License to Spin Slot from Arrows Edge

The Online Slot Themed on Her Majesties Secret Service

License to Spin Slot from Arrows EdgeArrows Edge has done an excellent job here, getting super close to a very big spy movie franchise without accidentally stepping on any copyright material. When you play, the clues are numerous. How about a ‘Shaken Not Stirred’ bonus game, a turn and shoot at the reels (complete with camera shutter close), and a clean cut dapper spy character performing stunts around the reels.

This is a very modern reimagining of a 3-reel online slot. They key feature is walking wilds, which move around the reels. You can reach the separate martini bonus game via this feature. Topping it all, you’ll have a shot at two of the linked progressive jackpots which several Arrows Edge slots share.

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Before You Start Your Mission: How the License to Spin Slot Works

When you see how bright and well designed this slot is, you’ll do a double take. This type of slot normally has 5 reels, while License to Spin only has 3. If you are wondering whether that detracts from the game in any way, the answer is a clear no. This is an engaging slot, despite having fewer reels and win-lines than other games.

There are 3 horizontal win-lines crossing the three reels. These are not adjustable, so you simply set a total bet amount based on one unit per lime. Max bet and auto-play are both offered.

License to Spin Slot Reels

Biggest Wins: Headed by the Lady

I’m happy to see a lady as the best paying symbol, with most slots these days choosing the guy – this makes for a refreshing change. This lady is holding a martini, which is presumably shaken and not stirred. You’ll get 1000 coins for lining up 3 of these, with 25 coins for 2 and coins for just one in the left-hand column.

Next come two villains. These two look nasty in different ways. The first wears a white jacket, is smoking a cigar and has a patch over one eye. I’d bet good money he has a British accent in any movie made from this slot. This guy pays 60 coins for 3 and 10 coins for just 2. The other bad guy has stubble and sunglasses - and looks rough. My money goes on this one, who is worth 50 coins for 3, as being a Russian!

Some familiar equipment makes up the middle tier of winning symbols. There is a vintage sports car (who knows, maybe an Aston Martin?) a speedboat, a gun with a long silencer, and a martini.

Smaller wins are made by playing card suits, two black and two red. All the mid and lower paying symbols require the full 3 to trigger a prize.

Walking Spy Wilds – The Main Feature

A well known British spy does feature in this slot – as a wild symbol. This lands on reel 3, and triggers respins. You’ll see an animation where a person walks over the symbol, and as he reaches the left-hand side the whole symbol jumps over a reel, allowing him to continue walking.

This wild will create at least one win, always substituting for the lady on reel 1 for a 3-coin prize. It can make much bigger wins than that! At the end the character turns, and shoots at the screen. A camera shutter closing around him. This will be familiar too fans of certain movies too…

What happens next depends on whether the shot hits. Sometimes, the wild will walk back the other way, sometimes moving up or down a level on its way back. This gives you 3 more respins for free. Other times, the Shaken Not Stirred bonus is triggered.

Arrows Edge License to Spin BonusShaken Not Stirred Bonus Game

Before this starts, you see the spy parachuting over the reels. Those reels disappear, and you see a plane in the sky, before the setting switches to a rooftop bar. Here the same lady that is the highest paying symbol is fixing up two martinis.

Your only job is to choose which one to drink. When you click one, a prize is displayed. You can then either click collect or click the other one to switch (you only get one switch). If you collect the first one, you do not get to find out how much the other one was worth – a bit of a shame, though only something minor in the context of a decent slot.

License to Spin Slot Design

Usually, 3-reel games have traditional designs. This is an exception – a video slot with only 3 reels. There are some fun touches. A spy appears to the right-hand side from time to time. He will add a silencer to his gun or climb a rope. In the background you will see some familiar London sights. These include rain!

Animations appear on the symbols when you win with them. My favourite designs are the two bad guys – then again, you know that the ‘good’ guys win in the end! Dramatic and slightly cheesy music plays while you spin.

Graphics and design for the bonus game are on the plain side. This is a decidedly cartoon-like lady preparing the drinks. This certainly makes for a welcome break from the main reels.

Do You Have a License to Spin?

I enjoyed this Arrows Edge slot and have no hesitation in recommending it. Sure, this is a 3-reel game with only 3 win-lines. Don’t let this put you off taking it for a spin. The graphics, game-play and big win potential more than make up for this lack of win-lines.

That walking wild is frequent enough to keep the game play moving. I got the Shaken Not Stirred bonus the first 4 times and started wondering whether it would ever give me the returning wild. This turned out to be pure chance / variance after another session.

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