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What Can Avatars and Aliases Tell Us - LOL Donkaments

By Matthew "Yorkshire Pudding" Pitt

One of the first acts we perform as an online poker player is choosing the screen name that we will be known as for the rest of our careers; on some sites you can choose an alias, too. For some this is a simple task that requires no thought at all, but your alias and avatar can give off information to your opponents so you should choose yours wisely.

Quality Over Quantity: ROI vs Hourly Rate - LOL Donkaments

By Matthew "Yorkshire Pudding' Pitt

As a tournament poker player you have two ways that you can measure your results and success in. You can either look at your Return On Investment (ROI) or your hourly earn rate ($/hr). Both are perfectly acceptable yardsticks – in fact a lot of players use a mixture of the two – but aiming to increase one will almost always see the other fall.

Assumptions That Go Out of the Window at the Micros - LOL Donkaments

By Matthew "Yorkshire Pudding" Pitt

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres once said: “You should never assume. You know what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of you and me because that’s how it’s spelled.” DeGeneres must have been a micro-stakes poker player to come out with that piece of gold.

Five Sure Fire Signs That It is YOU Who is a Donk! LOL Donkaments

By Matthew "Yorkshire Pudding" Pitt

Hello? Is anyone here? Good. Then let’s begin. Hands up everyone who has ever banged their fists on the table in frustration as they are outdrawn and lose to some seemingly ridiculous two pair hand. Keep those hands up if you continually blame others for your lack of results. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you are probably a bigger donk than those players you are calling a donk.

For Crying Out Loud, Take a Shot Will You! LOL Donkaments

By Matthew "Yorkshire Pudding" Pitt

In many forms of life, poker included, you often have to speculate in order to accumulate. Putting it in simple poker terms for you fine people out there, you have to take the occasional shot at the big time if you want to make some serious money from this crazy game.

Online Poker Festivals, A Love-Hate Relationship - LOL Donkaments

By Matthew 'Yorkshire Pudding' Pitt

It sometimes feels like a month does not go by without a major online poker tournament festival taking place. Acronyms such as SCOOP, TCOOP, WCOOP, FTOPS, MiniFTOPS and MTOPS seem to dominate online poker sites’ offerings to tournament players. I’ve getting FEDUP of seeing them.

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