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MasterCard Casino Deposits Guide and FAQ

MasterCard Casino Deposits 2024If you stick with the biggest and best online casino brands, depositing with your MasterCard credit / debit card is fast, easy and safe. Even with the banking restrictions in the US – MasterCard is second only to Visa in popularity for casino deposits.

This guide covers all you need to know about the practical aspects of making a MasterCard casino deposit in 2024.

As usual I have made safety the main focus. You will also find a step-by-step guide to making a MasterCard payment. How to maximize your welcome bonus, and what to look out for in advance for later withdrawals are also covered. At the end of the page you will find a quick FAQ. This includes some background information as to why making US credit card deposits is more difficult than elsewhere.

Best Casino for MasterCard Deposits in 2024

The casinos below have no fees for MasterCard deposits and pass my (strict!) safety criteria too!


Note on MasterCard Deposits for US Players

US casino fans do face some banking restrictions. The banks actively try to block deposits at offshore casinos. Fortunately, they are only partially successful. Credit card deposits are still the single most popular option (though Bitcoin is catching up fast!).

A common question from US readers is whether there are any liability / legal issues with credit card deposits.

First, let’s cover the money part.

If your transaction does get declined by the banks, this will not cost you a penny. The payment simply does not happen. Your card will need to work internationally to make a deposit. Most are fine in this respect.

Second, the law.

The reason banks block transactions from offshore gambling sites is a federal law called the UIGEA. This was passed in 2006. This law is aimed at financial institutions. It prevents them facilitating deposits to the gambling sites. It was this law which caused the big casinos and poker rooms to leave the US.

There is no mention of individual players in the UIGEA at all. Nothing at a federal level prevents individuals from depositing, and enjoying real money casino games online. State laws vary. Some (think: Utah) are super-restrictive. Other states have laws which were created 100 years ago… before telephones, let alone the internet.

One fact should stand out from all the others. No individual, in any state, has been indicted for simply playing real money online casino games… ever!

Making a Deposit at an Online Casino Using MasterCard – Practical Guide

Enough of the background – this section is a practical guide to making a MasterCard deposit at an online casino.

One thing you can be certain of when you join an online casino is that the cashier will be easy to find! Big red buttons are the norm, and you’ll be sent there as part of the registration process. I have assumed you have chosen a casino, and registered your player account before this stage. Accurate personal info is a must – you will be asked to send backup documents at some point down the line.

After ‘finding’ the casino cashier, your next step is to find the MasterCard logo. Here it is in case you need a refresher!

You will be faced with a screen which looks like the cashier of any online store.

Here you fill in your name as it is printed on the card, the long number from the front and security number from the back (normally the last 3 digits of this only). You will also be asked for the expiration date – and of course, the amount you want to deposit. If you have a bonus or coupon code, now is the time to use it.

Double check everything is in order, and hit the submit button.

One of two things will happen.

You will see a ‘processing’ message, followed quickly by one telling you that your MasterCard deposit has been approved.

Or, you will see a message saying that your transaction was declined.

If you see the second one, don’t worry, there are plenty of alternative casino deposit options to choose from – for both US players and those worldwide.

My MasterCard Deposit Was Declined – What Next? (US Players)

There are plenty of alternative deposit methods available. The first thing you should do is get in touch with the casino and chat with the cashier staff. This is another good reason it pays to stick with the biggest and best brands like Bovada or – they have experienced and friendly staff to get your money though!

Casinos switch payment gateways regularly, which means that the same MasterCard might work later in the day. Staff will advise you on this.

Here are the other options (with links to detailed articles in case you need them!).

Bitcoin: Not a techy thing these days. Setting up an online wallet and sending (or receiving) Bitcoin is simple. 3 steps (setup / buy Bitcoin / send them) are all that is needed and you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw trouble free from then on.

Visa Card / Prepaid Visa: The only network which is more popular than MasterCard. If you have a Visa branded card, then try that right away. If not, then there are prepaid options. You need to speak with the cashier staff before you head to your local convenience store. They will advise you on which brands are working for deposits.

Money Transfer: This is sometimes called ‘Person to Person’ transfer. Services like Western Union are used – though indirectly. They are not allowed to send money to casinos (same UIGEA rules as the banks apply). What you can do is wire money to an individual person, who collects on behalf of the casino. This is a well-established casino deposit option.

MasterCard Withdrawals - Bitcoin

My MasterCard Casino Deposit Got Declined – What Next? (Non-US Players!)

ewallets for withdrawalsOutside of the US, all the above solutions apply (though Bitcoin is only common at the offshore US-friendly type sites). There are also some extras:

PayPal: There are two ways you can use PayPal to make casino payments. Select casinos (the giant brands only) do welcome this as a deposit option. If your (non-US) casino does not, then you can get a PayPal Visa debit card (selected countries only) which draws directly on your balance. This can be used in the same way as any Visa card.

Skrill / Neteller: These services are similar to PayPal, and fall under the generic category of ‘Electronic Wallets’. They are secure 3rd parties, which sit between your bank account and the casinos. Small fees do apply, though for that price you can deposit at almost all online casinos, without needing to hand over your card details.

Vouchers / Prepaid Cards: PaySafeCard is popular in the UK. This is a voucher system which is available at newsagents. You can also try prepaid cards, for example the ‘Virtual MasterCard’ from EcoPayz.

Bank Transfers / Wires: These are usually used for bigger deposits. Local and international bank wires are possible. This is also a popular choice for withdrawals.

InstaDebit / Interac: Covering these Canadian options together – though they are different. These both get around the restrictions from Canadian banks. E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller also pulled out of Canada.

Can I Make Casino Withdrawals onto My MasterCard?

Nope. This is one restriction which it is hard to get around – you’ll need to find an alternative way to get your money out. Luckily, there are plenty of good options… millions of people have deposited with MasterCard and withdrawn in one of the ways below.

Paper Check (US Players Mostly): This is the go-to method for most US casino fans. Reputable casinos will not charge any administration fees for the first check each month. Most will charge for multiple withdrawals. These are accepted by US banks without any issues. While not the fastest casino withdrawal method, paper checks are very reliable.

Bitcoin (Again, Mostly US): If you deposited using Bitcoin, you can also withdraw this way. Very quick, fee-free and with lower minimum withdrawal amounts than at many casinos. This is catching MasterCard and Visa as the go-to gambling payment option in the USA.

Local Bank Transfer: This is the most common method for Europe or UK based players. This is a default for many of the bigger online casinos for any deposit method which can’t handle withdrawals.

Electronic Wallets: Again, outside of the US. Skrill, Neteller and others all welcome withdrawals. Reputable casinos will want you to have made a deposit with your wallet before they let you withdraw – this is to protect against money laundering.

Person to Person / Money Transfer Services: This is more popular in the US, and is the reverse of a deposit using a Western Union work around. You will receive money from a named rep from the casino, and go and pick it up from your local branch office. Casinos will normally pass on the fees for this to you – making it (proportionally) better for bigger withdrawals.

Casino Bonuses and MasterCard Deposits

If your casino charges and ‘processing fee’ for credit card payments, or restricts the amount of your matched welcome bonus – wave a quick goodbye.

This is common, especially among the smaller offshore US friendly casinos.

On the other hand, it is not acceptable.

The reason is that plenty of casinos welcome MasterCard cash deposits without additional charges or bonus penalties. You might find some casinos incentivize Bitcoin deposits with bigger bonuses. This is different, as it is a reward – rather than a punishment for using your credit card.

Bovada Casino are top-rated for US players. Not only are their cashier staff the best in the business, there are generous (and fast!) bonuses, and more slots and casino table games than at any other US casino. Check them out for yourself now at

Bovada US MasterCard Casino Deposits

MasterCard Casino Deposits – Mini FAQ for US Players

MasterCard Casino Deposits mini FAQAre US MasterCard Deposits Legal?

Yes, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 only applies to banks and financial institutions. Individual players are not covered. No player has ever been arrested for depositing and enjoying real money games at online casinos. State laws do vary, though again, enforcement against individuals is yet to occur – even in the most restrictive states (Utah for example).

How to Check If a MasterCard Casino Is Reputable?

It is all in the track record for the offshore casinos. Personally, I like to see 5 years performance with no scandals or payment delays. New casinos owned by companies which have several reputable brands are the only exception to this. You can also check for an operating license, testing of deal / spin fairness and make sure that the contact information is up to date.

Check out my US Online Casinos page for an overview of the longest running and best trusted brands.

Will My Bank Close My Account Due to Casino Deposits?

No. They will decline your transactions, though they will not close your account. There are no charges for declined transactions – the payment simply does not happen.

Will My Bank Accept Paper Checks for Withdrawals?

Yes. These are accepted. You need to pay them in, and then wait while the money clears before you can spend it.