Kronos Unleashed Slot Review - from WMS

Enjoy the Power of Kronos in this Amazing WMS Slot

Kronos Unleashed WMS Slot ReviewFresh back from Vegas with a new favourite casino slot. Kronos Unleashed from WMS has pipped Buffalo Gold as my go-to game. This is a big slot, with a tall, thin screen. It looks amazing, and when you hit the bonus respin game, I am sure you will share my enthusiasm.

Game-play centres around the respin bonus. Here the regular symbols disappear. Instead you spin until you stop hitting Kronos symbols. You can also get one of 4 ‘power up’ symbols, which can lead to some big wins.

Before I go into the details of Kronos Unleashed, here are some summary bullets:

  • Big setup, with 8 lines on each of 6 reels.
  • Fill reel 1 with Kronos symbols for the intense respins feature.
  • Get power ups for extra lines, increased pays and jackpot spins.
  • Free spins game (with even more Kronos respins).
  • Stunning production.

Before You Spin: 3 Options

On the lower control panel, there are 3 options to choose from before you spin.

You can pick the base setup, more frequent lightning respins or more respins with more power-up opportunities. Each adds coins to your total bet.

My pick was the 3rd option, which takes the minimum bet to $1 per spin and max (outside of high-limit rooms) to $6. At $2 per spin (my average), the bonuses were often in the $150+ range.

Kronos Unleashed Lightning Respins

To trigger the intensive respins bonus game, you need to full reel 1 with the stacked Kronos symbols. The game does ‘tease’ you a little… you will often see them coming through, only to just-miss. This is helped with the enhanced bet options by giving you the feature if you get the stacks within 2 symbols of the top or bottom. They will nudge into place when this happens.

Graphics go haywire when you trigger this. Lightning covers the screen, and you’ll hear Kronos boom. Reel 1 stays in place, with the other symbols all disappearing and the reels going dark. You now have 5 respins to get as many extra Kronos symbols as possible.

Each spin that gets one or more sees 1 added to your respins total. When you get to the last one, the game again ‘teases’ with the symbols slowing down and just slotting into place at the end. You keep spinning until you run out of spins with no more Kronos symbols.

Lightning Respins Kronos

Power Up Symbols

In addition to the Kronos symbols, you get glowing white balls. These are power-up symbols. You can hit more than one per spin. When these arrive, they flick through the 4 possible enhancements with a lightning effect.

Here are the different outcomes:

  1. Increased Pays: Kronos changes colour, and the prizes go up for each line completed.
  2. Extended Reels: You get an extra row of symbols on each reel, which gives you 10 extra win-lines. Kronos symbols fill them all.
  3. Expanding Symbols: This gives you up to 9 extra Kronos symbols, fewer if the expand power-up lands on the edge of the reels.
  4. Jackpot Spin: Here two wheels appear side-on over the reels. You can win cash amounts, and one of 4 progressive jackpots on each one.

To say this is an exciting bonus feature would be an understatement. It takes the hold and spin concept and moves it up in intensity.

Kronos Unleashed Slot Free Spins Bonus

Gold symbols with the head of a lion give you free spins. These can land partially or fully on the reels, and you need to see 3+ of them to trigger this feature.

You get 1 free spin for each part of the symbol fully on the reels. They are 3 high. The number of spins grows if they are adjacent / overlapping. They will also nudge onto the reels to give you extra spins.

For the most part, the free spins match the base game. You’ll get the lightning respins more often. When this happens, you complete the respin, then go back to the reels to complete your remaining free games.

Kronos Unleashed Free Spins

Base Game / Winning Symbols for Kronos Unleashed

Line hits tend to be on the smaller side. This balances the big wins which can come via the respin feature. The symbols look stunning. Think winged lions, golden jewels and the Pegasus.

Your biggest line hits will come when you line up Kronos symbols. These are stacked on all the reels. While the other symbols pay from the standard left to right lines, Kronos also pays from right to left. There are wilds in play (also stacked) to help connect the standard symbols.

Stunning Graphics / Booming Vocals

When you complete the respins feature, you’ll hear Kronos (who shows above the reels) boom ‘The Power of Kronos’. It is the respin bonus where the graphics take on a new life. Golden lightning and a black / gold reel setup really do look impressive.

The regular symbols are also beautifully drawn. The sound effects are the ambient electronic sounds that feature on a generation of WMS casino slots.

Wrapping Up: Should you Unleash the Power of Kronos?

I loved this slot, and it will be top of my list on my next trip to Vegas. There is a similar game called ‘Zeus Unleashed’. This one has similar game-play, with bigger line hits (from 2 of a kind) and proportionally smaller bonus payments.

It is the lightning respin which is the key reason to check out Kronos Unleashed. All slots have bonus features these days – I have yet to come across one this intensive, exciting and (potentially) very profitable.

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