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Complete Guide To SNG Tournaments At The Awesome Full Tilt Poker

Notice: Full Tilt Poker has merged with PokerStars, with accounts on the 2 sites now combined. Many aspects of the original site, including the famous avatars are now available at PokerStars. You can enjoy the bigger combined site at www.pokerstars.com – use marketing code PSP3108 when you register and STARS600 when you make your first deposit and you’ll get up to 3 welcome bonuses!

Quick Summary: Full Tilt Poker are now owned and operated by PokerStars' parent company Amaya. They have plenty of traffic and a huge range of Sit n Goes to choose from. What I love about this site is the software, which was already colorful and smooth is improving all the time. You can now get weekly cashback through the Edge rewards system, and this SNG focused review shows you how you can double the points you earn from SNGs to get even bigger rewards.

This review covers both the single table and multi-table Sit N Goes at Full Tilt poker in depth. My SNG reviews are in a standard format which will allow you to compare the sites easily – a list of the main reviews  is on the left hand side. Just a quick note that this site are not available in the US, or in the segregated European markets at this point.

Full Tilt offer a generous 100% to $600 welcome bonus, + an excellent loyalty scheme called ‘Edge’. Their promos are famous for being innovative and generous – and include ongoing deals like leaderboards, plus occasional features - one that SNG fans should look out for is the fast and furious SNG Madness, which involves an entire weekend of crazy 1-table tournament action. Click here to check out the awesome Full Tilt SNGs for yourself!


Full Tilt Poker SNGs Review - In Detail


With traffic settling at the 30k mark there are plenty enough players for action at the lower to mid level SNGs. This site make it easy to enjoy several tables at once, and currently have a great balance of players - with a lot of first time players as well as the established 'regs'. They were true innovators before the shutdown, and their software is still leading edge, and improving all the time too! I'll start by telling you about the 1 table SNGs, then variations on the standard game formats – before covering multi-table games, bonuses and promos and then the ‘5 reasons to play’ section and my final summary. Just a note to say that all of the SNG reviews are in this format, which allows you to compare them side-by-side.

Full Tilt Poker SNGs Guide – 1 Table Sit N Goes

First up, the buy-ins for the games have changed over to round amounts – so rather than a $5+50c, we have $5 games which are actually $4.65c+35c (Turbo example). This should at least make it nice and clear how much you are spending on each game! Holdem dominate the games, though you can also find Omaha, Draw and HORSE SNGs at Full Tilt.

Standard table sizes are 2, 6 and 9 players, with buy-ins ranging from $0,5 up to $2,500 and 1500 starting chips. There are standard speed (6 minute blinds), Turbo (3 minute blinds) and Super-Turbo (3 minute blinds + 300 chip starting stacks). The ‘standard’ increases are not as fast as they seem from the 6 minute interval – since there are smaller blind increments than many other sites including a 40 / 80 and 60 / 120 level.

These games are easy to multi-table, which does attract the ‘grinder’ crowd. I recommend making notes on those players registered for 4+ games in the lobby and make sure you take notes on their style of play and ranges they use. There are plenty of novices players at the $25 and below levels, so the games can be very profitable.

Variations On 1-Table SNGs

Steps are the key variation, these allow you to win tokens for the main tournament buy-ins ($8.80c, $26 and $75) or go all the way to Step 7 to win massive cash prizes. Omaha and Super-turbo variations are available – as are multi-table ‘Step Zero’ qualifiers, which get you a ticket into the Step 1 games. I have a dedicated article on the Steps SNGs at different sites here.

Matrix SNGs are a variation unique to FTP. Here you have 4 games running at once and prizes are awarded based on an aggregate of your performance over the 4 games. This evens out the chance element somewhat, though you will need to be familiar with multi-tabling before you start. You can now also find Jackpot Sit N Goes, these are 3-handed, super-turbo speed and give you the chance to win between 2x and 2000x your buy-in.


Full Tilt Poker SNGs Review – Multi-Table SNG Tournaments

Lots of combinations to choose from starting at 4 players (2x rounds of heads-up), and going up to my personal favorite – the 90 player Knockout Bounty SNGs. In between we have 18, 27 and 45 player games, 54 player super-turbos, 36 player ‘Rush On Demand’ tournaments (these start with 36 players though usually get 130+ players by the time late registration has finished) and 180 player SNGs for Full Tilt Points only.

If you enjoy the multi-table games I recommend you check the main ‘Tournaments’ screen in the lobby. There are some lower buy-in MTT SNG variations at the top of the list here, and these tend to attract the casual players checking out the tournaments. This means they run more often and are easier to beat than the equivalent games buried in the SNG lobby – which may attract more specialists.

A new addition to the MTT Sit N Goes are the 'Flipout' tournaments, these start from 36 players and have a unique twist. Everyone is all-in for every hand until the bubble bursts, at which point the game reverts to a standard format. These are very entertaining, and manage to cut out all of the slow part of the game before the prize money starts.

FullTilt Sit N Goes – Bonuses / Promotions

In addition to the standard rewards there are some specifics for SNG Players which I hope will be returning soon. You can keep an eye on my blog (especially for SNG Madness, I’ll shout loud when this comes back). First the standard stuff.

As a new player you get a 100% match on your first deposit up to $600. This is complimented by the ‘Edge’ rewards system, which gives you weekly cash-back depending on your level within the scheme and the amount of points you have earned. This starts at a 5% rebate on fees and could go as high as 25%. See my main sites page for reviews and comparisons which includes the rewards offered at different sites. If you are the first 2 players to join a SNG then you earn double points, a great way of boosting your weekly cash returns!

Specific for SNG fans are the leaderboards and special events. Leaderboards come in 6 variations, for lower and higher 1-table players and 4 different categories for heads-up players. You can win up to 20 buy-ins for your favorite games each month, and even getting into the top 100 gets you 1 buy-in. Special events really center around SNG Madness, keep an eye on http://www.sitandgoplanet.com/blog/index.php and I'll keep you posted next time this excellent promo runs!

Full Tilt Poker SNGs – 5 Reasons To Choose Full Tilt

  1. Great Software: What amazed me when I got back after the shutdown is that their software is still the best, even after giving rivals 16 months to catch up. The PokerStars team have already made a lot of changes, and we can be sure that there are more in the pipeline.
  2. Steps SNGs: Tournament tokens are available all the way up, a great way to qualify for those occasional big events as well as the smaller buy-in regular games.
  3. Bonuses / Rewards: While the 100% matched welcome bonus is pretty much standard,  I like the simplicity of the ‘Edge’ system, and the e-mail that comes on Friday with your cash reward! For high volume (or value) players there is now the excellent 'Black Card' system too (see the Full Tilt website for the big rewards associated with this card).
  4. Variations and Innovations: Shootouts, Flipout SNGs, Jackpot SNGs… Full Tilt have been leaders in pushing forward the boundaries of SNG play.
  5. Safety / Security / Transfers: With this site now owned and run by Rational Group, who own Pokerstars, the best security in the business is involved – you can even transfer balances from Pokerstars so you can check out the games.

I love Full Tilt, and look forward to new developments and innovations in the future. You can check out their SNG offerings via this link.


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