Lilly’s Pad Slot from Arrows Edge Gaming

Be the Biggest Fish in the Pond in this Entertaining Jackpot Slot

Lilly's Pad Jackpot Slot - Arrows EdgeOf course, you want to play a slot which is hosted by a banjo playing (or sleeping) frog… you just did not know it yet! Lilly’s pad is one of those games I did not expect to like, but did. The setting is a pond. The music is a happy bluegrass tune, and the symbols are all pond-dwellers. Lily the frog is not the only animated creature in the frame. Sometimes, a dragonfly will swoop down, adding extra wild symbols to the reels. There is also a cheerful looking alligator which appears in the 2nd screen bonus game.

There is an element of strategy to the main bonus feature. This involves picking lilies, and then deciding whether to choose again – or to stick with the win you are awarded. Lilly’s Pad is linked to the random jackpots shared with a lot of Arrows Edge slots. These can provide you with an instant (and sometimes substantial) win.

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Unusual Number of Win-Lines: Setup of the Lilly’s Pad Slot

I have a feeling that this is the first 18 win-line online slot I have seen (out of literally 1000’s!). This does make the bet sizing a little confusing. Your coin size is multiplied by 18. There are 5 reels, with 3 rows of symbols on each, so at least that part is normal.

You can select auto-play. This lets you select up to 50 spins without needing to click. Bet max is also offered.

Lilly's Pad Slot Reels

Regular Line Wins: Pond Life

Lilly, who is a frog, is the bonus symbol. This means other pond dwellers get the task of providing the regular line wins. These are headed up by a turtle, which will get you 750 coins for 5 of a kind. This symbol – along with the alligator – is the only symbol which pays out for 2 of a kind from the left. The other symbols all require a minimum of 3. That alligator pays 500 coins for the maximum 5. The higher paying symbols are completed by a goldfish, who looks kind of upset at something, and a heron.

Playing cards have been decorated to give them a pond look and feel. These filler symbols have a green hue, and are decorated with flowers, they make up the smaller wins – as well as prevent the reels from looking too crowded.

Random Dragonfly Wilds

Wild symbols will substitute for any other symbol on the reels. These are lily pads. At random while you play, the dragonfly, which sits at the top right of the reels, will swoop in. This is animated all the time, blinking and moving a little. When it does come to life, you have the potential for some big wins.

This fly will leave wilds on the reels, in one of 3 patterns. The best of these is a + shape, covering the middle of the reels. This gives you instant wins, with at least one 4 of a kind possible (across the middle row). Depending on how the other symbols are placed on reels 1 and 5, your wins can be big!

Pick a Lilly Pad Bonus GameLilly’s Pad Slot 2nd Screen Bonus Game

Hitting 3 or more of the frog bonus symbols will take you to a second screen bonus game. This confused me the first time, as the lily I clicked would not do anything. It did become surrounded by glittering gold stars.

After figuring out the game, I clicked on 4 more pads. Each one was eaten by the alligator, with the frog on each jumping off at the last moment. When all 4 were gone, the message above them offered a cash prize. You will need to decide whether to accept that prize, or carry on.

To help with this decision, there are a list of prizes on the right-hand side. Those you eliminate are crossed through. You can now base your collect / continue decision based on the remaining amounts.

You can repeat this take it / leave it up to 8 times. In the end you will be left with two lilies. One will be the pad you selected at the start, the other the last unclicked one. Now you simply choose one of the two.

This is an entertaining bonus game, which has a (small) strategy element to it. I’m not too sure how it will stand up to repeated runs though!

Frogs and Flowers Design

This is a happy, upbeat slot in several ways. Around the reels you will see a pond, this is out of focus (deliberately so). You can see trees and hills in the background, and the bright pink of lilies floating on the water.

You’ll have an animated frog host to keep you company – and the ever-present dragon fly, complete with pink body and green eyes – will sit on top of the reels. The music adds to the upbeat feel, this is a bluegrass track, lead by a banjo and violin. There are some quirky sound effects too.

On the reels, those cartoon animals have a female slant, and all except for the fish look cheerful and relaxed. The turtle is my favourite, check out the winning animations.

Should You Check out the Lilly’s Pond Slot?

This game makes an entertaining and cheerful change from many of the other slots in the Arrows Edge range. There is no free spins round, which is unusual for any online slot. Having 18 win-lines is also a unique choice.

There are plenty of good reasons to play. Those AE progressive jackpots can be won at any time. The swooping dragonfly wilds will often lead to bigger wins. Finally, the strategy element of the lily pad 2nd screen game will break up the main game nicely.

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