Five Reasons to Play Blackjack

Blackjack Is The Most Popular Casino Card Game - Find Out Why!

5 Reasons to Enjoy BlackjackBlackjack has always been one of the most popular games at the casino. This popularity only increased when casinos went online and today Blackjack is more accessible than it has ever been before. The game is one of the most talked and written about on the casino floor and has even made it into the movies too.

Why should you play blackjack? What is it about Blackjack that sets it apart from other games? In this article you’re given five reasons why Blackjack has to be one of your go to choices at the casino.

Five Reasons to Play Blackjack  - You Make the Decisions

When playing many casino games, once you’ve placed your bet you’re merely a spectator in the outcome. If you’ve bet on red on a roulette wheel, or hit the spin button on the slot, the moment the action starts, you’re just watching. In BlackJack, you’re involved.

The moment the cards are dealt, it’s you who has to make the next move. Whether you hit, stand, double or split, it’s your decision and your decision alone. This makes Blackjack one of the most involving games at the casino, where you’re at the center of the action.

Five Reasons to Play Blackjack - You Can Play Perfectly

 One of the best aspects about Blackjack is that the perfect strategy for the game has been solved. Head online and search for ‘blackjack strategy charts’ and you’ll find resource after resource. These charts tell you exactly what the premium move is in any situation – based on your two cards and the one card you can see of the dealer.

Once you’ve used the charts a few times, you’ll have a wider understanding of the game and you’ll have a natural feel for the best strategy. You can even use a chart when playing, especially online. Playing with the perfect strategy gives you the best opportunity to win.

Five Reasons to Play Blackjack - The Low House Edge

Blackjack has one of the lowest house edges at the casino. You'll find some single deck games with a house-edge under 1% at brick and mortar casinos. These are reserved for the high rollers. Typical games on the floor have edges of between 2% and 3%. The exact edge depends on the rules (including things like splitting, doubling after split and so on). Look out for games which pay 6:5 on blackjack instead of the standard 3:2. This seems like a small rules change. What you'll find is that the 6:5 games have a worse return. 

The size of the house edge will differ based on how good a player you are. If you are following the perfect strategy (as talked about above), then the edge will be guaranteed to remain at those low levels. Play a bad game of Blackjack by hitting on 17 regularly, or not doubling when you should and the casino will love you, as you’ll be paying them much more.

Blackjack can be beatenFive Reasons to Play Blackjack – The Game Can Be Beaten

Blackjack is rare in the fact that you can actually turn the casino house edge around. Many books have been written about Blackjack strategy and how card counting can be an effective way to make money. Many individuals have made a living from the game and there have been teams of players in the past who have made a killing at the game. Casinos have got wise in recent years and it is a much tougher ask – however, find the right game and it is still possible.

Online players won’t find card counting possible, due to the random nature of the shuffle. However, there are ways to give yourself a greater chance of winning. Keep an eye out for bonuses and promotions. These can give your bankroll an added boost, possibly turning a losing session into a winning one, or making a winning session that much better!

Reasons to Play Blackjack – The Game is Exciting

There are times at the table when blackjack is simply exhilarating. For example, you might have a total of sixteen with the dealer showing a ten card. It’s not looking good and your only option is to hit. The card is dealt and you find yourself looking at that perfect five!

Every hand at blackjack plays differently and you literally never know how a hand is going to play out. You might be dealt blackjack and have that instant high, or go a through a long hand with splits or doubles and enjoy the added satisfaction of that oversized win. The game keeps you on your toes and is never dull.

Reasons to Play Blackjack – Overview

Blackjack is perhaps the most interesting game you’ll find at the casino. The game is one that you can learn quickly and a little bit of homework will see you playing with the perfect strategy. The low house edge means that winning sessions are just as likely as losing ones and play your cars rights and you can beat the casino at their own game.

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