The Invisible Man Slot Review - from NetEnt

A Dark Feel to this Movie Tie-In Online Slot from Net Entertainment

The Invisible Man Detailed Slot ReviewA quick warning about the intro video for this game. An injection of glowing green serum is involved! You’ll see the Invisible Man in his lab, and the results are gruesome. This slot ties in to the movie released by Universal. It is dark, brooding and a lot of fun. The setting is 1029’s England, with fog and a rotund policeman involved.

As is often the case from NetEnt, it is the slick production plus attention to the small details which wins the day. Here you’ll see a beaker of green liquid bubbling at the side of the game. Things get visually explosive then the Invisible Man and policeman meet on the reels.

This slot has a lot of features. You’ll find walking wilds which move both ways over the reels. There is a free spins game which can trigger one of two bonuses. One involves the Invisible Man causing a lot of trouble. The other one is an extra spins game, involving the policeman.

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Seeing Clearly How the Invisible Man Slot Works

When you step beyond the novel game-play elements and amazing production, you’ll find a regular online slot setup. This is 5 reels and 20 win-lines. You can’t change the number of win-lines. Player options on this slot include coin size, multiplier (level), auto-play and max bet. The small ‘I’ icon on the left-hand side of the controls brings up the pay table, which has a lot of detailed information on it.

Wins go in both directions. You’ll get paid for 3 / 4 from the right-hand side, as well as the usual left to right. 5 of a kind wins only get paid out once!

invisible Man Slot Reels Net Entertainment

Characters from the Movie Pay Best

Your biggest wins will come from lining up the people with gold circles around them. These are from the movie and have that distinctive ‘between the wars’ dress.

Flora Cranley has the biggest prize. This lady is worth 500 coins for 5 of a kind, 150 for 4 and 20 coins for just 3. Next comes Arthur Kemp, worth 400 coins for 5. Dr Cranley, Mr Hall and Mrs Hall complete the line-up.

Playing card symbols in the Invisible Man slot are golden. They have a slight art deco look and feel to them – and are in the regular role of providing smaller and more regular wins.

Invisible Man and Policeman Walking Wilds

Walking wilds is not a new concept, though it gets used in a unique way in this slot. During the base game, you can get Invisible Man and Policeman wilds. These hit reel 5 (Invisible man) and reel 1 (Policeman).

When they hit, you get free respins, while the wilds move over one reel each time. You will often create wins along the way and can even get more than one wild moving over at the same time. When the wild drops off the reels, you get one more free respin.

This is a great way of making extra wins, though the real benefit comes when the Invisible Man and Policeman meet. When this happens, there is (literally) a small explosion and you’ll briefly see them together on the reels. More important, you’ll trigger the free spins bonus game.

Invisible Man Slot Pays

The Invisible Man Slot Free Spins Bonus Game

A short sequence takes place, where Griffin, who is not currently invisible, almost runs into the policeman. The avatars then stand beside the reels while you enjoy 10 free spins.

Above the reels are two meters. On the left you see one saying, ‘Bonus Game’, on the right you will see ‘Policeman Free Spins’. Another difference in this feature is that the walking wild symbols will now land on any reel – not just reels 1 and 5. My experience was of a lot more wilds than before.

Each time a wild drops off the screen, the meter on that side goes up. An extra bonus is not guaranteed. Sometimes your spins will end before you fill either meter, in this case you still get your cash wins. If Griffin (the Invisible Man) and the Policeman wilds meet during the free spins, and extra 4 spins are added to your total.

Here are the two extra features:

Invisible Man Bonus Feature

This is a picks game with an entertaining twist. You see 3 buildings, which are covered in snow. There are 3 rounds to cause some mayhem! You do this by clicking on objects in each building, including people and windows. These smash or fall over, awarding cash prizes. Sometimes you’ll get a multiplier increase. One symbol is the ‘end’ red one – which moves you to the next location.

The final view is a station platform, this was my favourite. You get to knock the ladies’ luggage over and smash the ticket box window!

After your picks end, you’ll see a newspaper with your totals (with multiplier included) on it.

Police flaming Free Spins

If the police meter fills up first, you get to play a separate short free spins game. This looks great, with flaming wilds covering the screen. Each of 3 spins sees 5 random flaming wilds cover the screen. The reels then spin, with the results often involving multiple wins.

Slot Production that is Out of Sight

I’m a big fan of the production for this slot. Shading is dark, and the music creepy in a classical (movie-score) kind of way. Those animated sequences really do help to bring the slot to life. You will hear dark quotes from the movie, even when you are not spinning the reels.

Policeman free spins are the most spectacular part from a visual perspective. For me the picks game was the most entertaining part. Small touches, like Griffin getting slowly more invisible in the free spins game, really do add to the atmosphere.

Will This Slot Make Your Bankroll Disappear?

I enjoyed this slot and have zero hesitation in recommending it. The regular respins with the walking wilds help to lower your volatility a lot. The big wins come in the free spins game and bonus round, where you can get a lot of wilds at the same time. This slot works on multiple levels. It combines excellent production, a dark theme and plenty of engaging game play options.

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