Oasis Poker Overview

Where to Play Oasis Poker - and How to Win!

Oasis Poker is something of a mixture of Caribbean Stud Poker and Video Poker - the main theme of this Casino Poker variation is in the fact that you’ll have five cards with the opportunity of discarding one or more cards and replacing them with new ones.

In this overview I start by outlining exactly how Oasis poker is played, detailing all of the betting options available. I’ll then move onto the payout table, explaining how much you’ll win when landing particular hands. I finish with a basic but effective strategy that you can employ when playing Oasis poker online, which will ensure the best possible return when playing. If you want to jump right in and try the game for yourself, then I strongly recommend the Unibet Casino - www.unibet.com

How Oasis Poker Works

Before a hand is dealt at Oasis poker you’ll start by making an ante bet – every table will have a lower and upper limit, so you’ll have to ensure your bet size is somewhere between the two. Your total betting for the hand may actually be 3x or 4x your ante amount, so ensure you are staking with this in mind. Having placed the ante bet, you will now be dealt 5 cards which will all be face up, while the dealer will be dealt five cards, but only one will be face up.

You’ll now have your first decision to make – would you like to keep the same five cards, or would you like to discard one or more? When discarding a card you will be charged 1x your ante bet for each card you change. Having either stuck with your original cards or indeed changed one or more, you’ll now have a second decision to make. Do you want to call or fold? If you fold, the hand is over and any stakes up to that point will now be lost. If you decide to call it will cost 2x the ante bet.

Having called, the dealer’s hand will now be revealed. There are now three possible outcomes:

The dealer wins – If the dealer has the better of the two hands, you’ll lose the ante, the call bet and any additional draw bets.

The players wins and the dealer has AK or better – The player will now win the ante bet which is paid out at odds of 1:1 and will also win the call bet which will be paid out at the odds in the table below. If the dealer has AK or better, their hand is deemed to have ‘qualified’.

The player wins and the dealer has a hand lower than AK – Here the dealer is deemed not to have ‘qualified’ and because of this only the ante bet will be deemed to have won, the call bet now being deemed a push.

Oasis Poker Payout Table

The following table shows the odds you’ll receive based on the strength of your hand, relative to the ‘call bet’.

Royal flush - 100 to 1

Straight flush - 50 to 1

Four of a kind - 20 to 1

Full house - 7 to 1

Flush - 5 to 1

Straight - 4 to 1

Three of a kind - 3 to 1

Two pair - 2 to 1

All other - 1 to 1

Oasis Poker Strategy

With the ability to discard cards and replace them with others, you might think that you’ll be discarding them on a regular basis. However, if using optimal strategy this should be used sparingly – in fact, only in the following circumstances:

Switch one card if you have four to a straight or royal flush.

Switch one card if you have four to a flush without a pair on the board.

Switch one card if you have an outside straight draw (for example 6, 7, 8 or 9) without a pair.

There will be occasions when you can deviate from this slightly, an example being when you have four to a flush with a low pair and the dealer’s up card is a low value one, however the strategy above is a solid one. There are no occasions when you should be drawing more than one card.

With your hand now complete, you’ll now decide whether to call or fold. The strategy for this is more straightforward. You should always call with a pair or higher and always fold when you have less than the dealer’s qualified hand of AK.

Where to Find Oasis Poker at Online Casinos

Oasis poker is an ideal game for the poker player who wants some extra strategy in a casino card game. As well as simply deciding whether to fold or call, the option of discarding cards gives the game an added depth. The game has an exciting aspect too as at any time you could be receiving end of a high odds payout. Oasis poker can be enjoyed at the Unibet online casino – check it out now at www.unibet.com

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