Sit N Go Strategy - Keep That Bubble Alive!  

Bubbles Are Great If You Are The Big Stack.
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Why might you want to keep the bubble of a sit n go going? Usually your objective is to get into the money and then go for the first place! Well getting to first place can be greatly assisted by keeping all of your opponents stacks as small as possible… sometimes a tiny stack at the bubble can give you the opportunity to take chips from your medium stacked opponents. The idea is that they do not want to go out in 4th while there is still a tiny stack at the table – you use this fact to your advantage!

Below is an example of such a situation. Your stack is big enough that losing a hand to either of the ‘medium stacks’ still leaves you with a comfortable chip lead. The very small stack is immediately to your right and is almost all-in by posting the big blind. In this example we assume that the blinds are 200 and 400 (chips shown before posting the blinds).

C/O: 2100

Button: 2100

Small Blind (You!): 8500

Big Blind: 500

In this situation you can strongly consider folding your small blind to the small stack – even if you are dealt a strong hand. He will then have 700 chips and you 8300. You give up the chance to bust the small stack because you can create an even more favorable situation by raising the other guys! In this example you can raise enough to put the medium stacks all-in on the next 2 hands. A net gain of 1200 chips.

It is not just the immediate gain in chips which is the important factor here. Once the bubble does burst and you arrive in the money places you may well have an even bigger chip lead than before. Each chip you take while the bubble is still going gives you a greater chance of getting 1st place later.

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One thing you need to be careful with is making sure that your opponents have enough understanding of bubble play to make this work. If the medium stacked players are oblivious to anything but their own cards then this Sit N Go strategy is less effective. Having said that even a basic understanding will lead most medium stacked players to fold all but the best hands in this type of situation.

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