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The Mental Toll of Tournament Poker Variance - LOL Donkaments

In the 2nd installment from the world of smaller stakes online tourneys, Matthew 'Yorkshire Pudding' Pitt reflects on the subject of variance.

When poker is going well for you and variance is on your side, it is the best game and easiest game in the world. Your pocket pairs flop sets all the time, your draws come in with alarming regularity and you can read your opponents like you can see their hole cards.

LOL Donkaments: Who Will You Meet in 180-Man Turbo Games?

I am happy to introduce a new writer today, Matthew 'Yorkshire Pudding' Pitt has been a blogger and poker journalist for many years, who also plays online poker tournaments. I love his unique style and great sense of humor and have asked him to bring some of his experiences in lower to mid buy-in tournaments to this blog in a new column titled 'LOL Donkaments'. We start off today with a look at the 180 Player Sit N Goes and some categories of opponent you will meet at the tables. If you enjoy this piece, I would appreciate you sharing it!

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