Chef Wars from Arrows Edge Gaming

A Simple Online Slot with a TV Chef Style Bonus Game

Chef Wars Slot from Arrows EdgeFood has become an entertainment niche. These days there are celebrity chefs, TV gameshow cooking competitions, and even restaurant rescue type shows as pioneered by celebs like Gordon Ramsay. While you will not find that fiery celeb chef on the reels, you will find an entertaining and fast-paced slot which is worth a spin. The style is simple and cartoon-like, and you’ll get a female host (a chef of course) besides the reels while you spin.

While there is a bonus game, the big draw for many players will be the larger than average line wins. If you line up the top paying symbols, you could be looking at a 5,000-coin prize. Considering this is a 20-line slot, that is not bad at all. When you do get a bonus game, you can win up to 1000x your bet, by seeing how a panel of judges like your dishes.

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Setup of the Chef Wars Slot

The look of the reels is a TV studio. There are spotlights pointing to the 5 reels, each with 3 rows of symbols. You can control the number of lines for this game. The default is 20, with bets from 1c per line and up. Make sure you double check the ‘total bet’ before you spin. I have noticed that Arrows Edge games set this amount higher than some slot software providers as a default.

I was unsure of whether the blue arrow of green blurred circle was the spin button first time around. It turned out that the blue arrow is the auto-play button. This gives you the option to choose up to 50 spins without clicking each time. The button with the question mark on the left of the controls will bring up the pay table and details of the bonus game.

Arrows Edge Jackpot Slot: Chef Wars

Winning Symbols: Reels Fall with a ‘Clink’

While I am not a fan of the cheesy TV gameshow style music, the clinking of plates sound effect when the reels stop is a nice detail. You will get encouragement (at random) from the chef next to the reels too.

A silver plate, with cover opening to show the letters ‘CW’ is a special symbol in several ways. This is the only simple which needs just 1 in the left-hand column to trigger a win. Admittedly that win is only 2 coins, though it all adds up!

This is also the wild symbol, and the highest paying symbol by a big margin. It pays 5000 coins for the maximum 5 of a kind. This logo symbol substitutes for the regular symbols, though not the gold cup bonus symbol.

Next on the pay table comes another contestant. This skinny guy has a long nose, and a 2000-coin top prize for the maximum 5 of a kind. The trophy comes next paying a scatter win of up to 100x your bet for 5. Unique symbols are completed by 2 meals. These are too small to get the tiny details from, though to the best of my knowledge they do look ‘well plated’.

Playing cards make the smaller wins, there are 6 in place – aces down to nines.

Bonus Game in the Chef Wars SlotWinning Dish Bonus Game

Unusually when you have a picks game, there is one item which ends the game – often with a ‘collect’ message instead of a prize. This bonus game does it differently, you simply choose all of the 8 covered plates, one at a time.

To trigger this bonus, you need 3 or more of the gold trophy symbols. When you hit 2 the reels will take longer to stop and speed up – increasing the excitement levels for a while.

When you see the dishes, you will also see that the chef from the main game now looks worried. Her hands are on her face while you pick. When you click on a silver plate two things happen. First, the cover is lifted, revealing a prize. Second, you see a judging panel of 3 people giving their verdict (with a thumbs up).

I get that the idea is to replicate a game-show from TV. At the same time simply picking all 8 plates and getting a prize for each does not make for too engaging a bonus game!

Cartoon Chefs and TV Studio Design

As with many Arrows Edge slots, the overall design is simple, though there are some nice small touches which really add to the game. Here the host is the main feature. She will not only react to your play, she will actively offer encouragement, using audio as well as video. The reels are semi-transparent, revealing a knife and fork logo and TV studio kitchen beyond.

Playing card symbols have been designed as more curvy than with many games. They do dominate the reels a little. By contrast, the plates with food are a little too detailed – you have no chance at all of seeing those if you are playing this slot on a smaller mobile device.

Should You Tuck into a Session on Chef Wars?

I think this game is worth a spin or two. It is simple, fast and has an entertaining theme which I have not seen replicated by any other slot software house. There are some bigger line wins available, which is the main attraction. Most slots try to appeal with their bonus games. Here you simply click each plate in turn, and then count up your total. While this is not the best bonus out there, it at least has the potential for some bigger wins.

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