Rebuy Poker Tournament Strategy – Part #2 The Second Hour

Rebuy Poker Tournament Strategy During The 2nd Hour Requires Several Adjustments.
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The 2nd hour of an online rebuy poker tournament is where the real poker begins. There are several adjustments you will need to make to be successful in these (often large field) tournaments. Hour number 2 is a dangerous time – and also a great opportunity to chip up!

First of all the stacks will generally be ‘deep’ in relation to the blinds. This affects your starting hand selection in several ways. Suited connectors and small pairs are playable for longer in rebuy poker tournaments as you will have the potential to win a big pot those times you hit a flop hard. Conversely, high unpaired cards are more dangerous – when the pot gets big you will rarely be certain that you are ahead.

Impressions of the tendencies of your opponents will need to be re-assessed as the 2nd hour begins. An opponent who was happy to go all-in with marginal holdings during the rebuy hour may now start to play conservatively, those players who limped with any suited cards (for example) may now either raise or fold. It is important to look for changes in your opponent’s strategy as quickly as possible.

Many less experienced opponents will still be in the tournament at the start of the 2nd hour – many of them with large stacks. This represents an excellent opportunity to win chips. Spotting inexperienced or weak opponents becomes easier the more rebuy poker tournaments that you play, here are a few things to look out for: Opponents who call raises (especially from early or mid position) with easily dominated hands, bet sizes that do not make sense (large overbets, min bets, bets that will only be called by better hands being 3 examples!) and opponents who chase draws without the correct pot odds to do so.

The large fields found in rebuy poker tournaments online mean that you can not win during the 2nd hour. Your objective should be to accumulate chips – staying at or above the average stack. Taking a number of positive expectation situations which do not risk your whole stack is the key strategy here. Aggressive and positive poker which will enable you to maintain your stack while waiting for the ‘big hand’ with which you can double through an opponent will pay off over time.

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