Five Great Reasons to Play Roulette Online

Variations and Live Dealer Options Make Online Roulette a Lot of Fun!

5 Reasons to Try Online RouletteWhen people start up a conversation about gambling at a casino, it’s a sure thing that roulette will be one of the first games on people’s lips. Roulette was invented way back in the 1700s and it’s a testament to the game that it’s more popular than ever before. The game’s history is littered with colorful stories of players beating the casino and individuals risking their entire life savings on a single spin.

Why should you play roulette? What is it about the roulette wheel that makes it stand apart from other casino games? In this article you’re given five reasons why roulette should be your game of choice at the casino.

Five Reasons to Play Roulette - Excitement

There is little doubt that roulette offers a buzz unlike any other. You’ve placed your bet and now your eyes will be fixed on the roulette wheel and the destination of that little silver ball. As the ball starts to slow, you’ll be following it intently, hoping that it lands in the right slot. The ball bounces around at the end and that final moment of joy or disappointment is hard to match.

The roulette wheel, with it’s distinctive black and red coloring, always draws a crowd at the casino. But it’s not just in the live setting where you can enjoy the excitement. The same fun can be had at online live dealer casinos, where the action is real and you’ll usually get a closer look at the wheel than at the casino itself. The high-quality graphics offered at virtual casinos too today ensure that the excitement levels remain high too.

Five Reasons to Play Roulette - Variety

One of the best aspects of roulette is the sheer variety you can enjoy when playing. Some players swear on betting on black or red and are happy to try their luck this way all day long. Other players might want to pick a lucky number and hope for that big odds win. Players heading to the casino for a one-off session might want to bet on their family’s birthdays, with a selection of bets. The choice is yours.

This variety in the game ensures that all types of players are kept happy at the roulette wheel. Some players might want to try systems, others are there for the sheer fun of it. Whatever your reason, the game caters for all.

Five Reasons to Play Roulette - Simplicity

The first time you walk into a casino, the whole setup can seem a little bit daunting. However, roulette is the simplest game of all. Hand over your cash, collect your chips and start betting. The betting layout for roulette is as straightforward as you’ll find at the casino and within five minutes you’ll be an expert at the game.

Many of the games require you to have some previous knowledge to get the best of the odds too – blackjack and casino poker being two prime examples. The great thing about roulette is that the odds are the same for everyone, no matter which bets you place. The beginner and the seasoned roulette player have exactly the same chances of winning – this game doesn’t favour anyone, you’re all in the same boat.

Five Reasons to Play Roulette – History

When stood at a roulette table, you’ll be playing the same game in the same way that people have done since the 1700’s. Yes, there have been slight alterations over the centuries, including the addition of zeros, but the basic game has remained the same ever since Blaise Pascal invented roulette.

Roulette really came to prominence in Monte Carlo in the 1800’s, when royalty was known to frequent the casinos and play roulette specifically. That same century saw Englishman Charles Wells famously ‘break the bank’ winning £60,000 from a stake of £4,000 back in 1991. Translate that £60,000 into today’s money and the Englishman was £6 million richer. You might not break the bank yourself, but a good run can certainly pay huge dividends.

Five Reasons to Play Roulette – Availability

It’s never been an easier time to find a game of roulette. Head to any land-based casino and they are sure to have a series of roulette wheels, meaning players don’t wait for a game. Can’t make it a casino? There are more online options than ever before. Whether playing at the virtual casino or at an online live casino, you’ll never have a wait.

Play online and you’ll find casinos tempting you with bonuses and promotions too. Make use of these promotions and you’ll give yourself an even better chance of a winning session.

Five Reasons to Play Roulette – Overview

Roulette is one of the most fun games at the casino. Place your bets and then enjoy the adrenaline rush as the croupier starts spinning that wheel. The game is for everyone – for the beginner and the casino expert, those playing just for fun and even the odd royal or two. There’s no better way to spend your time at the casino.

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