Emoji Planet Slot Review - From Net Entertainment

A Novel Slot Game with A Cheesy Pop Tune!

Detailed Review of Net Ent Emoji PlanetI have to admit going into this slot thinking I’d hate it… and to being completely wrong!

Emojis like the crying with laugher yellow smiley, poop with eyes and a lipstick kiss can be found on the ‘reels’. These form blocks, with pay prizes, then disappear – candy crush style. While you pay there is the Emoji Planet theme song playing. This come complete with lyrics. Around the reels, you’ll find all manner of crazy characters. The explorer from Gonzo’s Quest pops his head in from time to time, while unicorns, dancing devil girls and rainbows can also be seen.

In addition to making up blocks, there are 5 extra features. Each of these kicks in when you get a lot of wins with one of the emojis in a single spin. These can result in a good coverage of wilds (or single symbols) on the reels – giving you plenty of potential for big wins.

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Unique 5x6 Grid Setup: How the Emoji Planet Slot Works

When you click the spin button, 30 blocks showing emojis will fall away – and 30 new ones cascade in from above. This game does not use the win-lines idea at all. Instead you’ll need to make blocks of 5 or more adjacent emojis. These need to be side-by-side, as touching corners does not count. You get paid based on the number of identical tiles in each block.

After your win is calculated, they explode – literally! One the block is gone, the remaining ones fall as far as they can, and new emojis fill the gap at the top of the reels. You’ll often get sequences of 2, 3 or even more wins this way.

Those extra wins are important, as 5 of the symbols have a cumulative system – where you can trigger special features once you reach a certain amount.

Emoji Planet Slot Reels View

Winning Combinations – Laughter Wins the Day

Wins go up to 30 of a kind. This would need the entire grid filled with a single emoji. The best prize is for the crying with laughter one. 30 of these could get you a healthy 10,000 coins. At the other end of the scale, just 5 will get you 40 coins (2x your spin). In between there are increasing payments each time you add one more.

An alien with an orange background is next, worth 5,000 coins for maximum coverage. These are followed by the poop, a rocket, lipstick kiss, pizza slice, bomb and blue love hearts.

You will find wild symbols on the reels. These substitute for any of the other symbols when blocks of 5 or more are possible.

Special Features – Extra Wilds and More

To trigger the special features, you need to collect different numbers of the lower paying symbols. You will see those symbols on the right of the reels. When you win with these, you will see a segment of each one becoming lighter.

There are 5 features in total, all of these can add some big wins to the game:

  • 8 Random symbols get blown up when you trigger this special feature. Each one will give you a coin win of up to 100 coins. The gap then gets filled with new symbols, possibly creating additional wins on top.
  • Pizza Feature: Here a 3x3 grid of identical symbols (chosen at random) appears on the screen. This gives you at least a 9-symbol win, and depending on the adjacent symbols, possibly a much bigger one.
  • Lipstick Kiss Feature: This time you get 3 sticky wilds. These stay on the reels for up to 3 wins, losing part of their power each time.
  • Rocket Feature: A rocket flies up the reels, clearing out all the symbols in a single column. These are replaced by wilds, which are stacked 10 high. That means 2x games where an entire column is wild.
  • Two Hearts Feature: You get 2x on wins the first time you fill the two hearts meter, then 1x in addition for each subsequent time.

I’m sure that experienced slot fans will have already spotted the key to extra big wins on the Emoji Planet slot… If you are lucky enough to trigger several features at the same time. For example, kiss wilds + pizza + rocket, then you could be looking at several 16+ symbol wins. While this is rare, it is certainly possible!

Deliberately Over the Top Design (Oh, and that Annoying Song)

I’ll probably be humming the tune to Emoji Planet on my way home this evening. That aside, the designers look like they had a lot of fun creating this slot. The background to the reels is crazy, like some surreal cartoon universe. This contains balloons, dancing devil girls, Gonzo, a unicorn with hearts as eyes and much more…

Most of the emoji symbols used will be familiar to anyone that uses a chat program. The cheeky pile of poop stands out. This will roll its eyes when involved in a win. The animations when you win are good, though the features are when the game really comes into its own. Now the screen goes from merely crazy to utterly chaotic. The good news is that when things settle down, you’ll be ready to start counting up your wins.

Emoji Planet Slot – Will It Leave you :)  or :( ?

The fact that I am recommending this NetEnt slot still feels a little strange! I really expected to hate this game and ended up going back to play it on a few occasions. The game-play is novel – though familiar for anyone who likes the candy type games on their phones. I like the way that cascading wins can give you sequences. You can get several wins from the same spin frequently.

While the features don’t last long (most are for 1 game only), they all have the potential to give you some multi-line hits. If you are lucky enough to get several features in the same spin, then you could be looking at some big prizes.

If you are brave enough to risk the Emoji Planet song, this slot is certainly worth a spin.

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