History of US Online Casinos

Recent Big Changes in the US Online Casino Scene

Throughout the 20th century, the attitude towards gambling in the US would shift from one of acceptance, to wanting to outlaw gambling completely. These changes of attitude might well have been attributed to how closely linked gambling was seen to the criminal underworld, with a number of gambling laws passed to seemingly lessen the influence of this faction. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the gambling boom really began to take off, in particular in Las Vegas, as the states would now begin to reap the rewards in revenue.

History of US Online Casinos – The Beginning and Growth

The gambling industry would grow US wide, legal casino gambling available in all but two states today. However, the advent of online casinos would create a whole new set of opportunities for players. The first online casino software was developed by MicroGaming in 1994, but it was another two years before the first wager actually took place at Intercasino, a site which would offer a total of 18 games. This was quickly followed by the formation of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, formed to license and regulate online casinos. Within just two years, online casino gambling was a boom industry, with over 700 online casinos appearing worldwide.

By the time of the Millennium, online casinos are generating over $2.2 billion in revenue worldwide, with the majority of this revenue coming from the US with over $1.5 billion generated. This amazing growth would continue and 2005 saw online casino gambling reach its peak, with a number of companies now listed on Stock Exchanges worldwide.

History of US Casinos Article

History of US Online Casinos – The UIGEA

Unfortunately, this growth came to an abrupt halt in the US in 2006. This was due to the enforcement of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). This was an act that was tacked onto the ‘Safe Port Act’, which would see the waterways and ports of the US safeguarded, so it was likely that few saw the official language of the bill before it was passed. Although not exactly making online gambling (which encompasses both poker and sports betting alongside casino gambling) illegal, it did prohibit financial transactions between gambling sites and financial institutions. This led to the withdrawal of a great number of international casino companies from the US market place and many predicted that this would be the death knell for all forms of online gambling in the US.

The US online casino market hasn’t died however. Although something of a grey area, the actual wording of the UIGEA didn’t actually prohibit online gambling, only prohibiting particular financial transactions. This has led to a scenario where a large number of online casinos will accept US players today, all of these casinos being based offshore. The deposit and withdrawal process to and from these casinos isn’t as straightforward as it was before UIGEA, with companies such as Neteller no longer involved in the US, although players have a number of options when it comes to making these transactions, with credit cards and money transfers being the most popular of these. My casino deposit options article has comprehensive details of the methods working best right now.

History US Casinos - Present DayHistory of US Online Casinos – Technology and US Online Casino Gambling Today

Despite the political ramifications that would take place post 2006, the technology of online casinos has continued to move on in leaps and bounds. Mobile gaming is now widely available across a number of US friendly sites, where you’ll find a selection of the best casino games available on a variety of mobile devices, which include the iPhone, Android devices, iPads and tables.  Another major innovation in online casinos has been the development of ‘online live casinos’ where you’ll be wagering on the real time action, playing with a real life dealer in a live casino setting. These games are usually hosted by particularly attractive dealers and croupiers, which add to the popularity of the games.

Today US casino gamblers have many options. A number of big name gambling sites such as Bovada and BetOnline offer an online casino, while there are is ever growing list of casino sites offering a wide range of games. You’ll find opportunities to win some amazing sums with progressive Jackpots available at a number of popular slots, while whether you enjoy blackjack, roulette, video poker, craps, baccarat or any other real money casino table game, the opportunity is there. It hasn’t been an easy ride for the US based casino gambler, but the industry is on the rise again and shows no sign of letting up.

Best Online Casinos for US Based Players

One offshore US casino brand stands out from the crowd in so many ways that it is hard to recommend any other. Bovada (part of the Bodog family) only accept US players. Their games include the best of RealTime Gaming, Rival Gaming and BetSoft.. and their bonuses + ongoing player promotions are the best around. If that was not enough already, Bovada also have the best record for first time credit card deposits. Check out www.bovada.lv for yourself now!

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