3 Poker Skills Which Apply To YOU!

Many Players Think These 3 Poker Skills Are Nothing To Do With Them – Costing $$$ Over Time

This article will discuss the reasons why many players think that 3 critical poker skills are somehow ‘nothing to do with me’, and highlight the huge effects this can have on a players bankroll. Bankroll Management, Table Selection and Site Selection are all covered.

We start with separating the ‘glamorous’ or ‘cool’ poker skills from the more business-like non-card skill set and explaining why the 2nd list can contribute more to your bankroll than the first! Next we cover some of the reasons why inexperienced players might think that the more ‘mundane skills’ do not apply to them. Finally we suggest some profitable sites – on which you will find opponents literally giving away their money.

Check-Raising, Slowplaying, Carefully Constructed Bluffs, Managing The Size Of The Pot, Playing In Position And Reading The Hands Of Your Opponents.

The list above are all areas of the game that newer players are keen to master once the basics are in place. Each concerns the game play at the table and can be used either during one hand or over a number of hands. Each will have the advantage of making you feel like you have mastered the game of poker – in addition to bringing extra profits into your online poker account.

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Selecting The Right Table, Never Posting Blinds Out Of Turn, Finding The Fishiest Sites, Bankroll Management, Keeping A Fish-List And Managing Poker Tilt.

This is the list that will separate the profitable players from the also-rans, it is also a rather mundane list when compared to the first one. Lets look at 3 key poker skills and explain why they are so important to your profits:

  1. Table Selection: Spending some time to ensure you are at the table with the maximum amount of losing players is as simple as checking lobby statistics and then spending a few minutes watching the candidate tables. Yet the majority of players simply sit at the first table with a spare seat. Think of it this way, if each time you selected a weak table a single extra (bad) player lost 50 big blinds among 8 opponents how much more money would you be up over a week? A month? A year?
  2. Bankroll Management: Lack of Bankroll management is one of the major reasons that poker players go broke (along with being a losing player to start with and tilt). Why then do so many players put half of their bankroll in a game at once? Chance, otherwise known as variance, is an important aspect of poker and will cripple even the best players if no bankroll management skills are employed.
  3. Site Selection: Most people will play at a site because it is where their friends or forum buddies play – of even because it is the home of the ‘cool pros’ who are in the headlines and seen on various training sites. Think about this, the pros (and particularly the small stakes pro grinders) congregate on just a few main sites. The rest have a huge number of recreational players – enabling you to make considerably more money… now, why do more players not seek out these extra profits.

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Poker Skills – The Reason For The ‘Not Me’ Argument

This could easily be 3 separate articles looking into the psychology of poker players in general – however we will keep it brief!

There are 3 primary reasons we will cover here: Ignorance, Arrogance and Variance.

  1. Ignorance, new poker players might read about bankroll management and consider what they have read to be logically sound and interesting. However, since they are just beginning the game it seems a little abstract, after all how big a deal is this thing they call variance? Everyone that a new player speaks to about poker says PokerStars are the best, so that’s where they play – what is the point of changing sites when you can not talk about it to your friends any more?
  2. Arrogance, this one might sound a little harsh – but it actually covers a whole range of thoughts which can collectively be labeled ‘that is the concern of other people’. An example would be someone suggesting to play at site XYZ as PokerStars has a large proportion of pro-grinders. Many players will tell you that they can beat these tough games thank-you-very-much (due to superior skills) and so do not need to even consider table or site selection. Again the group mentality kicks in and again potentially much greater profits are left on the tables of the alternative softest poker sites.
  3. Variance, particularly in relation to bankroll management, many players who start with an extended period of good fortune (for example for their first year) have never experienced a downswing and have no concept of why bankroll management should apply to them. The same goes for maximizing profits due to table selection, why would someone who wins consistently worry about this? We know, of course, how important it is to maximize your profits during the good times as a buffer against the bad – a new player who starts on a heater probably does not.


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