Head To Head: Titan Poker vs Party Poker

Here I Take Two Of The Biggest Poker Rooms
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Titan Poker VS PartyPoker

There is a new site on the block - and its a lot better than either Party or Titan which were the old rivals for this head-to-head. GGPoker have shot to the top of the rankings for poker site traffic. There are some good reasons for this - and you should take notice.

GGPoker came up with a better platform. Instead of tables full of 'pro grinders' eeking out a profit on each table, GG built a poker site for recreational / amateur players. They made it fun, innovative and fresh. Games like Flip and Go tournaments (direct to the money!), Spin and Gold, Rush and Cash and Battle Royal sit alongside the regular cash games and tournaments.

Add huge tournament events, qualifiers to live games like the WSOP and big games in multiple time-zones.

Then add a choice of $100 in tokens or a matched bonus - for a minimum deposit - plus generous cash-back style rewards.

Really, there is no need to sit with the grinders at Titan or any other old-school site.

Check out www.ggpoker.com for yourself, you will see the difference.

Update: This article has been refreshed yet again to include Mobile poker and the shift from dollars to euros at Titan 

This article compares Party and Titan head-to-head on a number of criteria. I pick a winner for each of: Cash Games, Tournaments, Software (now including mobile), Payments / Support then finally Bonuses + Promos. At the end of this article I pick and overall winner along with the next steps. You will also find out how to grab a free $20 on top of your deposit bonus if you are new to Titan Poker.

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Titan Poker vs Party Poker Head-to-Head – Cash Games

Both sites have a ton of cash game traffic, with Titan hitting 65k simultaneous players at peak times and Party 45k you will find opponents across a lot of buy-in levels and games. Games at both sites are profitable too - though as you will see below this is for different reasons.

Party Poker: The games at Party remain easy thanks to the big brand name. Very few other poker sites are known to people who have never played poker like Party is - and so many new players end up here first. No Limit Holdem cash games range from 2c/4c blinds up to $10/$20 with the busy games generally at the $2/$4 and below. Several Omaha and 7 card stud games are also available as are fixed limit Holdem and fixed limit Omaha games. The games are loose / passive with many players seeing each flop. Anyone who knows some poker strategy can make a nice profit here - as long as you can withstand the variance! Party include beginners tables for your first month for extra-fishy action. Double Holdem is a unique game which deals you 3 hole-cards - increasing the action still further and Party have their own 'fast fold' game called FastForward which lets you play up to 4 times as many hands as a regular game.

New: Party have now introduced 'Casual' cash game tables. You can only play one table at a time with these, which discourages poker pros who need a higher volume. If you are learning the game, or just prefer to relax with a single table - then you should check these games out.

head to head party titan poker screenshots  Party vs Titan Poker

Party Screenshots - Click To Enlarge

Titan Poker: These are the easiest games anywhere online, this time thanks to the big betting brands which make up the iPoker Network. Members of this network pool together their players on a shared poker back end (PlayTech do the software). This means a ton of traffic coming across to the poker room from the likes of William Hill and Bet365. These are mainly sports fans who found the poker via the betting sites, and are less experienced than some of the 'grinders' you might find at PokerStars. No limit Holdem tables are also the most popular at Titan Poker. The limits go from 1c / 2c right up to $100 / $200 blinds (good action up to $5 / $10). Other games include the very busy Omaha tables, plus Stud and fixed / pot limit variations too. Speed Holdem is the fast-fold game at Titan, I love both the Texas Holdem and Omaha versions! Titan poker also include beginners tables for players who signed up less than a month ago. Tables are very soft at Titan, in my experience people will call big bets with the strangest of hands - you'll need to remember the adage that you 'bluff less and value-bet more' against the bad opponents here. You can also find anonymous tables at this site.

New: Titan have moved their cash games over to Euros (with a few tables in pounds). This makes great sense as they have not accepted US players since 2006, and the huge majority of their customers are European. You can still deposit in whichever currency you like.

Mark's Verdict: The sites are closely matched for cash games – I consider Titan to be ahead based on having more 'fish' at higher buy-in levels than at Party. This is due to many cross-over players from the sports-betting brands on the iPoker Network. If you are used to the cash games on other sites then you should fire up some Titan tables to check out these games - the difference in the standard of play here is very obvious.

titan beat party in 2017 Titan-poker-site-review-table


Titan Screenshots - Click To Enlarge

Titan Poker vs Party Poker Head-to-Head – Tournaments

Party Poker: As the 5th largest site Party have a busy tournament schedule, this is crammed with variations including the popular speed tournaments, rebuys and lot of satellite qualifiers. Expect large fields in many of the lower buy-in events and generous payouts for those who reach the final tables. Party now plug the World Poker Tour heavily, promoting tournament satellites from just a few dollars for these events. My experience is that there are never *quite* enough tournaments of similar buy-ins at Party to fill my screen... I always either end up with one ot two lower buy-in games I would not have played - or have to mix and match between sites. As a positive the quarterly 'Million' with $1 million guaranteed is the easiest of any major-prize tournament, and by a long way! The new missions system gives you easy access to daily $1,000 tournaments. These are a great way to build your bankroll if you are just starting out.

Titan Poker: Poker Tournaments have been a real focus area for Titan, with every level catered for. This ranges from the Sunday €150,000 guaranteed through to the smaller buy-ins where the selection is nothing short of excellent. You will really begin to understand how loose opponents can be at Titan when you see how many of the participants in a tournament disappear during the first hour. Since the last version of this head-to-head, Titan have added synchronized breaks for tournaments at 5 to the hour - this was a big miss for a long time (since all the other sites did it already there was no point playing at a site which did not), so I am happy it is resolved. Titan run their own online tournament event, called the iPOPS, which has some big guarantees and plenty of satellite qualifiers. There are also some qualifiers to live events, located around Europe. Its the day-to-day tournament schedule which is the real deal at this site, I recommend you see the standard of play with your own eyes.

Mark's Verdict:  Titan are my easy top pick for profitable online poker tournaments (and Sit N Goes). The move to Euros was an interesting choice, and you'll find new and inexperienced opponents a at all buy-in levels.

Party Poker vs Titan Poker - Software

Party recently switched their client, with a brand new look and more 'social' features integrated. This includes missions, challenges and the ability to 'friend' people. While this is not everyone's style, it does give you the impression that you are there for entertainment, and not so much on a site full of serious pro-grinders. This is in line with the shift in emphasis towards recreational players. Party recently introduced an app (well, two, one for Android and one for iPhones / iPads). This features cash games, fast-forward poker and sit n go tournaments. You can even create an account directly through the app.

Titan use the PlayTech software which is shared by all members of the iPoker Network. They have incrementally built on this, adding features here and fixing bugs or annoyances there. The result is a smart looking poker client, which is easy to navigate and fine for playing. There are a couple of annoyances, too many things pop up each time you log on for me, and the table-moves in tournaments could also be handled more smoothly. Titan do not have an app, though they do offer an instant-play browser game which is compatible with many mobile devices.

Both Party and Titan have modern looking and perfectly usable software. If it were not for the occasional lag (Party) and the horror of incessant pop-up messages on Titan (which need to be clicked before you can click on the tables) I might be a little more enthusiastic about the subject. The best I can offer here is a sigh, a tie and some optimism that things are improving in this area at both sites... And of course the fact that the easy profits make the software something I can easily overlook.

Mark's Verdict: Party win this section for me. It is close, and neither site gets anywhere close to PokerStars on this front.

Party Poker vs Titan Poker – Deposits And Customer Service

Deposits: As non-US sites you should expect depositing and withdrawing to be smooth and easy at both sites. Party lead the way here with their own integrated cashier. This site also pioneered the Moneybookers (Skrill) payment system which is my favorite e-wallet. Bank cards, credit cards, transfers and many existing internet payment systems are accepted at both sites - including local and regional options. I have never had a problem depositing or withdrawing from either site, an easy tie on this criteria. Titan also have a big list of deposit options and are very fast to process transactions.

Customer Service: Live chat works great at Titan, though I was a little irritated by a CS agent appearing randomly one day and offering me bonuses! The only time I needed Titan CS was to supply documents for a withdrawal, and they were fast + polite - all you can ask really. Party also have live chat, e-mail and phone support. I have only ever used their business support (for webmasters) which was excellent. It can be a little difficult to find things on the Party website FAQ, though this is minor really.

Mark's Verdict: Close once again, I'll rate this as a tie since both sites score a clear 9/10 for support and both have a long list of deposit options.

Party Poker vs Titan Poker - Bonuses, Loyalty Schemes + Promotions

I like to look beyond the headline bonuses for poker sites - how well loyal players get looked after with extra rewards and promotions tells you a lot about whether it is worth playing there. The good news is that both of these sites are great at keeping their players happy, though in somewhat different ways.

Party Poker: First you get a welcome bonus matched to your first deposit at 100% up to $50 max (use bonus code SNGPLANET to claim yours). This is reasonably fast to clear, and the best thing is that by the time it has been paid into your account you will have accumulated enough 'Party Points' to buy another bonus though the loyalty scheme / VIP Club. Combine this with the regular 'reload bonuses' and some sensible money management can see you clearing one bonus or another for every hand you play! On the promos side, Party favor give-aways / lottery type themes. You have to hit targets of points earned in exchange for chances to win gadgets or cash. There are other promos, for example qualifiers to big live events are very popular (Party Poker own the World Poker Tour brand and send a lot of players to the events).

Titan Poker: Here you start off with a massive 200% welcome match up to $2k max. SNG Planet readers get an extra $20 cash on top (I will ensure that this is paid direct to your player account within 48 hours, all you need is to do is register with bonus code SNGPLANET. This is the fastest clearing bonus of any major poker site and is backed up with 2 different loyalty schemes. First there is a standard 'VIP Club' type scheme, which is based on the points you collect in real money play and moves up levels to reach different bonuses. Alongside this there is the entertaining 'Titan Treasures' which gives you gold coins in exchange for completing fun poker challenges. You swap these for bonuses of up to $2k, and hopefully enjoy earning them too! Titan are strong for player promotions, which include their Tournament Super-Sale (up to 70% off MTT entries), points races like the cool 'Grand Battle' and satellites so some niche live events, as well as the well known ones like the World Series.

Mark's Verdict: Titan take this section easily, they have a bigger welcome bonus and better promos too.

Titan / Party Head-2-Head: Planet Mark's Verdict + Next Steps

Titan have crushed it once we break things down, winning 3-0 with 2 ties. I believe Titan Poker is a 'hidden goldmine' of the poker world, especially after the iPoker network split into 2, and recommend all non-US readers to check them out with their own eyes.

Remember you can claim a 200% matched welcome bonus + $20 extra cash free with bonus code SNGPLANET. Give your profits a big boost and check out Titan Poker's Website for yourself now!

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