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A Complete Guide To SNGs Betfair Poker On The iPoker Network

Quick Summary: Betfair have been on the move again – shifting from OnGame to the super-soft iPoker Network. This is great news for their players, who not only have a bigger choice of Sit N Goes (both the total number and the varieties available), but also access to some of the softest games around…

The reason iPoker Sit N Goes are so soft is due to the recreational nature of their player base. This network is made up of many huge sports-betting brands, including William Hill and Paddy Power, who pool their players together to offer a huge poker site. Since a lot of the players cross over from the betting side, the games (including Sit N Goes) are the easiest you will find anywhere.

Another great reason the iPoker move worked out is that you can now play the famous Jackpot Sit N Goes at Betfair. Win 6 of these in a row for a jackpot of up to €35,000!

Finally for the summary, Betfair really do know how to look after their players – not only with a huge welcome bonus (200% matched, up to €1500 max) + a free bet, but with ongoing promos and offers which keep Betfair players fiercely loyal. You can check out the latest and greatest offers over at

This is my detailed look at Sit N Goes at This is part of a unique series of reviews which are tailored to the needs of Sit N Go fans. It follows a standard format, so that you can compare the different sites side-by-side. I start with the standard 1-table tournaments, then variations on that theme, next multi-table SNGs before I get into my ‘5 reasons’ that you might choose Betfair.

Betfair Poker Sit N Goes Review - In Detail
Your Guide To iPoker Network's Famously Soft Games!


Betfair Poker are the 4th biggest site online, and are a solid number #1 when it comes to how easy their games are to beat! This unique Sit and Go specific review covers 1-table and multi-table SNGs - including the fantastic Jackpot SNG tournaments + other variations. I'll with my usual summary and '5 Reasons to Play' section at the bottom.

If you have not yet discovered Betfair Poker for yourself then a pleasant surprise is waiting for you - the famous iPoker fish are the kind of opponents that profitable poker players dream of playing against!

Betfair Poker SNG Tournaments Guide - 1-Table Sit N Goes

You’ll have a huge choice of single table tournaments at Betfair’s new home. There are 3 speeds to choose from: Standard games with 7 minute blind levels, Turbo games with 4 minute levels and Super-Turbo games with crazy 2 minute levels. There are 9, 6, 4 and 2 player games available.

No-Limit Holdem is the main game, with buy-ins going from €0,86+€0,14 through €1,72+€0,28 (note the 14% rake, I recommend you skip those and start at the €4,53+€0,47 level instead), the high end games go all the way to €4950+€50 (wow!). The main action is at the €18,18+€1,82 level and below, with just a few games at any time.

Fixed-Limit Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Razz Limit, 7 Card Stud Limit and 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo Sit N Goes are also available, though only the occasional low buy-in games see any traffic.

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iPoker sit n go variationsVariations On The Standard Format

Lots to choose from here, including the massively popular Double Up games where half of the entrants get double their buy-in. Other variations include ‘Flip’ games (fun games rather than any strategy involved), satellite qualifiers to both online and live tournaments, and best of all the infamous Jackpot Sit N Goes – which pay you a jackpot of up to €35,000 for winning 6 in a row. Finally, you can play ‘Steps’ Sit N Goes, which give you the chance to work your way up through the buy-ins to win entries into some of the biggest tournaments around.

Betfair Poker / iPoker SNG Tournaments - Multi-Table Sit And Goes

The ‘MTT Sit N Goes’ are reasonably popular and come in sizes ranging from 2 tables (both 12 player 6-max and 18 / 20-player 9 / 10-max), through 30 and 100 player games. You’ll have to wait a while for some of these to start – however this is balanced by the fact that once they do, you’ll find yourself in the easiest multi-table Sit N Goes anywhere.

Betfair Poker Sit N Go Review - Jackpots

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iPoker 2 Sit N Go Tournaments At Betfair Poker – 5 Reasons To Choose Betfair

#1 - Huge Welcome Bonus: 200% matched to your first deposit, clearing in €10 increments into your account + €15 in tournament tickets + €5 in chips to try out risk free the casino games – a great start for your poker bankroll!

#2 - Soft iPoker Opponents: With so many big sports-betting brands pooling together players on the iPoker Network, this is one of the online game’s best kept secrets – check those crazy opponents out for yourself.

#3 - Security Of A Household Name: Peace of mind, not only are Betfair a trusted household name, they are listed on the London Stock Exchange – compare this to an unknown based on some Caribbean island!

#4 - Jackpot SNG: Turning a small buy-in into a big jackpot has never been easier. Win 6 Sit N Goes in a row to win a between €2000 and €35,000!

#5 - Ongoing Promotions: There is a good reason why Betfair players are famously loyal, they are well looked after with a combination of leaderboards, reloads and an ever changing list of one-off and special promos. Keep an eye on the Betfair website for the latest and greatest deals!

You can probably tell by now that I am a big fan of Betfair – if not then let me run it past you one more time… think of a soft poker game with some of the most generous bonuses online – that's it, Betfair SNGs in a nutshell.

I think Betfair Poker have an all-round excellent offer – I look forward to seeing you at the tables!

Choose SNGs on The iPoker Network
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