Cyrus the Virus Slot Review - Yggdrasil Gaming

A Simple Slot Where the Viruses are Full of Character

Cyrus the Virus Slot Review - YggdrasilThere is something a little disconcerting about how the reels stop spinning on this bright Yggdrasil slot. They stop 1-2-5-4-3… when you find out that wins work from left to right and right to left, this makes sense. The middle reel is very important, as this can create wins from both directions.

To help you spot potential wins, small worms poke their heads from the sides of the reels – adjacent with lines which have the potential for wins. Symbols are all viruses, and each of them have two states. In their regular states these are simply shapes, some simple and some complex. When they create wins, they get faces (and sometimes arms or tendrils). This brings them instantly to life – and shows a wide range of personalities.

You will only find a single feature – and expanding wild. This can create wins from both directions, it also triggers a free respin. This wild looks great, with a big pile of coloured tendrils covering the middle of the reels.

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Cyrus the Virus: Game Setup

Mobile slots play will be easy with this game, which has a simple setup. There are 10 win-lines only, which cross from both sides of the 5-reel by 3 rows grid. All you really need to do before you spin is set your coin value. You can bet between 10c and $40 per spin. I liked the fact a warning message popped up when the bet level increased dramatically. This could save an accidental big bet (I know I have done this before!).

Auto-play is available, this is the smaller button with an arrow and triangle to the right of the spin button. If you want to see the pay table, or mute the sound effects, then the pink + button on the right-hand side will reveal these options.

Cyrus the Virus Slot Reels View

Let’s Go Viral: Regular Winning Combinations

When you check the pay table, you will see the viruses in their winning form – with faces and many curious expressions.

The biggest single prize is worth hitting. This is for the dark blue virus, which has 4 eyes and 3 big fangs – as well as multiple tendrils. This pays 2,000 coins for 5 of a kind. Slots which work in both directions, including Cyrus the Virus, only pay 5 of a kind wins once each time. 4 of these dark blue creatures will get you 500 coins, and 3 are worth 100 coins.

Next on the list comes an orange jellyfish shaped virus, which has teeth like a small dog and eyes in the wrong place. This one is worth 400 coins for the maximum 5. A yellow star shaped one with one eye and one tooth is worth 300.

There are 4 more viruses making up the smaller wins. These have prizes of between 200 and 100 coins for 5. I will leave it to you do decide whether they are cute, horrible, or somewhere in between!

Cyrus the Virus Feature: Expanding Wild

A multi-coloured virus with the word ‘wild’ on it can only appear on reel 3, and will be a welcome sight. When this appears, it will expand to cover the entire middle reel. This looks spectacular, with multi coloured tendrils reminding me of creatures from the dark world of Cthulhu.

You will often instantly make several winning combinations with this expanding wild. Having wins from right to left as well as left to right certainly helps here.

There is more good news, you get a free respin with this wild locked into play. This gives you double the chances of hitting those big 5 of a kind wins.

That is it for the features – this is a simple, solid slot, which is all about the characters on the reels and colourful design.

Yggdrasil Cyrus the Virus - Pays

Microscopic Design That is Full of Character

I have played 1000’s of slots in my role as a webmaster (and slots fan), and the design of this game is unique to me. It has an organic feel, as in the insides of some living creature at a microscopic scale. The main shading is green, and you see the same pattern repeating into the distance. On the sides of the reels are holes. A friendly (maybe a little nerdy) worm will pop its head out from time to time – sometimes you will see several of them.

On the reels the virus symbols start off in their dormant state. They are well drawn and spaced out enough that the game appears very fast and clear. When you win, the viruses spring into life. Not only with teeth and eyes, but with animations that flesh out their character. It is worth taking the Cyrus the Virus slot for a spin simply to enjoy these animations. You’ll quickly find your own favourite.

There is lively electronic music playing while you spin, which has a dance music feel to it. Plenty of sound effects are added, these depend on which virus you win with. There are smaller effects when wins are possible, in combination with the nerdy worm.

Will the Cyrus the Virus Slot Get Under Your Skin?

Yggdrasil have created a lot of impressive slots, and this one is more than worth a quick spin! It is not a complex game and does not have free spins or second screen bonuses. Instead the balance between solid, enjoyable game-play and big win potential is the main draw. The characters on the reels are fun. I like the contrast between the regular / dormant viruses, and the entertaining characters that appear when you win.

The highlight, both in terms of visual effects and big-win potential, is the expanding wild. This appears with an excellent animation, and hangs around, looking weird, for a free respin.

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