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SNG Tournaments At - The Complete Guide

Quick Summary: You will find some of the easiest profits from any Sit N Goes online at Party. Their big brand continue to attract first-time players and their bonuses and rewards have grown to become the best around! Their new software looks incredible, and has heralded significant changes in the rewards which favor leisure type players over the 'grinders'.

Here I outline the key info you need before choosing to play Sit N Goes at Party Poker. This will include details of what to expect, which games are the most profitable, and also information on the different types of games - including some excellent innovations.

Ongoing rewards, including reloads, loyalty bonuses and some excellent promotions keep players at Party Poker very happy. New players will get $30 in entries to the Party lottery SNGs, known as 'Spins' simply use Party Poker Bonus Code SNGPLANET when you join and make a small deposit to claim your tokens. This is just the start, you can unlock plenty more bonuses and tournament entries by completing easy 'challenges'.

Those first-time players have kept the games at Party Poker soft for many years, and this shows absolutely no sign of slowing down as we go into 2022. I recommend these games for people learning the game - check the SNGs at this leading site before anywhere else!




Party Poker are the brand that even non-poker players known. This ensures that many of the players you will meet in the SNG tournaments are novices and first-timers... making the games profitable for those who understand some poker strategy, and a safe place to learn for those players working on their game.

This unique Party Sit n Goes review covers 1-table and multi-table SNG tournaments. I start with the games, including some great variations and tips for finding the profitable tables. Next I give my summary and - to help you compare the different SNG sites - finish up with my 'Top 5 reasons to choose Sit N Goes at Party Poker'.

Party Poker SNG Tournaments Review - 1-Table Sit N Goes

Standard Sit and Go tournaments at Party are 10 or 6 handed. They come in 3 speeds with regular games featuring 10 minute blinds, speed games 5 minute blind levels and turbo games 2 minutes. Starting stacks are 2000 chips with 20 / 40 starting blinds. Payouts are in the standard 50% / 30% / 20% format, with the fee included in the buy-in price.

One thing to note at Party is that the fees are higher below the $5 level, this makes the games difficult to beat for a high percentage return, even with the numerous first time players! I recommend players wanting to play the < $5 level Sit N Goes choose Titan Poker instead, you can read my Titan Poker SNGs Review here.

The full list of buy-in levels is: $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000 and $2000.

You can play No Limit Holdem and Fixed Limit Holdem SNGs + Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and 7-Stud at Party.

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Variations On The Standard 1-Table Games

Party Poker Sit & Go HeroThere are several SNG variations available, including Double-or-nothing SNGs, Steps, Satellite qualifiers and the Giant Stack Sit N Go Tournaments.

Double-or-Nothing games are a recommendation for this site. These are busy, come in many formats and feature less of the 'small stakes pro grinders' than many other sites. Steps start at $1 with a payout of 4.5k WPT Package for winning Step 6, the idea here is that you win your way up the scale of higher buy-in games by finishing 1st or 2nd, with 3rd and 4th giving you tickets to try again. These games are popular everywhere now, and were originally created at Party Poker. Finally early stage satellites for the big online tournaments come in SNG format - as with all the games at Party, the standard of opponent is low and the games very profitable indeed for thinking players.

A recent and very welcome addition to the line-up are the 'Sit & Go Hero' games. These are special in 2 different ways. The format is 4 handed, with super-turbo blinds. The prize pool is random, and can reach jackpot proportions! Added to this you get a bounty for each opponent you knock out, which is also random. This is as fresh and new as poker gets these days, and I recommend you check them out for yourself soon!

Party Poker SNG Tournaments Review - Multi-Table Sit And Goes

Multi-table SNGs are quiet compared to the 1-table games at Party Poker. These come in 18 and 36 player sizes, in standard or turbo format and in No-Limit Holdem poker. When the games do get started you will notice they are super-soft, since there is not enough for any 'grinders' to multi-table these games fill up with 'fun' players. Once again I would advise you to stick to the $11+ games to avoid paying excessive fees.

Party Poker SNGs - Summary And Planet Mark's 5 Reasons To Choose This Site For SNGs

Easy games is the key reason to choose Party, with their big brand name attracting new players from all over the world to the tables. What you should also consider at this site are the generous ongoing bonuses. One thing I love about Party is that you can buy bonuses via the loyalty scheme, and while you clear this bonus the same points collected are accumulating ready to buy the next one! With tons of promotions and reload bonuses too you will find yourself extremely well looked after by this site.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons To Choose SNGs at Party Poker

#1 - Easy Games: More first time players learning about poker strategy than any other site ensure that the games are easier than anywhere else online - this certainly applies to the lower and mid-level SNG tournaments.

#2 - Generous Rewards: Your $30 spins tokens bonus is just a starting point at Party, it is with the loyalty rewards via special challenges and 1-off promotions that this site really stand out. With between 20% and 40% cashback paid automatically every Monday, you'll be rewarded based on your volume of play too.

#3 - Steps SNG Tournaments: The original Steps are played for cash and not tournament entries like those at some of the other sites. I recommend these to new players, not only for the chance of winning a $4.5k WPT Package, but for the experience you will gain while moving up and down the ladder with 'try again' tokens.

#4 - Choose Your Own Seat: You join SNGs by clicking on the table and joining a free seat. This means that once you get to know who the regular players and the fish are at your level you can choose the perfect position - across from the regulars and with the fish on your right!

#5 - Hero SNGs: I really like this new format. It would have been easy to copy the same Sit N Go format that everyone else has been using (3 players, random prizes). What Party did was come up with something new by adding bounties (and the extra player) into the mix. 

Party are a top choice, epecially for newer players and those looking for profitable games to multi-table. Make sure you check out the amazing for yourself now!

Sit n goes at Party Poker in 2019
$30 in tokens with Bonus Code SNGPLANET

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