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An Amazing Asian Themed Slot Featuring Dual Reel Technology and 243 Ways to Win

Fa Fa Twins Slots from BetSoft - Detailed Review- LogoIn Chinese culture, the word Fa is said to symbolize wealth, and, in this case, you have a double dose of Fa! You’re introduced to the Fa Fa twins at the beginning of the game, as they run towards each other from opposite ends of the screen. The twins are two young Asian girls. The twin who stands to the left of the reels is the cheeky of the two, while the one to the right seems a little more demure. Joining the twins on the reels of this beautifully designed BetSoft slot are a variety of Asian themed symbols such as lotus flowers, Chinese lanterns and gold kitty figurines.

Reasons to Try Your Luck at Fa Fa Twins

Fa Fa Twins is quite a unique slot from BetSoft, with the following array of features:

  • The all-ways winning system ensuring there are 243 ways to win at each spin.
  • Dual Reel Technology meaning that at least two linked reels will reveal the same three symbols.
  • The matching reels can extend to 3, 4 or even all five matching, to offer incredible wins.
  • A double up option after any win, if you’re in the mood for a gamble.

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Fa Fa Twins Slots Use Dual Reel Technology

The ‘Dual Reel Technology’ does a great job of setting this game apart from any other. Any time you hit spin you’ll see two of the reels joined by green fairy dust, so you’ll know which two reels are linked. When the spinning stops, the ‘dual reels’ will each contain exactly the same symbols. With slot gaming being all about matching symbols, this makes wins on any spin that much easier.

However, that’s not quite the end of the story. Occasionally, you’ll see the green fairy dust turn purple and the ‘dual reels’ will now grow to include a third, a fourth or even all five reels. Match all five reels and you’re guaranteed a huge prize!

Reels View - Fa Fa Twins Slots

Gamble Feature

Any time you win, the ‘double up’ button at the bottom of the screen is highlighted. Choosing to gamble will bring up a box featuring a gold coin and you’ll simply guess whether it will land on heads or tails. Choose correctly and your win is doubled, but you’ll lose the win if the coin lands the wrong way.

Matching Pairs - The Base Game

Fa Fa Twins uses the all-ways winning system, which is popular across many slots. Instead of the usual win-lines, here you’ll win when landing matching symbols on consecutive reels, irrespective of the position on the reels. With the ‘dual reel technology’ thrown into the mix, matching those symbols is made that much easier!

These wins are made even more frequent by the addition of a wild symbol, which shows the title of the slot. The wild appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 only.

The Fa Fa Twins themselves each appear within the highest paying symbol of the game, worth 1,000 coins when appearing on all five reels. The golden kitty is next on the pay table and pays 500 coins, while a gold and siver carp is worth 400 coins. A green bag full of gold and gems and a lotus flower are each worth 250 coins. At the low end of the pay table you’ll find a Chinese lantern and a collection of playing card symbols ranging through 10 to Ace.

Pay Table Fa Fa Twins Slot

Double Vision - Fa Fa Twins Design

On entering this slot you’ll know you’re in for a treat, as you’ll enjoy an animation sequence showing the two twins delightfully running towards each other. When the game starts they stand either side of the reels, always on hand to celebrate any win alongside you. The visuals are of a high quality throughout, with the game set on a deep red background, featuring sun, clouds and waves imagery. The symbols are crisp and add much colour to the reels, while an upbeat soundtrack adds to the fun element of the game.

Will the Fa Fa Twins Bring a Double Fortune to Your Bankroll?

BetSoft have produced a unique and fun game in Fa Fa Twins. The moment you hit spin and see that green fairy dust appear on two of the reels, the excitement begins – you’ll know that you have big winning opportunities at every spin. The excitement levels rise further when the green dust turns purple and more and more reels become matching. Land that spin where all five reels are matching and a mega win will be heading your way. If you like original slots, Fa Fa Twins is certainly worth a spin.

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