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  • Fast Growing Network (catching iPoker)
  • Fish Party Progressive Jackpot Lottery SNGs
  • Free 5 Tournament Token
  • Soft Games at All Levels

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  • 200% Match Up To 1000
  • No Bonus Code Needed (use links)
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Unique SNG Review Of Red Kings Poker On The MicroGaming Poker Network, Big Profits + Friendly Site

<p><strong>Try GG Instead: </strong>Red Kings Poker is gone. While I'm sorry to see it go, my new home - GGPoker - is even better.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Innovative software and new game formats, a massively recreational player base (think soft games) and plenty of events / promos. Even the bonus is new. You get $100 in tokens, plus up to $350 more via a unique 'Honeymoon' promotion.</p>

<p>GGPoker has shot up the traffic rankings, and for very good reasons. Check out the latest offers now over at <strong><a href="http://www.sitandgoplanet.com/go/ggpoker" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.ggpoker.com</a></strong>!</p>

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Quick Summary: There is a lot more action on the MicroGaming Network than there used to be. In fact, this network is fast catching up iPoker in terms of player numbers. Thanks to MPN being made up of many European sports betting brands, there are always players in the games that are brand new to poker. This keeps the games soft, and the colourful, professional looking software keeps the action flowing too. 

In addition to the usual range of regular and turbo 1-table tournaments, you'll find an innovative twist on the Lottery Sit N Go theme at MicroGaming. These 3 handed games feature progressive jackpots rather than the fixed prizes found elsewhere. There are also a lot of satellite qualifiers, and heads-up games too. Note that these games are in Euros and not the more common US dollars. 

Red Kings has always been generous - and I'm happy to see this continue after the move from OnGame to MicroGaming. You'll get a 200% welcome bonus to kick off, followed by an excellent loyalty scheme which can take you up to the maximum 30% returns on this network. I also recommend you check out the special bonus the first time you are dealt 2 red kings (hint - this improves if you lose the hand at showdown!). There are also plenty of promotions to enjoy. Check out the homepage at www.redkings.com for the latest offers. 



MicroGaming Poker Network Sit N Goes at Red Kings

The recent move to MicroGaming has been a big boost in terms of traffic and variations for sit and go players at Red Kings. With increased liquidity, state of the art software and a ton of different games, there is something for everyone. This review starts with 1 table SNG’s, while the next section covers the popular Fish Party Jackpot Games. I finish with my usual ‘5 Reason to play’ based around a site which has been a favourite of mine for many years –  Red Kings!

MicroGaming Poker Network SNG Tournaments At Red Kings Poker – 1-Table Sit N Goes

At Red Kings you’ll find the sit and goes follow the almost standard formula of heads up games, 6-max and full tables of 9. The fee is 10% for the regular speed games, which reduces to 8% for turbo games and a further reduction to 6% for super turbo games. The regular and turbo games both start with 2,000 chips with levels of 10 minutes and 6 minutes respectively, while the super turbo tournaments sees players start with 500 chips with 3 minute levels. These games fill relatively quickly, especially at the lower stakes level up to €20.

You’ll also find some very low buy-in flip tournaments in the sit and go lobby with entry to satellites for the winners. You’ll also find double up games, although the higher than average fee for these games might persuade you to leave these alone and play the standard games instead!. There are also sit and goes available at other poker formats such as Omaha and Razz, although you should be prepared for a wait for a table to fill if you are playing anything other than heads up.

Buy-ins for the sit and goes range from just €0.11 all the way up to €215, the €215 seeing a further reduction in the fees.

MPN SNG Tournaments At Red Kings Poker – Fish Party Lottery Sit N Goes

The Fish Party games are a new and unique take on the popular lottery Sit N Go format. These are fast paced 3 player games where the prize pool is decided by the spin of a slot machine. The minimum payout for the winner is double the stake, although the prizes can go much higher and the beauty of the games is the fact that there is no upper limit. This is due to the progressive Jackpot nature of the Fish Party which start at 5,000x the buy-in but tick progressively upwards. At time of writing the Jackpot prize for the €1 games was a staggering €35,000, so there is certainly money to be made! Buy-ins come in 5 levels - €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50.

This video is an introduction to the Fish Party games from MicroGaming. You can see my comparison of all the major lottery Sit N Goes in this detailed article. Of course, you could always check them out for yourself at www.redkings.com instead!


MicroGaming Sit N Goes At Red Kings Poker – Summary And Planet Mark's 5 Reasons To Play

In summary, you’ll find the combination of good (and growing!) traffic levels and soft / recreational play at the Red Kings sit and go tables, these added to by the generous promotions and bonuses for both new and existing players.

5 Great Reasons To Choose Red Kings Poker For Your SNG Play

1# - Soft Opponents! – With many on the skins on the MicroGaming Poker Network being big betting brands, there’ll be many recreational players at the tables.

2# - Good Choice of Games – With heads up tables, 6 seaters and full 9 player sit and goes at all stake levels, there is something for everyone. Play with a solid strategy and you’re sure to see that bankroll increase steadily.

3# - Fish Party – These fast paced games are exciting, fun and best of all – money-spinning! And yes, as the name says, they do attract the fish, so ride that variance and watch the cash roll in. You might even get lucky and hit that progressive jackpot win.

4# - Bonuses and Promotions – With a big 200% welcome bonus of up to €1,000 (plus a €5 tournament token) as well as a variety of freeroll tickets signing up certainly comes loaded with rewards. The bonuses don’t stop there, as the impressive loyalty scheme sees additional bonuses, tickets and rakeback (up to the network max of 30%) come your way.

5# - Good Traffic Levels – With the large player base on the MicroGaming Poker Network, you’ll not have to wait long to find a hold’em sit and go, making those profits easier to come by... with this network growing, things can only get better in this respect..

I think you will now see why Red Kings is a personal favorite of mine, and that the move to MPN is a big plus – make sure you check them out for yourself- click here to visit Red Kings Poker Now.

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