5Dimes Casino Deposit Methods Guide

The Best Way to Deposit and Withdraw from 5Dimes Casino and Sportsbook

Whether you want to enjoy the sportsbook, racebook, casino or poker room at 5Dimes – getting an understanding of the deposit and withdrawal options will save you time and effort.

Fortunately this long-running offshore brand has built its reputation as a trusted operator, and one which is adept at finding ways to get money on board from the US (and internationally). This guide takes you through the main options available, starting with how to deposit, then how to withdraw.

If you are new to 5Dimes, then my biggest message is this: Ignore the scruffy and retro looking website, since behind this you will find the best lines on major sports anywhere, plus a huge selection of casino games and a smaller but incredibly soft poker room (the Grand Poker Network).

This site is a case of not judging a book by its cover, see www.5dimes.eu for more.

How to Deposit at 5 Dimes Casino, Sportsbook and Poker Room

There are several choices outlined below, I strongly recommend that you start with your credit card… these do through first time so often at 5Dimes, that you will often not need to use the more ‘creative’ deposit methods at all.

Credit Card Deposits at 5Dimes:

Visa is the main card type in use, and this will be making an international payment. There are some security measures in place – including a $250 limit on your first deposit using your Visa Card. You will need to verify your phone number (an automated call comes and reads out a 4 digit PIN). Once you become a verified customer then the limits are relaxed and this becomes a very easy method.

Note that players / bettors from Maryland, Washington and Washington DC are not allowed to deposit at 5Dimes.

Person to Person Deposits at 5Dimes:

This term refers to the big money transfer companies which have offices in cities through the country and around the world. Think W-U and M-Gram! The way this works is that you take your funds to your local office, and have it wired over – not directly to 5Dimes, but to an individual that they will give you the details of (along with a tracking number). As long as this is within the 9am to 10pm time frame, the money should be in your account within hours. You can also withdraw this way.

While this deposit option does involve a trip to the local mall, it is a very reliable option. Minimum / maximums vary depending on the brand / option. Think $100 to $1000 range for the min / max and you are along the right lines.

Money Order Deposits at 5Dimes:

You can order one of these from convenience stores or specialist offices. They are pre-paid, and will need to be couriered to 5Dimes. Once received they are credited to your account immediately. There are fees associated with having these created (for the business making them, not from 5Dimes), this is balanced by the fact that your money will always get through this way.

Money Orders are also used for withdrawals.

Prepaid Card Deposits at 5Dimes:

The brands for these do change with new ones being created all the time. These currently include My CashCard, Amazon Gift Cards and Walmart Gift Cards. You’ll need to photograph these as well as entering the information online.

Again I recommend you speak to 5 Dimes customer services before you purchase to make sure that a particular brand is working well and to get specific instructions on how to deposit using it.

BitCoin Deposits at 5Dimes:

For those who are more technically minded, BitCoin makes a very easy and convienient funding option. You set up a BTC wallet at a provider such as www.coinbase.com, then fund it from your bank account. Once done you can fund your 5Dimes account almost instantly. This is more or less like any eWallet system – the key difference being the volatility in the exchange rate between BTC and USD while the coins are in your BitCoin wallet.

Traditional eWallets

Both Neteller and Skrill can be used for players outside of the US. These are mainstream eWallets which act as 3rd party systems sitting between your bank and the cashier. Most casinos and sportsbooks accept these, making them an ideal place to keep your gaming bankroll.

Account Transfers

If you know someone who already has an account at 5Dimes, then you can request a transfer between accounts. This system used to be common (especially for poker sites) though only a minority of sites offer it these days.

How to Withdraw from 5Dimes

If you are US based, then the most common withdrawal methods are cashiers check, money order or person-to-person transfer. Each of these comes with a fee, for example $40 for checks. You will also need to wait for it to be delivered. Person to Person uses the same wire system as for deposits, the money will be wired to you, along with a code number, and you will go and pick it up in person.

If you are outside of the US then Skrill and Neteller can also be used. These come with a $15 fee – which does not compare well with most sportsbooks / casinos, which do this for free.

Summary 5Dimes Deposits

A retro / ugly website hides one of the sharpest operators which are open to both US and worldwide players. 5Dimes have more than 200 casino games, amazing coverage in their sportsbook (with reduced juice lines) and a small but very soft poker room too.

Check out the latest special offers at www.5dimes.eu now!

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