Top 5 Advanced SNG Strategy Articles

Lists Those Articles Aimed At Players With Good SNG Experience Who Are Looking
For Strategy Ideas To Improve Their Games.

SNG Planet caters for players at all experience levels. This final top 5 list is aimed at those who already have experience in playing sit n go tournaments. All of the articles listed build on a solid SNG strategy by providing ‘food for thought’ on various aspects of the game – after all, winning poker players know that they should never stop trying to improve!

Advanced SNG Strategy Articles

1. Beyond ICM – A Turbo SNG Strategy That Is ‘Outside The Box’

SNG Professional and veteran of more than 10K SNGs Albatross77 wrote this excellent piece. It explains his plan of taking slightly -$ev gambles in order in order to avoid worse situations later in the game. A great Sit n Go Strategy from a proven winner. What I like about this article is how well it has stood the test of time... almost 5 years old and the strategy ideas can be implemented quickly and easily in todays more 'math-based' game.

Turbo SNG Strategy ‘Outside The Box’

advanced strategy for sit n goes

2. How To Exploit SNG Multi-Tablers

This article covers some strategy adjustment ideas for playing against opponents who multi-table. The concept is that they will be playing a ‘simple yet effective’ style looking to make easy decisions. If you can adjust to this system then chips are freely available, especially during the early to middle stages. This one goes well with a more recent article on how to take good notes, once you know what your opponent's bets mean - it is just a matter of time before their chips are yours!

 How To Exploit Multi-Tablers

3. SNG ROI vs Winning Players

An advanced bankroll management for SNGs article. This one looks at how other winning players at the table affect your potential expectation. The math clearly shows that just 3 other ‘known winners’ have a dramatic effect on your ROI. Another one which has stood the test of time brilliantly.

SNG ROI vs Winning Players

4. Advanced SNG Bubble Strategy – Keeping The Bubble Alive

Looks at how to play the bubble with a big stack, 2 medium stacked opponents and 1 micro stack. Keeping the bubble alive can result in taking the chips of both medium stacked opponents – meaning that when it finally bursts you have maximized your chances of 1st place! You can try this in multi-table tournaments too... works great at the final table where the mid-stacks are waiting for a micro-stack to bust before they make their moves.

Advanced Bubble Strategy – Keeping The Bubble Alive

5. SNG Middle Game – The Push Over Limpers

Opponents limping when the blinds are 100 (or more) can present some excellent opportunities to chip-up during the middle stages. Looks in detail at the math behind pushing with a reasonable hand over several limpers – and shows when this is a positive expectation move.

Mid Levels SNG Strategy – The Push Over Limpers

With new strategy articles on SNGs, MTTs and Satellite Qualifiers every week remember to come back to SNG Planet soon!

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