Top 5 SNG Strategy Articles For Intermediate Players

Focuses on 5 Sit N Go Strategy Articles Aimed At Players With Some SNG Experience
Who Are Looking To Improve Their Games

With the list of SNG Strategy articles here at SNG Planet growing all the time we have created this guide to the top Intermediate SNG Strategy articles. These are aimed at those players who have some experience playing Sit and Go tournaments and are looking to improve their game and / or move up the levels to increase their profits.

Top Intermediate SNG Strategy Articles

1. Introduction To ICM

The Independent Chip Model (ICM) is the cornerstone of bubble play. Find out how to convert your stacks into ‘prize pool equity’ and to use this information to make good push or fold decisions on the bubble. Even if your strategy does not follow ICM, many of your opponents will be using this – making it a must know for the serious sit n go player.

Introduction To The Independent Chip Model (ICM)

2. When To Move Up Levels In SNGs

This article’s primary focus is on how confident you can be that you are a winning player at your current level of Sit n Go play. Looks at how sample size affects your ROI (return on investment) and how you can use this information to decide whether it is appropriate to move up to the next level. Of course, some sites are tougher than others so moving up might be even easier at one of the fisher poker sites (see our poker room reviews section for more here)

When To Move Up Levels In SNGs

intermediate player strategy for sit n goes

3. Defining Opponent Calling Ranges In SNGs

A key skill in sit n go tournaments is the accurate assessment of the range of hands that an opponent will call with at the bubble. This article looks at 5 key ways of defining calling ranges – from reads during the game through to stack sizes and the site at which you play. I go into the subject of bubble play in a lot more detail in my course, the $16 per hour SNG Blueprint.

Assessing SNG Calling Ranges

4. How To Improve Your Bubble Play With An ICM Calculator

This article focuses on a specific SNG Poker Tool called ‘SNG Wizard’. This is used to analyze your play after a tournament has finished. It goes through your hand history and highlights any ‘mathematically incorrect’ pushes or calls. Great tool and a must for any player looking to move up to the higher levels where opponents are that much better at bubble play. You can take a 30 day free trial too. SNG Wiz is the industry leader by a long way, and now supports multi-table and double-or-nothing SNGs too!

Best SNG Software Tools

5. Guide To Multi-Tabling (Part #1)

Effective Multi-Tabling of SNG tournaments is a great way to improve your hourly rate. This article is the first in a 2 part series looking at the subject in some depth. Included is the effects of multi-tabling on your profit and ROI per game – Multi Table SNGs part #2 looks at some of the more practical requirements.

How To Multi Table SNGs, part #1

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Ready for the next level? The next list in this series looks at the Top 5 Advanced SNG Strategy Articles.

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