Motorhead Slot Review - from Net Entertainment

Loud and Uncensored: The Rockin’ Online Slot from Net Entertainment

Motorhead Slot Detailed ReviewJust knowing that there is a button on the bottom right which says ‘rock mode’ was enough to make me play the Motorhead slot. Sure, there are plenty of slots around based on rock bands. None are as uncompromising as NetEnt’s Motorhead. This slot makes Guns ‘N Roses, Jimi Hendrix and even the live ZZ Tip slot look tame by comparison.

Besides the great music, there are some great gaming reasons to play. The Motorhead logo, a skull with tusks, is a mystery symbol. This appears in stacks, which turn into a single symbol at random after every spin. There is an unusual reel setup, plus plenty of features to keep you entertained.

Motorhead were headed up by Lemmy, whose voice you will hear asking to ‘turn it up’ after your wins. There is plenty of music while you spin, including the classic ‘Ace of Spades’ during the free spins bonus game.

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Rock Mode and Other Options: How the Motorhead Slot Works

You’ll notice that the reels are all different sizes as soon as the live gig intro video has ended. The first and second reel have 3 symbols, the 3th and rth have 4 and the 5th and final reel has 6. This gives an unusual number of 76 win-lines.

NetEnt has kept things simple with the bet amounts. These are in increments of 20. The smallest coin size is 1c, with 5c the default and $1 possible. If you are a high roller, you can add a ‘level’. This is essentially a multiplier – allowing you to bet up to 10x the coin size x 20 amount. Auto-play and bet max are also available.

Rock Mode is a red button, this allows complete songs to play while you are spinning. There are classics like ‘Killed by Death’, and ‘Overkill’ – adding a new level of enjoyment to those wins (at least if you are a fan!).

Unusual Reel Setup of the Motorhead Slot

Wilds and Mystery Symbols

What better symbol than the iconic Ace of Spades to act as the wid. These come stacked on the reels and will sometimes help to complete multiple wins. The logo symbols are even more interesting. You get the iconic bomber symbol on the reels. This is stacked, and you’ll often get more than one reel covered in this symbol. When the reels stop, these symbols all switch into a single randomly chosen symbol.

These can be wilds, and if they match the adjacent reels, can trigger big wins over multiple lines.

Lemmy heads the pay-outs. He looks almost smart in his symbol and is wearing the infamous hat. You’ll get 150 coins for 5 of a kind of this symbol. Prizes go all the way down to 2 of a kind. The other symbols require a minimum of 3 from the left.

A gold star, silver bell and red 7 in a metal frame complete the higher paying symbols. Smaller wins come view horse shoe, cherry and 4-leafed clover.

The final symbol is a scatter, which appears on the last 3 reels. This triggers the free spins game. More on that below. First, there are some on-reel features to talk about.

On Reel Features

On occasion, the whole set of reels (which are set on a stage) will shake. Lights will scroll across the stage from above, and a siren starts. You then see a red light effect, like a small explosion over the reels. This is a good thing to see – as the reels then start to get covered in wilds. If you are lucky, you’ll have up to 9 wilds in place before the reels spin. This gives you a great shot at a bigger win.

There is a smaller on-reel feature too. The reels shake a little, and you see the mystery symbols become stacked. There is no guarantee that the reels will all land as stacked mystery symbol, though you have a much bigger chance.

Scatters and Free Spins

Hearing the Ace of Spades in its glorious entirety is a good enough reason to hit the scatter symbols. This free spins game features 10 spins. The stacked mystery symbols change during this bonus. As well as the mystery symbols, the stacks include extra wilds. With these on every reel, you have a genuinely better chance of snagging those multi-line wins.

NetEnt Motorhead Slot Design

With many music themed slots, it is questionable whether the essence of the band has been translated into a game. Here, the hard-hitting feel of Motorhead works really well. I love the quotes from Lemmy for different sized wins. For the smaller wins he complains about the volume and asks to turn it up. Those can get a little repetitive!

There are strobe lighting effects for wins. These are bright enough to warrant a warning when you load up the slot in case anyone with light sensitive epilepsy is playing.

The stage setting looks great. If you know the band, then seeing Marshall amps will come as no surprise here. There is a bass guitar (Lemmy’s instrument) on the left-hand side. Colours match the theme well, with greys and the occasional splash of gold.

It is the music which stands out the best. When you load the slot, you’ll see classic footage of the band on stage. When you trigger the free spins, the Ace of Spades will have you rocking along. For me, clicking ‘rock mode’ is a must. This adds a new vibe to the slot – see how many of those Classic Motorhead songs you remember!

Lemmy RIPSky High and 6000 Miles Away?

Playing this NetEnt slot today gave me a big shot of nostalgia. Not only for the late great Lemmy’s Motorhead, but his classic bass playing on the early Hawkwind albums too!

This slot is excellent, and adds a solid game to the footage and icons from the band. Just like Motorhead, it is not your normal setup! The unusual reels, mystery symbols and randomly added wilds all contribute to a game worth taking a spin from.

Finally, your big wins can come from lining up (you guessed it!) the Ace of Spades.

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