for details of who to send the cash to
  • Slower than some methods, especially out of hours


Bank Wires

Bank WiresPros

  • Great for bigger gambling deposits
  • Simple to use with the regular banking system
  • Fixed fees (from your bank)


  • Fees can be big for smaller deposits
  • Many sites restrict this to high-rollers / trusted customers

Prepaid Visa Cards

Prepaid CardsPros

  • Widely available at gas stations and convenience stores
  • Keep the transactions away from your own bank statement


  • Fees for the providers
  • Needs to be a brand which works internationally


Reputable Offshore Gambling Sites and the Deposit Methods Accepted

Choosing a deposit method is only half the equation. You also need to find a great gambling site, with a solid reputation for easy deposits and fast, no-nonsense, withdrawals.

I have covered a lot of these sites in detail here at SNG Planet. Below is a summary of the best sites around. You’ll find info on the types of gambling available, and the deposit options accepted for each one – along with links to any relevant pages.

Easy #1 Pick – Bovada Sportsbook, Casino and Poker Room

Bovada not only have all 3 major forms of gambling – they excel in at least two of them.

This site is the single most popular US offshore poker room (and one of the biggest worldwide) and have a massive sportsbook. For sport bettors, the real benefits come when the big events are coming up – there are a ton of lines available then, as well as on all the major leagues.

Bovada also has a huge casino, which features slots from big slot software houses like RealTime Gaming and Rival – as well as a live dealer casino room where you’ll play in real time while cards are dealt.

Deposit Options at Bovada: Credit cards are welcomed, including prepaid cards. There are some big benefits in using Bitcoin, as the welcome bonuses are much better (both overall, and as a percentage). You can use money transfer services, and high-rollers can ask about wires. For the full details, see my Bovada Deposit Methods page.

Withdrawal Methods: Bovada has a #1 ranking for fast and easy withdrawals. Your choices are a paper check (very common for offshore gambling sites), or Bitcoin.

More Info: Check out the latest promos and welcome offers at the #1 Offshore gambling site over at

Easiest Offshore Deposits - Bovada

Sports and Casino (plus Poker) at BetOnline

One thing in favour of BetOnline is their long-running brand. They started as a telephone sportsbook, before the internet took over. You can still make bets on the phone today – though this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is available.

This include sports, financial betting, eSports, poker – and a huge casino which is powered by the popular WMS software. You’ll find a live dealer casino here, as well as a huge list of slots.

Deposit Options for BetOnline: Credit cards, Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies), wires, money transfers and prepaid cards are all welcomed.

Withdrawals: Paper checks, crypto, wires for bigger amounts.

If you are a sports betting fan, then do check out the 25% bonus on every deposit (lifetime of your account!). Combined with the great lines, this will make a big difference to your results over time - see the details at

My Pick for Slots Fans –

If you love slots, then you can’t go wrong with the offshore casino. This site is focused on colourful slots - and is part of the Bodog family of sites.

While the free no-deposit chip offer has now gone, there are still plenty of offers to enjoy. Check out the MySlots scheme, and the Tuesday specials are worth logging on for. They have an amazing list of games. These come from Rival Gaming, RTG, Revolution gaming and others. Huge bonuses get you started. This site is a must-see for slots fans. Deposit Options: Range of cryptocurrencies, credit cards (includes prepaid types), money transfers.

Withdrawals: Paper checks and crypto.

For more on this excellent offshore US casino, see – or check out the following pages:

There are other offshore gambling sites, though these three have the best reputation – and the widest range of deposit options.

Slots LV Deposits


Detailed Coverage of the Different Deposit Methods for Offshore Gambling Sites

#1 – Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency

Planet Mark’s Tip:

Many players shy away from Bitcoin / Crypto deposit due to the volatility of the price.

You really don’t need to hold any coin for more than a couple of hours. The setup is easy, and you can transfer (in both directions) right away.

Furthermore, the big offshore gambling sites switch your deposit to dollars, and you’ll use them right up until you withdraw.

I recommend you make the switch. This is a fast, cheap and easy deposit and withdrawal method. Once you have it set up, you’ll never have any issues with sports betting, poker or casino gambling again.


I’ll take Bitcoin as the currency to go through the deposit and withdrawal steps. Keep in mind that the process is the same for any cryptocurrency. Alternatives include Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash – though some sites have even more options.

Bitcoin Offshore Gambling InfoHere are the steps to getting set up:

  • You need 2 things, a Bitcoin wallet and an account at an exchange. The wallet holds your Bitcoin and does the transfers – the exchange is where you buy and sell the Bitcoin.
  • For smaller amounts, an online wallet attached to an exchange will be fine. For larger deposits ($10k+) I recommend a ‘hard’ wallet which you hold on your own computer.
  • Common exchanges include Coinbase, and BitPanda.

Once you have a wallet, you go to the exchange, and buy Bitcoin. This is super-easy, there are millions of transactions every day (some of them huge). You’ll have Bitcoin in no time.

The next step is to send it to your offshore gambling site. Again, this is simple – it uses special strings of characters called ‘receiver Ids’. You need to set up an account, head to the cashier, and go to the Bitcoin section. Here you will get a QR code (for mobile phones) or a string of text / characters.

For the text, go to your own wallet and select ‘Send Bitcoin’. You enter the amount (either in dollars or parts of a Bitcoin), add the receiver Id, and then confirm the transaction.

That’s it!

You go back to your gambling site and will see the transaction in progress after about 15 minutes. As soon as this is completed, your money is switched into dollars, your bonuses are assigned, and you are good to go.

Withdrawing with Bitcoin

Withdrawing from Offshore Gambling Sites with BitcoinThis is simply the reverse of the above. When you request your withdrawal, you will be asked to provide a receiver Id to the site (along with how much you want to withdraw). This comes from your Bitcoin wallet. You go in, click ‘receive Bitcoin’ and a string of characters will be created.

All you need to do is copy and paste it into the cashier section of your site – and you are good to go.

Once the Bitcoin appears in your wallet, you have the option to go back to your exchange and swap it for dollars – or to keep it for later use.

Take it one step at a time, starting with your wallet / exchange account. Once you see how quick and easy this is, you’ll seriously wish that you had done it sooner!

Again, Bovada not only accept Bitcoin – they offer far bigger bonuses for players that use it. You can even watch a short video on getting set up.

Check out for the details.


Detailed of Offshore Gambling Site Deposit Methods: Credit Cards

In some ways this is the easiest deposit method of all. Using a credit card is exactly the same as many any purchase online. Brands welcomes by offshore sportsbooks and casinos include Visa and MasterCard (these are the most common), plus Amex and Diners Club in some instances.

Two main factors to consider:

  • First, your card must be capable of making purchases abroad.
  • Second, the banks will try to block these transactions. As I mentioned in the intro, you won’t lose out (the transaction will simply not happen).

If your card gets declined, it is not the end of the story.

Offshore gambling sites play a game of cat and mouse with the banking network. They use different payment networks at different times – and switch to new ones as they start to get blocked. This means you might be able to deposit with the same card the next day (and a card which did work might get declined next time).

If you get declined I recommend speaking to (or using live chat) the support team at your gambling site. They are dedicated to solving exactly these issues – after all, the success of the sites depends on it.

You might have extra cards from different institutions to try. You also have the option to go for a prepaid card. These are available at gas stations etc. It is important to speak with your site before you buy one. They will be able to advise you on which brands to go for (and which to avoid).

The downside of prepaid cards is that you’ll need to pay $5 or so for a $100 card as a fee to the issuer / retailer. A positive is that no gambling transactions will ever appear on your bank statement!

Offshore Gambling Site Deposits – Money Transfer Services

Here I am thinking of the big brand kiosks found in malls, which are used to wire money between individuals.

There are two ways of using these services. One involves simply taking cash to a kiosk, the other is online using your credit card.

Here is an outline of the process:

  • First, create your gambling site account.
  • Speak with the cashier / support staff, asking about Money Transfer (sometimes called Person to Person transfer) options.
  • They will give you the name of an individual, and instructions on any tracking / reference number to use.
  • You then find your kiosk – the brands are well known – and wire the cash to this individual. You’ll need to pay a fee, which gets smaller in proportion to your deposit as the amount grows.
  • Next you e-mail your site with the transaction details, they will use this to reconcile the wire with your player account.
  • That’s it – the money should be yours to gamble within a couple of hours (longer outside of business hours).

This all sounds a little dodgy to many new players. You’ll find it is a tried and trusted deposit method, and perfectly safe. The important factor is that you deal with a legitimate / reputable site.

You can also withdraw in the same way. Keep in mind that unless you are a high-roller, the sites will pass on their part of the fees to you when you use this withdrawal option.

Some of the big money transfer services have online options. You open and confirm your account, then use your credit card to initiate the transfer. I don’t want to mention the brands on this page (they ask webmasters to remove them regularly!). If you like this idea, go to Bovada or, set up and account – and then ask the cashier staff about it.

Bank Wire Deposits at Offshore Gambling Sites

Not all sites will deal with bank wires. The restrictions on the banking payment networks give these similar issues to credit cards. If you want to deposit larger amounts, then this is a viable option.

Larger amounts are key, since the fees for bank wires are large. For a smaller deposit, those fees are too high to make them viable. If you get to the $1000+ range, then it can be considered.

You’ll need to register an account, then contact site support and ask for details. Some sites restrict these to long-standing players and high-rollers – so they might suggest and alternative.

If I sound downbeat about this deposit option, it is for some good reasons. It is expensive and not always available. If you want to transfer larger amounts quickly and cleanly, then I recommend Bitcoin instead.

Note that bank wires can sometimes be used for withdrawals. This becomes a valuable withdrawal method from gambling sites after you hit a big win.

Withdrawing from Offshore Gambling Sites

Some of these were covered in the detailed descriptions above. There is one method not yet covered, and this is the most common withdrawal option. It surprises some players who have never used offshore gambling sites:

Paper Checks.

Yep, old school paper checks, printed out and sent via courier to your home. Banks have no problems accepting these (as a deposit, not as something immediately cashable).

Sites will usually offer one free check withdrawal each month. If you then need additional checks, you’ll need to pay an administration fee. Note that there are minimum withdrawal limits at many offshore gambling websites. These can be $100 and up. This is important to keep in mind if you are a low-roller / small stakes bettor – as it might lead to your withdrawal options becoming limited.

For completeness the other withdrawal options are as follows:

  • Bitcoin / Crypto: fast, free and easy, this should be everyone’s go-to option
  • Money Transfers: This does involve fees, though is very reliable. You can pick up your winnings from a kiosk in the mall.
  • Bank Wires: Expensive and difficult, one for after a big win.

Withdrawals can’t be processed back to credit cards.

Wrapping Up: Plenty of Deposit / Withdrawal Options – It is all About Finding a Trusted Site

As always, I recommend sticking with the longest-running brands who have had the time to build a solid reputation. There are rogue sites offshore, and any new brands should be treated with caution (however good their bonus offers!).

My rec for sports, poker and casino games is as always Bovada.

Not only are they best for payments (with very quick withdrawals), they have the best lines, most poker tables and biggest online casino too. There are great reasons this brand is the biggest offshore site – check them out for yourself now over at


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