MicroGaming Diamond Deal 3 Reel Slot

A Solid 3-Reel Slot with a Progressive Side Game

You’ll be hoping that the sparkling diamonds will make you rich with this traditional MicroGaming online slot. While most of the symbols are the standard bars and 7’s, big prizes await those who line up gems. You will also find a jewel box on the reels. The setting is a starry night sky which is a vivid contrast to the curved look of the 3 reels.

It is unusual to see a second screen bonus in such a traditional game. This is made even more unusual by involving a progressive element. If you hit the special symbol on the 3rd reel 4 times, you get to play a picks type game for some big prizes.

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Diamond Deal Classic Slot from MicroGaming

What to Know Before You Spin the Diamond Deal Slot

This game has only one win-line, right across the middle of the curved reels. You’ll get to choose 1, 2 or 3 coins. This is a dollar slot, with the coin size fixed at $1. It does not make (mathematical) sense to play for 1 or 2 coins. There are two reasons for this. First, the top prize is 1500 coins more (proportionally) for 3 coins compared to 2. Second, the progressive bonus game only works if you are playing max coins.

Wild Diamonds

Diamond symbols have a pink and purple sparkle to them. These stand out on the reels compared to the plain old traditional slot symbols. 3 diamonds will trigger the top prize. This is 500 coins if you are playing 1 coin, 1000 coins for 2 or 3000 coins for the 3rd coin.

In addition to having the top prize, diamonds can help you create wins with the other symbols. These are wild, and will substitute for any of the other symbols to complete winning combinations. There is no multiplier for wild wins this time.

Traditional Slot SymbolsRegular Winning Combinations

Your smaller wins will come from some familiar looking symbols. These are headed up by 7’s, which are light blue. 3 of these are worth 300 coins (assuming you play 3 coins per spin). Bar symbols come in the usual 3, 2 and 1 format. These are worth 150, 60 and 30 coins respectively for 3. Mixed bars also have a prize, 15 coins in this case.

Small wins come from the humble cherries. Unusually, you will not get a prize for a single cherry – the minimum is 2 (worth 6 coins). 3 cherries is worth 12 coins.

Progressive Picks Game

At the bottom of the screen, beneath the pay table you’ll see an outline drawing of a diamond. This ties in with a special jewel box symbol on reel 3. Every time that symbol hits the win-line, one of the 4 segments of the diamond fill up. After you get to 4, the reels disappear, and you see a second screen bonus game instead.

This shows 6 jewel boxes, with an instruction to pick one by clicking on it. As you move your mouse over the boxes, each will light up with a yellow outline.

The game is simple, you click a box, and it opens to reveal a (hopefully large!) coin prize. The diamond the goes back to the initial line drawing state, and you start collecting again.

Night Sky Sparkling Design

If you are familiar with MicroGaming 3-Reel slots, then the layout of this game will be instantly familiar. The curved reels are located on the top left of your screen, with the pay table split into 1, 2 and 3 coins over on the right. The logo and main graphic is underneath the reel.

This shows a huge pink and purple tinged diamond, set against the night sky. The stars have ‘X’ over them, revealing their own sparkle.

You’ll hear the ambient sounds which recreate a casino floor while you play. A familiar mix of whirrs and electronic beeps play while you spin and for wins. The progressive element has its own beep – so you’ll instantly know when you have collected a piece of the diamond below the reels.

Is this Diamond Themed Slot a Good Deal?

This slot has two contrasting elements. First, the base game. This is super-traditional, with only a wild (substitute) symbol offering anything different at all. At the same time there is a collection element, which leads to a second screen bonus. That can bring you some bigger coin wins. By denying this progressive game to players not playing max coins, MicroGaming has added an extra incentive to increase your bets!

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