Avalon 2 Slot Review

The Amazing Avalon 2 Slot from MicroGaming

I have played literally 100’s of MicroGaming slots over the years – and Avalon 2 is among the very best. This slot is based on the King Arthur legends, is dark and atmospheric and has a quest style bonus game. That feature sees you travel through a map, triggering different bonuses as you go. These are interactive and have superb graphics… best of all, if you make it to the end the quest, you can win some seriously big money in the Avalon wheel bonus game at the end.

The kicker for me? You can spin the reels for just 30c a pop!

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Avalon 2 Detailed Review of the MicroGaming Slot

Avalon 2 Slot – Dark, Brooding, All-Ways Base Game

All the characters you’d expect from the Arthurian legends are on the reels. You’ll find King Arthur himself, Merlin the wizard, Guinevere and the deadly black knight. The prizes are topped by the logo symbol. This is a wild, meaning it can substitute for other symbols to create extra wins.

With an all-ways system in place, those wilds are extra beneficial. Wins are triggered by hitting symbols on consecutive reels from the left-hand side. On a regular slot, these symbols would need to be on win-lines. On all-ways games like Avalon 2, wins come from consecutive symbols in any position. This increases the chances of hitting wins, as you can’t ‘miss’ a win line.

One special symbol I have yet to mention is the holy grail scatter. This triggers the bonus games, though it also pays prizes. Grails do not need to be on consecutive reels. Instead they pay based on the total number in view. This can be up to 100x your bet amount if you get 5 in view.

Merlin and Lady of the Lake Random Features

Randomly triggered bonus features break up the play – adding to the overall interest in the game. There are two of these. One sees a big Merlin appear, he will award either cash prizes or a win multiplier at random. The lady of the lake is a visually impressive random bonus. This is an additional wild, which covers an entire reel. You will see an animated sequence, where the lady expands to cover all 3 positions – new wins are then calculated. Once again, all-ways slots work well with wilds!

Avalon 2 Slot Features

The Main Bonus Features… Amazing Variety of Games!

As well as paying ‘scatter’ prizes, the grail (which has a blue light coming from it) triggers the bonus games. You will need 3 of these anywhere in view to get things started. There is a short animated sequence at the start. You see mythical style mists which slowly clear, revealing an ancient map on an old scroll… this scroll plays a vital role in the bonuses. It shows a detailed map with different locations (like the ‘Lake of Legend’, ‘Morgan’s’ Keep’ and ‘Forest Falls’).

When you realize that each of these locations is a different bonus game, then the depth and breadth of this online slot hits you!

Here are the slot bonus games, with a few words of explanation about how each of them works:

Forge Excalibur at the Lake of Legends:

Before you get going on the quest, you are going to need a sword! This game sees you forge the legendary Excalibur from fragments. You do this by rolling a dice, which puts the different pieces together. If you get all the pieces, you win extra cash.

Choose Your Character at the Misty Vale:

This is the first of the free spins bonus games. You need to choose from the characters. Your pick becomes an extra wild symbol for 15 free spins. Not only will your new wild help to create extra wins, any wins which include that wild are doubled compared to what is on the pay table.

Choose a Shield at the Whispering Woods:

Each of the 5 shields you will see in this game has a cash prize attached. There is a small element of strategy involved. If you feel that your initial pick shows an amount which is too low – you get to pick again.

Expanding Wild Free Spins at Forest Falls:

The second of 3 different free spins bonus games. This time you get 20 spins. The big advantage here is that wilds will expand, and then move downwards on the reels until they drop off the bottom of the screen.

Choose a Helmet at the Dusky Moors:

Before you are ready for the final part of your quest, you’ll need to pick a helmet. This game sees you pick several of them. Each unique helmet that you reveal increases your win multiplier. That win is triggered when you match a pair of them.

Rolling Reels at Morgan’s Keep:

This last free spins bonus game introduces rolling reels into play. Here winning symbols disappear. The remaining symbols then fall into the gaps, with brand new ones appearing from above. This can create more wins – so the process repeats. Even better, your multiplier increases with each rolling reel win.

Fight the Black Knight in the Hall of Shadows:

This is the penultimate bonus game – and to progress further you need to kill the Black Knight. This is an amazing looking game, with brilliant graphics and animations. If you land a blow, you will win a cash prize.

Huge Wheel Wins on the Isle of Avalon:

If you reach the end of your quest, then you have already experienced bonus games which put other slots to shame. This wheel game does not have the colored segments you’ll find elsewhere. Instead the game is as dark and atmospheric as the slot itself. You spin a multi-ringed stone. Ideally, you hit the zero, which moves you into a new wheel with bigger prizes.

MicroGaming’s Avalon 2 Slot – Conclusion

An amazing looking slot, with a depth which you simply will not find elsewhere. This is one of the best games of any slot software house – and stands out among many strong titles in the MicroGaming range.

I recommend you check it out (and claim up to 250 free spins!) at www.unibet.com/casino now!

Play Avalon 2 at Unibet Casino

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