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Detailed Review Of partypoker – Still The Easiest Games In 2022?

I remember when partypoker were the dominant site worldwide. In 2022, they are once again becoming the go-to for online poker fans seeking easy games and regular bonuses. With cash back paid every Monday, a simple €/$30 welcome bonus (£40 UK) - and promotions when change every single week, your bankroll will get topped up regularly.

These bonuses are not my main reason for recommending Party. As generous as they are there are two even better reasons to check out this site. First, the games are soft. New players join all the time, and many of the tools which pros use are not allowed. Second, variety. There are entertaining variations, tournament series, new types of poker and more – the innovation does not stop.

You’ll find a lot more detail on cash games, tournaments, events and bonuses in this detailed partypoker review. I do recommend you check those tables with your own eyes soon. When you see the wild / crazy play, you’ll quickly figure that partypoker is has games you can beat.

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partypoker 2022 / 2022 Review - In Detail

If you play online poker and maybe even if you don’t, you’ll know about partypoker. This site has been one of the leading online poker rooms since their formation back in 2001. There seems little sign that that is going to change in 2022 and beyond.

The ongoing success of partypoker ensures that a steady stream of new players sign up at the site. This keeps the player pool fresh and the games easy. Head to the tables and you’ll see just how winnable these games are.

Many sports-betting fans come across to Party through the Bwin merger. This ensures that you will find a number of fishy (inexperienced) players at any table you’re sat at. Party are high on innovation, with Fast Forward, Spins and new Short Deck games all ensuring entertainment. At the same time new and old players enjoy the range of bonuses to keep their bankrolls topped up and the fun going.

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Review of partypoker: Spotlight on Poker Tournaments

Heading on into the tournament section sees an incredible list of events to suit players of all bankroll sizes (and even players with just points to their names). The mix of formats include the most popular freezeout events, alongside progressive knockout, mix-max (unique events where the table sizes reduce as the event moves towards the end), phased qualifiers, re-entry and rebuy tournaments.

Small stakes players have the chance to live the dream with multiple avenues into the biggest events on the site through satellite qualifiers. These satellites can be large multi-table events, all the way down to the three-player ‘Spins’ events detailed below. What they have in common is to award entry into bigger buy-in MTTs (including live events) as prizes.

Tournament Filters

A series of filter buttons at the top of the tournaments page will help you narrow down the mega selection of events, as you filter by game type, format, buy-in and more.

The majority of tournaments on the site are NL Hold’em events, but there is a large selection of both Pot Limit Omaha Hi and Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo events too.

The biggest buy-in regular event at partypoker is ‘The Big Game’. This event runs every Sunday evening (18:00 BST) and has a direct buy-in of $5,200. Satellites to the event run all week and give you the chance to qualify for just $0.55, while big money satellites take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. The 'Millions' series has $1 million guarantees each Sunday when running. Again there are daily qualifiers. With 'Super Sundays' having $6 million in combined guarantees, there are plenty of chances for that big score. Weekdays have plenty of guarantees. There are also regular specials (outside of the series covered below) such as the PKO (progressive knockout) and super fast options.

You can find the latest events over at (remember bonus code SNGPLANET to claim your £/$30 in tokens!).

Online Tournament Series

PowerFest offers a series of high stakes poker tournament events (with smaller stake qualifiers) a few times a year.  These give players the opportunity to make a breakthrough in a 3-week long festival of poker - while the ‘Power Series’ alongside it features regular big pay days. For the latest running, the total prize pool for this series was an incredible $28,000,000!

The ‘Monster Series’ is a solid addition for players at smaller stakes. With buy-ins ranging from just $0.11 through to $22, there is something for everyone. Last year there were 201 events, with four main events taking place at the same time with combined guarantees of $138,500.

Look out for the ‘Millions Online’ series featuring the highlight $20 million guaranteed event. Alongside the main event there are 20k guaranteed micro-millions, 200k guaranteed mini-millions and $1 million guaranteed events. Look out for the huge series of qualifiers to the ‘Millions’ series.

The ‘KO’ series features more than 280 tournaments where you’ll receive a bounty every time you knock another player out. With tournaments at all stake levels and a combined guaranteed prize pool of $30 million, this is another set of tournaments perfect for all.

These are the regular events. Party are active with promotions, one off mini-events and other specials. I recommend you keep an eye on the ‘tournaments’ tab of their website for the latest events.

Live Tournament Events / Qualifiers at partypoker

The live section of the site gives you the opportunity to qualify for different live events around the world. Pick a ‘region’ and you’ll see all of the appropriate live events listed, including highlight trips to events such as the World Series of Poker, or a seat at a World Poker Tour event.

For one of the best poker experiences, you can aim to qualify for the ‘Caribbean Poker Party’ in the Bahamas. 17 live events over 10 days in paradise – what’s not to like?

partypoker Review 2022 - Spotlight On Cash Games

After logging into partypoker you’ll find a huge range of cash games to get your teeth into. Here I have broken down all of the combinations of games you can find, starting off with the most popular game, NL Hold’em.

In the middle of last year Party Poker banned the use of HUDs (heads up display software), the tool of choice for low stakes grinders and professionals. This levelled the playing field for all players, with no users leveraging tools to get their reads and get an edge. The site has also introduced ‘real name’ tables, in a move away from anonymity of online poker and to create more of a community feel.

The NL Hold’em cash games can be played at either 2/6 seater tables. Full-ring (9 handed) cash game tables have been removed. Blinds start at just $0.01/$0.02 ($2 buy-ins max), moving through $0.02/$0.05, $0.05/$10 all the way up to takes of $100/$200. Interestingly, you don’t get to choose a table when entering a cash game – you’ll simply choose your stake and find yourself sat at a random table with an empty seat (this is another way the site guards against the pros from actively targeting those soft tables).

Cash Games at partypoker table viewPLO and Short Deck Hold’em

Pot Limit Omaha is another popular format, with Pot Limit Omaha Hi games offered at the lowest stakes, with Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo tables coming in at the $0.05/$0.10 level. Fixed Limit hold’em also features with stakes starting with blinds of $0.50/$1.

A recent addition has been ‘short deck no-limit hold’em’. In this version there are no cards of value 2 through 5, making it a 36-card deck. In this version, a flush beats a full house, and will see every player post an ante. The only other format at partypoker is 7-Card stud, which does come with the traditional 8-handed tables.

Fast Forward Poker Cash Games

If you like your poker at high speed, ‘Fast Forward’ will be your best option. In these games every hand will see you taking a seat at a new table and the instant the hand ends, or your participation in the hand ends (ie you fold) you’ll be playing a new hand instantly. This makes playing hundreds of hands an hour entirely possible and if you have an edge you can really make it pay. The buy-ins start at the $2 level (with blinds of $0.01/$0.2) and go all the way up to $1,000 buy-ins.

This fast-fold variety is the perfect game if you’ve got limited time on your hands, as you can simply pop in and play 50/100 hands quickly and then leave again. These Fast Forward cash games are also available in the cash section. The games are busiest in NL Hold’em, especially at the smaller stakes, while Pot Limit Omaha games are also available.

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partypoker 2022 Review - Spotlight On Sit N Goes

I’ve created a separate review for the sit n goes at Party Poker, so in this section I’ll do a quick summary of what is available. Sit n goes come in standard, turbo and hyper speeds, with tables featuring 2, 6 or 9 players (double or nothing games will feature tables of 8 players). You’ll notice that the fee for the games reduce as you move up in stake, giving players at all stake levels an opportunity to win – although perhaps not as quickly at micro-stakes levels.

‘Spins’ events add a new dimension to the sit n go poker experience. These are fast paced 3 player events where the prize pool is randomised, with the opportunity of landing a mega win. Enter a $0.25 event and you can win anything between 50c and $2,500!

As well as cash prizes, you can also land entries into some fantastic land-based events too, as well as events such as PowerFest and the ‘Monster Series’.

For more on these games check out my review of partypoker SNGs here.

How to Access, Download and Register at partypoker

If you’ve never played at partypoker before your first step should be to head to Here you’ll find links to all of the info you’ll need, with a handy ‘how to play’ guide for newcomers to the game. The ‘download’ link is found on the top left-hand corner of the page – click this and the download will start automatically.

Once the download is complete, click on the download like and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. This will include choosing the language of your choice. With the software now installed, you’ll find ‘log in’ and ‘sign up’ buttons in the top right-hand corner of the application. Hitting the sign-up button will see you choosing both your location and the currency of your choice, as well as providing a password, a user ID and your email address.

When registering a new account, enter the partypoker Bonus Code SNGPLANET where you can claim £/€/$30 in Spins tournament tokens for just a $20 deposit. You’ll also receive between 20% and 40% cashback every single Monday.

Incidentally, since everyone gets cashback on Monday, this can be a busy time at the tables - a lot of losing players will be trying to gamble-up their free cash!

Subsequent visits to partypoker will see a log-in pop up box appear, which features your username auto-filled, as well as your password (if you’ve chosen the ‘remember me’ option in the past).

Register on partypoker appsApps for Android and Apple Phones at partypoker

There are separate apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets. These are available via the main website (you’ll be directed to download the right one if you access from your mobile device). There are some impressive innovations in these apps. I like the way the tables can be horizontal. On many apps you are almost forced to play in landscape mode instead.

Navigation is through a clear ‘instant play’ setup. You pick your game, blind levels, table size and how much to buy-in for – and get taken directly to a table. With full access to the cashier and bonus information, you can enjoy partypoker fully through the apps, without needing to access the desktop site for admin purposes.

Detailed partypoker Review - Software And Playability

The software client at partypoker is constantly updating and now offers a modern and fresh-looking desktop application plus apps – quite a change from the days when Party Poker might have been considered to be a little behind the game.

You’ll move from game type to game type using a series of tabs near the top of the page and entering most of the menus you’ll find filters to aid in narrowing down the selection. If you’re playing ‘Short Deck’ or ‘Spins’ it’s that much easier as you’ll simply click on one of a series of boxes to enter the appropriate game and stake level. Having the ability to group tables in the lobby is a good option which saves time in the cash lobby, as does the ‘quick seat’ option.

Ads at the bottom of the page to different events and to a selection of the casino slots do grab your attention – which is fine if you’re interested, but they can be a little annoying if you’re the type of player who knows exactly what game you want to play when you log in.

Cashier Options

The cashier button, appropriately gold in color, is in the top right-hand corner of the page. Any previously used deposit methods will automatically be chosen, with an ‘all-options’ button bringing up all of the available deposit methods. Click your username under your avatar to bring up a list of options including offers, tickets, missions and more.

You can find more detail on the different deposit options at partypoker on this page.

Overall, partypoker have come a long way in the last two or three years and now offers one of the most user-friendly experiences online. If you pine for the ‘good old days’, then you can access the classic view of the tables – complete with slightly sinister avatars.

Party Review - Missions now at Party Poker


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partypoker Review - Bonuses, Incentives And Promotions

A lot to get through with the bonuses. These vary by country. I have split this info into new player bonuses, promos / ongoing bonuses, and missions + cashback deals. Overall, I like the emphasis on rewarding loyal players. Many other sites have big welcome bonuses, which tail off quickly. Party keeps the rewards coming.

Players from the UK and Europe can enjoy a free play bonus of $43 (£40) on making a first deposit of £/$/€10 or more. The free play is awarded in a series of tickets with the following schedule:

  • Day 1 – 4 x $2 fastforward cash bonus + 4 x $1 Spins tickets + 3 x Million for Millions Tickets
  • Day 2 – 4 x $1 Spins tickets
  • Day 3 – 4 x $2 fastforward cash bonus
  • Day 4 – 4 x $1 fastforward cash bonus
  • Day 5 – 4 x $2 fastforward cash bonus
  • Day 6 – 2 x $2 fastforward cash bonus, 3 x $1 Spins tickets

You'll have 6 days to accept the bonus, and all issued tickets will expire within 7 days, so make sure you use them all!

Players from Canada enjoy the chance of two different bonus offers.

A deposit of $10 will see you awarded with $10 in tickets and bonuses with the following schedule:

  • Day 1: 1x $2 fastforward cash bonus + 2x $1 SPINS ticket
  • Day 2: 1x $2 fastforward cash bonus
  • Day 4: 2x $1 SPINS ticket
  • Day 6: 1x $2 fastforward cash bonus

A deposit of $20 will see you awarded with $20 in tickets and bonuses with the following schedule:

  • Day 1: 3x $2 fastforward cash bonus + 4x $1 SPINS ticket
  • Day 2: 4x $1 SPINS ticket
  • Day 3: 4x $2 fastforward cash bonus
  • Day 4: 4x $1 fastforward cash bonus
  • Day 5: 4x $2 fastforward cash bonus
  • Day 6: 2x $2 fastforward cash bonus + 2x $1 SPINS ticket

Like the UK bonuses, players will have the same 6 days to accept the bonus awards and the same 7 days to use any issued tickets.

Ongoing Promotions for Existing Players

Click on the promotions tab at the top of the application for info on all of the current offers for existing players. Here are some of the most popular promotions:

Fastforward Leader Boards – There are a total of eight fastforward leader boards in play on a weekly basis. Micro, low, medium and high stakes each have a leader board across both NL Hold’em and PLO. The high and medium stakes NL Hold’em and the high stakes PLO leader boards each offer prize pools of $20,000, with the minimum prize pool of $1,750 is awarded to micro-stakes PLO players. In total there are $91,000 in awards handed out every week!

Prize Packages – Occasionally partypoker will offer up a prize package to be won, such as a trip to the Superbowl. To have a chance of winning you’ll win tickets to the prize draw by playing poker and generating a certain amount of rake (in some cases you can also win tickets in the casino or the sports betting section of the site). Players can earn multiple tickets (although just one a month) to give themselves the best possible chance of winning.

Cash Back Loyalty Program – Every time you rake a total of $1 at the poker tables (either through cash games or via tournament fees) you’ll earn 1 loyalty point. Earn up to 150 points in any one week and you’ll gain 20% cashback on your rake on Monday. 150 points will see this increased to 25%, while 600 points moves the number to 30%. 1,200 points sees you receive the maximum 40% cashback!

The good news about this cash back deal is that there are no conditions attached to the awards – if you want to, you can simply withdraw the award. As I noted above, many players that run out of money will get some back on Mondays. If you want to find extra soft games with opponents that gamble up their returned money, then Monday is your day.

Player Missions at partypoker

If you like the awards to be a little more colorful, the partypoker missions add a sense of fun and adventure into the mix. There are a host of missions available to every player, and completion of any mission will come with an award. Here are some examples:

Pocket Pairs – A $25 cash award is available if you can win hands with all of the pocket pairs in order. Starting with AA, you’ll need to win with every other pocket pair at the cash tables.

Final Hands – Another award available at the cash tables. This time you’ll win $25 when winning with every type of ranked hand, starting with a simple pair, all the way up to a Royal Flush.

Tournament Try Out – For a $0.55 reward, all you need to do is enter a tournament is to finish in the top 75% of a poker tournament and win a pot while you’re there.

These missions add another dimension to the fun at the poker tables, almost giving poker a gaming-like appeal, as you aim to complete mission after mission. Tactically, it can be a mistake to push too hard to land these missions – the best advice is to play as you usually would, and eventually you’ll land the missions anyway.

While playing at partypoker it’s always a good idea to keep a regular eye on the promotions. You’ll find regular deposit bonuses being offered up and the opportunity for free spins at the casino too. The site is good at publicising these offers, so ensure to keep an eye on your emails and your own account page.

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partypoker 2022 / 2022 Review - Summary And Planet Mark's Verdict

The poker industry has changed massively in the last few years. Not so long ago there were many professional players using software who were almost ruining things for the recreational players at the tables. However, partypoker have been one of the sites leading the way in combatting these 'grinders'. This has seen a change of focus, where the site really do put the ‘party’ into the game.

Take a visit to the cash tables and you’ll be playing fair games where a good, solid game will see you rewarded – especially with the excellent cash back offers in place. The tournaments and sit and goes are designed for players of all stakes levels, while the ‘Spins’ tournaments are perfect for those jackpot hunting players.

New players can enjoy a nice series of bonuses when joining partypoker, while existing members will have the opportunity to land their missions and move up leaderboards to boost their bankroll (as well as that cash boost every Monday morning).

In this changing poker landscape, there is little doubt that partypoker are ready to continue to be a leading light throughout the 2022’s.

I strongly recommend you check out the new look and soft games for yourself now - grab your $30 in tokens, and start earning up to 40% cashback with bonus code SNGPLANET - check out now!

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