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Where and How to Play Live Dealer Roulette Games Online

Article Summary: This page covers the (many) options for live dealer roulette for both US and non-US based players. How these games work, pros and cons and where to find the best games (with some great bonuses) is covered below. 

When it comes to gambling, it’s hard to top the excitement of roulette - and this game is perfectly suited to the new generation of live streamed casinos. The game has been played for centuries, but only in recent years has it really exploded, with the game so much more accessible at online casinos. These virtual games have improved greatly in recent years, with some amazing lifelike graphics, although they can never quite match up to the real life action you'll get with the real money live streamed casino games

How Live Dealer Roulette Works

When you enter a live dealer casino you’ll find yourself playing real life casino games via a video link -  with the option to place bets with your mouse or touch-screen. The games are hosted by a dealer and all of the action will take place on an actual wheel. At first, you’ll find the games are much like those at the virtual tables, as the betting layout and the way in which you’ll bet are exactly the same, however it’s when the ball is set in motion that the real action begins. The camera will focus on the wheel at this point, so you’ll know in real time if you have indeed hit red or black or landed that single number at decent odds. These live dealer games are usually hosted by dealers who are smart, friendly and attractive (mostly female), making for a very enjoyable experience. The games also have an added social element, so if you want to interact with the dealer, simply pop a message into the text chat box and they’ll respond out loud – likewise you can also interact with other players at the table, just like you would if you were at a bricks and mortar casino.

You’ll find that some live dealer casinos will have a number of different tables open to players, with a variety of different table limits, ensuring that both recreational players and high rollers are catered for. Some sites will even host tables in a number of different languages. When playing, you’ll usually find a number of camera options available. For example, when playing at the Unibet Casino, you can enjoy a classic view with the action in the window above the betting layout, the 3D view which is the same view you would have if you were actually standing at the table, or the immersive roulette game where the camera work is almost cinematic, featuring close ups of the wheel and the dealer from various angles and even slow motion replays!

Many sites will also give you the option of playing a number of tables at once in separate windows, a good example being the US friendly BetOnline casino. You’ll also find some games where there is no dealer and the camera fixed firmly on the wheel (known as auto-roulette), these games being played at a faster pace than the dealer games.

Wherever you are from you should choose the European Roulette wheel as a default. The house edge is half of that for the US wheel with the extra double zero slot (at 2.7%). Whenever it is offered, French Roulette has even better odds for the even money bets (black v red / odd v even / 1-18 v 19-36), half of your stake gets returned if you hit the zero while making these bets. 

Immersive Live Dealer Online Roulette from 888

Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Dealer Roulette

The obvious advantage of the live dealer roulette games is the real life experience of the games. Although virtual games look increasingly real, the live casino games offer the whole show, as you have a dealer, other players and the social experience thrown in too, not to mention the fact that the action takes place on an actual roulette wheel!

The fact that the games are real also gives some players an added level of trust in the games. Some players shy away from the virtual games, as they figure these would be easy for a site to ensure players don’t win (this is certainly not the case, as sites are strictly regulated, but this doesn’t stop some players having doubts about the integrity of the games). These players will know that they will enjoy these games without any added concerns.

The table limits at live dealer casinos are usually higher at live dealer casinos than at virtual table games. This difference is not so marked at roulette than at other live dealer options, although you will find that the minimum bet sizes are generally higher. This is due to the greater overheads associated with running a live dealer site over a virtual casino.

The final difference between the games comes in the pace of play. The live dealer sites offers a realistic pace of play where players will be given time to make bets and the spin of the wheel is realistic, with the ball taking a fair amount of time to finally land on a number. The virtual games offer many more spins per hour, as the spin will start the moment you have finished betting and the actual spin time will generally be quicker. Most players will enjoy the realistic, lifelike pace of the games, although those who want more spins and less waiting might enjoy the virtual games more. You will have to focus a little more, I have missed the cutoff for betting many times (best not to watch the spin when you do miss, in case your favorite numbers come in!).

betting view for Immersive Roulette

Recommended Live Dealer Roulette Games

My Rec for Non-US Players

When it comes to live dealer roulette, it’s hard to top Unibet casino. Firstly you’ll find a large range of games from Evolution Gaming's studio in Latvia, including standard games, VIP games and slightly faster auto games, German-language games and auto-roulette too (including one with the lower-edge French Roulette variation). However, for the ultimate live dealer experience, I strongly recommend that you try ‘immersive roulette’. The slow motion instant replay will have you bemoaning your luck when you see the ball career away from your number at the last second, but you’ll be buzzing when you see the replay of the ball finally hit the spot. The camera views are stunning, and the same could be said about some of the ladies hosting these games. Having played roulette at the 888 live dealer casino, you’ll wonder why you never played there before! Unibet are also very generous when it comes to player promos - check out their latest deals, along with the live dealer casino games, over at now!

For Players Based in the US

When it comes to live dealer roulette for the US, it’s hard to beat the huge gambling portal that is Panama-based BetOnline..Their games are streamed from Global Gaming Labs, where Latino beauties can be found hosting the roulette, blackjack, casino holdem and baccarat ames. As well as a range of tables for different bankroll levels, you'll have the (unique) option to enjoy several games at the same time at BetOnline. There is also a dual-view video presentation option. BetOnline combines a huge sportsbook with casino games, poker, skill games and a full live dealer casino - making them an easy #1 choice for US based players. Check out for yourself!

BetOnline Rec for Real Money Live Dealer Roulette Games Online

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