World Series Qualifiers at Party Poker for 2017

A ‘Las Vegas Poker Party’ Could be Yours from Just 1c at Party Poker

The blurb for what I am calling the 2017 WSOP qualifiers at Party Poker made me smile this time around.

There is nothing too different about the sequence of satellite tournaments, and qualifiers with guaranteed packages every Sunday. What is notable is just how hard Party Poker go about NOT mentioning that their prizes are for the World Series of Poker.

Instead you can win a vacation / party package, which involves $12,000 (paid into your Party account) to enter a poker tournament which just happens to be taking place shortly after you land in Las Vegas on the 7th of July 2017. As an extra boost, the first 10 qualifiers also get a trip over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. Having done that trip myself I will say it is a proper bucket-list item. There is also a pool party and golf day scheduled.

With $12,000 in cash and no way to make sure you turn up, I do wonder how many winners of these packages will go to Vegas. That is for you to decide. The opportunity is certainly there. You can check the details over at (use my bonus code SNGPLANET for your free $20 or 100% matched welcome bonus!)

Party Poker WSOP Qualifiers 2018

Vegas Poker Party Qualifier Schedule

This is a simple enough qualifier schedule.

You start with a $22 buy-in ‘Quarter Final’. These happen every day at 16:00 and 02:00 BST (British Summer Time). These games will award prizes of seats in the Semi-Final, which also run daily. These games have a buy-in of $109 if you want to go direct. They run an hour later than the lower buy-in events at 17:00 and 03:00.

You will take your finishing chips through to the final – which adds some interest to the games. If you qualify more than once for the final, then your biggest stack is used (they are not combined).

The finals have a $1050 buy-in, and award 10x $12,000 prize packages every week. These run every Sunday at 21:00 BST. Starting stacks for these games are 100,000 chips!

Getting to Vegas / Activities

WPT500 Las Vegas Party PokerIt is up to you when you fly and what tournaments you enter while there. As I mentioned above, you are handed $12k in cash which is paid to your player account. It is then entirely up to you what to do with it. Party do state that they would love you to wear one of their patches if you *ahem* happen to play in the main event… I’m not too sure how many people would be willing to advertise for free. If you would, then let me know, and I’ll have some SNG Planet patches made!

The dates that Party Poker list are Friday the 7th July, through to Friday the 14th July.

On the 7th there is a party in a Vegas nightclub.

Just by chance, the WSOP Main Event starts on the 8th July with day 1A.

There is a pool party on the 9th, golf day on the 11th (not sure if this is at Topgolf or some proper course) and the Grand Canyon trip is on the 13th.

Day 4 of the Main Event is on the 14th. If you made it that far, I am sure that any expense for rearranging your flight will seem like small change.

One more thing, the Aria is the official Party hotel. Since you are using your own cash for this, you are free to choose whichever hotel you wish for your stay. If you are not familiar, Aria is a newer (by Strip standards) hotel with a mid-range price tag. The World Series takes place at the Rio, though this is located a little way away from the Strip itself.

So, head on over to Party Poker (where the games remain as soft as ever), claim your welcome bonus with Party Poker bonus code SNGPLANET, and hopefully we will meet in Vegas!

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Other Notable Live Tournament Qualifiers at Party Poker

Party Poker (or rather their holding company Bwin.Party) own the World Poker Tour brand, and run a lot of excellent live events around the world.

Keeping with the Las Vegas theme, you can enjoy the WTP500, which takes place in parallel with the WSOP starting June the 26th. This is held at the Aria resort and casino and has a $565 buy-in. The combo of smaller buy in, WSOP running and big prize pool can make this an excellent event. If you read this page in time, there is also a WTP500 event in LA starting May 21st.

You’ll find the PowerFest online events at Party Poker also have plenty of satellites – and some huge prize pools too. The next event, which runs May 7th to 21st, has a massive $20 million in guaranteed prizes.

Most pros do not look far beyond PokerStars these days. One look at the Party Poker tables will show you how different the games are there.

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2018 Party Poker WSOP Satellite Qualifiers
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